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Kian Matthew's whirlwind homebirth

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The Birth of Kian Matthew
4:02 am on March 15, 2006
7 lbs 15 oz
21 in
9/10 APGARs

Tuesday, March 14 was a full moon. At my appointment that morning, my midwife said my body was “on the cusp” and ready to give birth. I was at 41 weeks, 4 days of pregnancy and ready to be done. I had my membranes stripped, and was hopeful that and the power of the moon would be enough to kick-start labor.

At about 1:15 am the next morning, I got up to go to the bathroom, and felt something leaking. I thought it might be my bag of waters leaking, but it was not a full break, because there wasn’t enough. I called our mw, Y, to let her know, then I went back to bed as nothing else was happening. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t really relax. Then I started feeling some contractions. It wasn’t long before the contractions were too uncomfortable to lie down through, so I got up. It was about 2:20 am at this point. I was hungry, so I poured a bowl of cereal. But, every time I had a contraction, I had to get up and walk through it. Sometime after 3:00, I woke up dh and we called Y. The contractions were still low in my belly, 2-5 minutes apart, but only 30-45 seconds long. Y said to call back when they got a bit longer and more intense. With Aaron’s labor, I’d had back pain, feverish symptoms and constant cramping that made it impossible for me to time the contractions. This time things were proceeding much more “textbook” like, and it was a relief to have the break between contractions. I thought I would have enough warning time when the contractions picked up to call the midwife and the rest of our birth team.

I walked around the living room, leaning on the couch and swaying when a contraction hit. Dh got everything set up to fill up the birth pool. Then I started feeling nauseous, so I went into the bathroom and threw up violently while having a very intense contraction. Y had told us that throwing up is worth about 10 contractions in terms of dilating the cervix and bringing down the baby. I can definitely confirm the truth of that statement!

After that, everything changed in an instant. Dh got me some water and a wet washcloth. Then, I told him to call Y and tell her to come. She said she’d come right away. He also called my mom, mother-in-law, best friend (M), and the photographer (D). Then he began hurriedly filling the tub downstairs. Meanwhile, I was on my hands and knees on the bathroom floor, swaying my hips through some really powerful contractions. Dh kept coming up to check on me while the tub was filling. He got me some chux pads to put beneath me, as I was leaking more amniotic fluid with the contractions.

The contractions were really intense, and they seemed to go on forever. I did not even bother trying to time them. I had enough to do just concentrating to get through them. Dh came up again and brought me the birth ball. I leaned on the ball to rest and sipped on water between contractions. During contractions, I just kept thinking, where is everyone and what is taking them so long to get here? I also remember thinking maybe I should tell dh to forget about the pool. But, the thought of immersing in the hot water sounded great, and I really wanted to get in the pool. So, I didn’t say anything.

I heard M arrive (10 minutes after she got the call… so it was not really “forever” like it felt!). She came into the bathroom, and sat down by me and offered support through a couple of contractions. “Wow, those are really close together!” she said. My mom arrived a few minutes later, and joined us in the bathroom. I didn’t want to be touched during contractions, but really appreciated their support and help in between them. Dh came in again and said the tub was full enough if I wanted to get in. I decided I wanted to wait for Y to get here before moving downstairs. I also wasn’t sure at this point if I was going to be able to make it down the stairs!

The contractions got even more intense, although it didn’t seem possible. A contraction ripped through me, and I felt everything stretch while I loudly yelled “ahhhhh,” trying to remember to keep my voice low. I heard D, our photographer, come in and Aaron woke up. I was able to look up at him being held by Grandma in the hall. In between contractions, I told him “The baby’s being born. Mama has pains in her tummy and is making lots of noise,” which is how we’d prepared him for what would happen. Then another contraction tore through me. It seemed to go on forever, and I felt even more stretching. Suddenly, I realized what was happening. I yelled something like, “I think it’s the baby!” and started pulling my underwear down (I’d gotten rid of the sweatpants I was wearing long earlier.). I reached down and could feel the baby’s head crowning. I was facing my labor support people in the bathroom, and the ball was between us, so no one else could really see what was going on.

