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we have three boys here who bathe once or twice a week, with little to no soap (do bubbles count lol? ) and no utis not one problem with any of their foreskins. I figure its because we leave it alone, its normal and doesn't need any special attention
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My son, 9 months old, has never had a UTI. I'd be curious to learn if these parents of the intact kids "prone" to UTI's, are prone to retracting their babies.

My intact DH, 28 years old, has never had a UTI in his entire life.
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My son was premature so that puts him for a higher risk for UTI's. He's almost 2 and never had one. None of my girls have ever had one either (including one who was also a preemie).
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My son's almost 2 1/2. Not a single UTI.

More info on the UTI myth here: http://www.infocirc.org/uti2.htm

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My almost 9 month old has not had one, but I've had it twice! OUCH! I was prescribed anti-biotics and went on my merry way.
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My intact dh (22.5 years old) has never had a UTI. I've had TONS. Maybe I should be circ'd??? It's obviously my pesky clitoral hood that's causing them

love and peace.
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My two grown intact sons have never had UTI's, either. They are now 26 and 18 years old.
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I have two intact six year olds and neither has ever had a UTI.
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My family and DH's family are all intact.

My 4yo DS has never had a UTI.

My 28yo DH has never had a UTI.

My 17 and 22 yo brothers have never had a UTI.

My 21yo BIL has never had a UTI.

Of the cousins we know well enough to know about these things, all 6 of them have never had a UTI.

My dad is over 50 and had a UTI three years ago after swimming in a, errr, questionable lake...that count?
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My DS is only 14 months old, but the most common time for a boy to get a UTI is in the first year and he's never had one. Girls get them all the time and we don't cut parts of them off!
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My intact son is 4 and has never had any problems with UTI's or his foreskin at all.
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So is there a connection (not an anecdotal one, but a studied one) at all between UTIs and circumcision status? I have read studies that say there is a definite link, and I have read here and elsewhere the argument that it's irrelevant whether or not there is a link because (a) they are so rare anyway, and (b) there are better, less drastic ways of preventing them.

But that still begs the original question: is there a connection, and if so, why does that connection exist? Does foreskin trap more bacteria?

edited to add: I think this is a pretty good summary of the situation. http://www.racp.edu.au/hpu/paed/circ...preventing.htm
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DS is still young (4.5 years) but hasn't had one.

My sister had recurrent UTIs but my parents didn't circ her.
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Originally Posted by SaveTheWild
But that still begs the original question: is there a connection, and if so, why does that connection exist? Does foreskin trap more bacteria?
The only studies I am aware of that were done were totally flawed since the person who did the study used preemie intact babies (who are at a much higher risk for uti than any other) and full term circed babies as the comparison group. Of course his research showed that intact males get more uti's : His study was discounted because of this.

Common sence tells me that something that we are born with is there for a reason and I cannot honestly see how having a foreskin would cause a UTI. The function of the foreskin while the child is a infant is to keep OUT bacteria. Now if some one was retracting then that would allow all kinds of nasty things in there. I honestly beleive tho if the foreskin is left alone like it is supposed to be it will do its job and keep things out.

Regardless of intact state some people are just more likely to get a UTI.

So to answer the question there have not been to my knowledge any realiable studies to figure this out.
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Except for the false study Melissa mentioned, the UTI rate for all boys is ~1%. If there is any difference that can't be attributed to other reasons, it is a fraction of that 1% and that is not a statistically significant difference. That is especially so when you look at the other problems associated with circumcision that have a higher incidence rate. That's exactly the reason The AAP states that the risks outweigh the potential benefits. The risk is well known and proven but the benefit is a "maybe." It's so close that it really can't be determined if circumcision has any preventative effect on UTIs.

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He's never had a UTI.
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I haven't read all the replies yet but wanted to say:
I have 5 brothers: one circed, four intact. The only one who ever had any urinary issues was the circed one- and he had serious problems.
My son is intact and has absolutely never had a problem. My 2 nephews are intact and have never had a problem.
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I'm coming in late. Lots of posts that I just sort of grazed through, so I apologize if this was mentioned already.

Let's step out of reality for a moment and pretend like it is true that the child's forskin was "swollen shut". (Which, on reflection, in reality probably was just a child's foreskin not being retractible yet...) If it was, a UTI would have probably had nothing to do with that. I don't see how it could, since a UTI is inside of the bladder, what does that have to do with the foreskin swelling shut??

I have had a lot of UTI's since I became sexualy active, and a foreskin swelling shut because of it would be like my vulva swelling up to due to my UTI. That just doesn't happen from a UTI alone. It's utterly ridiculous.

My baby is 9 months old, intact, and no UTI's so far. I think that breastfeeding also helps to keep them away.
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When he was 3 weeks old he had a raging UTI, infected the kidney etc. Pretty scary stuff for awhile...septic etc.

The Doctors wanted to keep him on a prophylactic course of antibiotics until he was toliet trained!! Once the infection was cleared we took him off the antibiotics and to a homeopath who treated him wonderfully and we have not had any problems since.

Not once did anyone mention that it might be due to his intact status...
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ds is one year old, intact, and has never had a UTI.

I had recurrent UTI's my whole life until I started eating more yogurt/taking probiotics. If Dr.s really wanted to reduce the risk of UTI's they would recommend that all babies be breastfed as adamantly as most Dr.s recommend circ and if they give them antibiotics, give them probiotics to take to replenish the good bacteria in the gut IMO.
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