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FINALLY had my baby!!

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After a very long labor (Sun-Tues) I finally had my baby on Tues afternoon at 12:56. We left for the hospital late Mon evening and by the time we got there my contractions had slowed from every 3 min. to about every 15 min. I was so upset. I was sure they would be sending me back home. My midwife checked me when we got there about 1 am, and said I was still only dialated to a 3 or 4 and it could be several more days because the baby was posterior. But she said she was afraid to send me home because I lived so far away. So we walked and walked and walked some more, and still very little change. My contractions never did get regular or have any consistency. So about 5:30 a.m I sent dh and the boys home to get some rest. I spent the next several hours walking the halls of the hospital till I thought my feet would fall off. By 10:30 I was only dialated to a 5 and very exhausted--2 nights in a row now with no sleep. About an hour later my contractions began to get very strong--after A LOT of nipple stimulation!! But still no consistency. So I called dh and told him to come back to the hospital and he arrived at 12:15. At 12:40 my midwife checked me and I was at a 7--woohoo!! A few minutes later during a helluv a contraction I squatted down at the foot of the bed and my water broke and the most intense feeling I have ever felt came over me and I started screaming. I reached down and felt her head in between my legs and the nurses helped me get in the bed. My cervix was lipped over her head quite a bit and I wanted to push--REALLY wanted to push!!--but I could tell if I did I was going to rip something. So, my midwife gently pushed back the lip and my beautiful babe just came sliding out no pushing at all. It was the most amazing thing that I've ever experienced. I can honestly say that if I had have been confined to the bed I would have surely needed an epidural, but being able to move was what got me through. After she was born everyone left and it was just the 5 of us for a long time. She nursed about 10 min. after she was born and has rarely let go since. I am in awe of her beauty and completely overwhelmed by the whole amazing experience. Dh and I even agreed on a name without killing each other. Ella Mckenzie. I am so in love I can't hardly contain myself. Congrats to all the new moms!! And blessings to all those "in waiting".
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Wow congratulations - your ending is a little better than mine (after 56 hours of labor I gave in to an epidural and having membranes ruptured because m/w were getting worried about c/s scar - trying for vbac, which I had, but it wasn't the "natural" birth I intended on LOL) but my gosh our labors sound so similar. I am so happy for you and how awesome her birth sounds.....too cool !!!

Go nurse !!
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Congratulations! It sounds like a daunting but amazing birth experience. Ella is a beautiful name. Enjoy your new baby.
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Congrats! I love the name Ella!

And wow, what a loooonnngg labor. Congrats on going natural for such a long labor!
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What a powerful mama you are! Blessings to you, Ella, and your whole family.
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Congratulations!! I love birth stories!
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Wow! You are an amazing woman!! Congratulations mama!
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That is BEAUTIFUL! Oh, I love that you had that control when you were ready and that you birthed on your own terms!! Thank you so much for sharing! Enjoy your precious bundle!
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Welcome Ella

Congratulations!! How much did she weigh? What a wonderful birth for you!

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Welcome Ella! (love that name!) I loved your birth story and hope that I can have one identical to yours very soon!!! huge huge congrats!

Rebecca officially nine days overdue.
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Welcome to the World Ella!!

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from january mom thread.


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