“Quick, get the olive oil!” I shouted after the contraction ended. This probably sounds like a really dumb thing to say at the moment. But, I’d had a 3rd degree tear with Aaron, which I did not want to repeat. Spraying olive oil on the perineum helps prevent tearing, and for some reason this is what I fixated on. Dh hurtles over all of us somehow, and lands behind me. Another contractions starts, and I feel the baby’s head start to come out. I’m holding it in my hands as I yell at dh “have you got it?”

“It’s almost open,” he says, and I realize he’s messing with the olive oil bottle, trying to open it. He hasn’t really looked at the situation before him yet. “No, the head! The baby’s head!”

At that moment, we were saved as Y came in and calmly took over (she arrived only 25 minutes after we called her). She somehow managed to get through the mass of people crammed into the narrow bathroom, around me (via the tub), and into position next to dh to catch the baby’s head, all while she’s telling me I’m doing beautifully and the baby looks great. Luckily, the contraction stops after the head is born, and I have a brief chance to breathe and let my brain catch up to events (at Aaron’s birth, my body would not stop pushing and his head and body all came out at once). Peripherally, I notice that D has climbed into the tub at Y’s suggestion to get pictures. My mom, holding Aaron, and M are watching from the doorway.

Then the next contraction starts, and my body gently pushes the baby out into Y’s hands. I sagged against the birth ball. Y said some reassuring types of things, and then said “Lean back, and I will pass him back to you.” It’s a him?! I thought. The next maneuver was a bit tricky as I stood up on my knees with Tom and Y’s support and Y carefully handed me the baby under my legs (we wanted the chord to stay attached until it stops pulsating.). I’m sure this was quite the comedic sight, as my underwear was still wrapped around my knees, and I had to maneuver the baby around it. But, soon the baby was in my arms with a towel wrapped around him and I was seated on the toilet. I finally got a good look at him and confirmed, “We have a little boy!” He was pink and waving his arms around. Then he started to cry a bit. He was beautiful! I took off the now-vernix-covered shirt I had been wearing, and brought Kian up to nurse. He latched on like a champ and nursed vigorously. I ended up with only a shallow first degree tear, which did not need stitches. So, it turns out my obsession with the olive oil was unnecessary, lol!

After awhile, dh, Aaron, Kian and I were all settled into bed, cleaned up and glowing. Aaron was very excited about his new brother. He kept saying “nice baby” as he patted Kian gently. He kissed the top of Kian’s head and said “Happy Birthday, baby!” The love, joy, and peace of that moment were all-encompassing, and filled the whole house. There’s just no place like home.
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What a beautiful story ! I love the bit about the olive oil. Its funny how the little things really stick out in our heads
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Such a wonderful birth Thank you for sharing
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beautifllu written, beautiful birth!! i love how you did not even get your undies off!!!
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What a great birth! congrats!
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Congrats great story.
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Congratulations! What an awesome birth story.....to picture it in my head is quite comical What a beautiful way to bring a baby into this world
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you caught your own baby!!!

what a woman!

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Congratulations! You did great, mama! I am jealous of all these fast labors. Isn't our midwife the best? Thanks again for recommending her.
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beautiful!! inspiring!!! an ideal birth - much joy to you and your family-
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FAB Birth Story!!!!!! Congrats Momma!!!
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Great story!! Btw, I'm from MI, too, and are we talking "Y" as in Birthsong? I'm due at the end of May, and Y is also my mw!
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Originally Posted by RedPony
Great story!! Btw, I'm from MI, too, and are we talking "Y" as in Birthsong? I'm due at the end of May, and Y is also my mw!
Yes, that would be her! Hey, since you're in the area, check out our Grand Rapids thread under Finding Your Tribe. It's been a little slow lately, but it's a great group of ladies.
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Wow what a great birth story! Congrats on your new baby! Welcome to the world Kian!
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Originally Posted by honeybee
Yes, that would be her! Hey, since you're in the area, check out our Grand Rapids thread under Finding Your Tribe. It's been a little slow lately, but it's a great group of ladies.
I knew it when I read your story! Only Y would walk in like that and first tell you how beautifully you were doing and that the baby looked great.

That's awesome. I will check out the tribe.
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