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We still haven't names ds!

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So we had a beautiful pregnancy and wonderful homebirth on Jan. 26th. to a little boy. I really thought my whole pregnancy it would be a girl, I had a great girl name picked too, and we liked a boy name a little. We called him Sprout the whole pregnancy and at seven weeks that's what we still call him. Since we had a homebirth we have a year to do the birth certificate. I think that in a way it is making it easier to not decide on a name. Maybe he will just be Sprout? Did any of y'all have a hard time finding the "perfect" name for your dc? Are we being silly for waiting this long? Our families are getting restless and don't like to call him Sprout. I really just don't want to settle on a name that I don't feel in my soul. Thanks for reading,
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Mama Tara X hasn't found a name either , so you aren't alone.

This little guy has been Michael since before he was conceived
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I don't think you're silly at all. Like E mentioned, Tara hasn't named her little guy. And I remember another MDC mama (hawkfeather) whose daughter was nameless for quite some time.

We didn't really have a hard time naming ds. We had his name picked out since before ttc, and we had some backup names as well. Our first choice suited him when we saw him, though, so we went with that.

FWIW, I like Sprout!
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Sprout is cute...he kind of looks like a Sprout How about a name that is super meaningful, like where you met your dp, or where you got married, or honeymooned, or your childhood hometown, or something like that? A good friend of mine named her daughter Brinkley after a town she used to drive by on long road trips as a child. She always liked the town and swore she'd name her first daughter after it! And don't worry about Sprout being an odd name; celebrities name their kids totally wacko stuff all the time. Shannyn Sossamun (sp?) from A Knight's Tale named her son Radio Science. So there you go...
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So.....we have named him! Indigo Sprout Leonel. I love it, dp loves it and my little Sprout loves it! Leonel is also his papas middle name. Now all we have to do is go downtown to get the birth cert. My grandma came over today and I told her the name Indigo and she will be calling him Leo very conventionaly
thanks mamas!
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What a cool name! I'm glad that you got to keep "Sprout." Also, I think its kinda cool that he has a "conventional" name, just in case .
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Congratulations on choosing a name...and it is a wonderful name at that!!!
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What a great name! And I just checked out his pic in your sig...how adorable! I think ds has the same shirt...does it have little birdies on it?
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Thanks mamas! Now it is so hard to call him Indigo, we are so used to saying Sprout.
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so keep calling him Sprout! I see nothing wrong with it... when he's older he can make his own decision about what he wants to be called. My DS goes by CJ, which isn't his first or middle name!
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Great name!!! Congrats on finding something that works. I think you should just keep calling him Sprout too, if that's what feels right. We called Gracie Bun when I was pregnant, and it stuck for a little while after she was born too! How silly we parents can be!!
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Love the name...but even moreso, the baby himself. What a beautiful baby!!!
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My little guy is still the Incredible Nameless Wonder He barely even has a nickname I've planned a naming ceremony for him at the end of April. He has to have a name if I really send out invites because otherwise I will look really stupid introducing Nameless at a naming ceremony.

I *love* the name Indigo Sprout! He is beautiful and I'msure he will grow into his name amazingly. Darn, I kinda dig the name Indigo but I just can't use it now Oh and I agree, keep callinghim Sprout!
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