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Hey, just checking in. Shane, so glad to hear that everything is going well. I'm still able to wear my pants too, and I'm kind of surprised by that, but grateful b/c I don't have anything very loose to wear! Although, like you said Emma, I do look much bigger at night.
I really want to try to feel the uterus like Shane was talking about...I think I will try that after I type this (minus the orgasm : hehehe)

My prenatals are making me feel sick but I'm trying to take them when I can.

The only time I eat vegetables is on a veggie delight sandwhich at Subway. I tell them to put every single vegetable on it. Probably not the most nutritious veggies I could eat, but better than nothing.

My breasts barely ever hurt at all...hardly have thoughout the pregnancy so far...but I have been experiencing nausea off and on. Especially bad last night and this morning. Is anyone else's coming and going?

8 weeks tomorrow, baby!!!
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For some reason I haven't felt well this evening. I'm tired and I really want to go to bed, but I've been waiting until it was time or something. I was hungry, but then I drank a couple glasses of tomato juice and was full but hungry. I made swiss chard and choked down about half of it. Normally I like it.

Yesterday I wanted BBQ pork, but I didn't eat any. I have been eating more meat than usual--I had a hamburger which is something I normally avoid, as well as pork.

My pants still fit fine, but I could wear my regular stretch jeans throughout most of my last pregnancy. My stomach feels huge, but I'm rather obese anyway, so it could just be I'm feeling fatter than normal. I haven't exercised in 4 days, so maybe it is all in my mind. I usually start to feel bad once I stop exercising.
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What's up with all the pork cravings?

I have been dryheaving/vomiting every morning first thing in the morning for about 3 days in a row. Yuck. I never did this with ds.
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Hi All,
Just thought I'd add myself to the list. I am currently almost 12 weeks (due around Sept 4) with my second. My ds is almost 2 This time around we are planning an unassisted birth and I am very excited about it. I am also hoping for an unassisted pregnancy (has been so far) but dh is a little nervous about not knowing if "everything is okay". He is getting less nervous as the weeks go on. (I had an early M/C the month before conceiving so I think he is scared to lose this one too).
Last time I had terrible morning sickness, but this time isn't so bad. I need to eat continuously to avoid that nauseous feeling though. My belly is huge already, last time I didn't show until past 20 weeks, this time it happened almost immediately. Needless to say the extended family is convinced I'm having twins:. The joke has become that I am eating for 4 (ds is nursing, myself, the baby, and the imaginary twin). They keep asking how I will know its twins if I don't see a doctor, I say if 2 babies come out instead of one I'll know for sure
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I've started wearing some of my maternity pants, and my mother got me some sale-priced sweat pants at Wal-Mart ($5 a pair it's hard to refuse, kwim?). She's still teasing me about it maybe being twins because when she was pregnant w/ my sisters her pants got too tight at @ 2 mo. I'm still waiting on my fragging medicaid card to see a doc or CNM.

As for food, I've been eating those veggie sandwiches from Subway a couple of times a week. I actually ate a 12 inch the other day (ate the halves about an hour apart), and usually a six inch is quite enough! I haven't been eating a LOT of sweets. Actually had crispy cremes in the house at breakfast and didn't want them. That's a first. Though if my local grocery store doesn't get in plain silk soymilk soon (they've been out--and so have I--for a week now), I'm going to scream. I'm getting tired of rice krispies (I DO have some chocolate silk, and that's the only cereal I like w/ chocolate milk on it. Don't like drinking it straight, though, too sweet.) I've been eating a LOT of cheese. Melted cheddar on a tortilla seems to be my favorite lunch for the past week (the week before that it was grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.)

Needless to say, I've pretty much given up on going vegan until well after the baby's born.

I've been eating a lot of pickles, too, which is weird because before I got pg I usually didn't care for them much (well, pickled cucumbers, anyway, I used to love the different kinds of pickles they'd put in an o-bento (box lunch) when I lived in Japan).
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I've been having very bizarre food issues as well--I simply cannot cook ANYTHING-the smell of cooking food is more than I can bear. Have been eating a lot of Amy's frozen burritos, lasagne, pizzas and to tell you the truth, I've just about had it with those! I'm craving some good vegan food from Angelika's Kitchen or The Candle Cafe in NYC--and here I sit in the only part of southern CA that has no decent vegetarian restaurants around. It's really hard with dd--I need to prepare meals for her but I get so queasy! So looking forward to this passing, hope everyone is feeling well...
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Originally posted by ladylee
It's really hard with dd--I need to prepare meals for her but I get so queasy!
Hi ladies,

I'm having a heck of a time cooking and feeding ds. I've been asking dh to do it whenever possible. I made a tuna casserole last night...... couldn't stand the smell of it cooking, but I loved eating it!!

Whoever mentioned that drinking water with lemon juice would help m/s -- well, thanks -- you're a genius!! I can't get enough of the stuff!!! It does help better than anything else right now. (I keep forgetting to bring some to work - errrrrrr.) I am still having m/s all day and night. I have been actually woken up by it. YUCK!!!

I'm still very tired...... but I'm not sleeping well right now. No chance for a nap because I'm working FT. I tried to get a couch in my office, but that didn't fly.

Glad to hear how everyone is doing.......
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PORK: that is so funny! i had a fried rice craving and called from the car to order it. i usually get it veggie, but opted for chicken for the extra protien. i picked up a new copy of the take out menu and the first thing that popped out at me was the word PORK! the whole way home i was wishing i had ordered everything with pork! hee hee.

MORNING SICKNESS: lemon water - i will have to try that. my ginger tea and sea bands are only doing so much. thought i was going to die this morning. ended up laying down in bed with dd and watching seseme street. we rarely let her watch tv, but something tells me that's going to change for the next 5-6 weeks of morning sickness.
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Funny I just had pork the other day.... wasn't really craving it, just what my MIL cooked while we were visiting, but its interesting everyone is wanting it and then I go and have it.

I've found mini pretzels help my m/s SO much. And lots and lots of water too. I'm usually pretty bad about drinking enough water, before pregnancy ALL I drank was diet, caffine free coke. Once we were successful in getting pregnant, I will have maybe one soda a day, sometimes none at all. I'm glad that now they are treats to me, and water is what I'm drinking all the time now.

My cramps have gone away now (very thankful), I was having minor cramps constantly since we found out I was pregnant, and it worried me, but never had bleeding, so I tried not to worry. I'm very happy now that I don't have them... But my uterus feels SO full! Almost like if you have a very full tummy from eatting, but of course much lower...

I was so stoked last night, because I could feel my uterus! I'm not a small woman, but I just kinda prodded around like my nurse did, and ta-da there it is! Had to show my Dh too! I know it will be a good long time before I'm showing, but it made me so happy!
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Hi everyone,

I'm 3 months pregnant and due Sept. 1/03.

I have had bad food aversions and I too find it really hard to even think about preparing dinner. But of course, I have to, because I have a 3 yo ds and a hubby to feed.

The one food I do crave immensely is oranges! I can't get enough of them. I had this craving with my first pregnancy as well.

My morning sickness is over with thank goodness. But I do have days I feel a little off. I discovered that if I take extra vitamin C, I feel better instantly!

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Lemon water is great!! I find it the only way I can drink water. It is an oddthing about pork - I am not a vegetarian, but I usually only eat meat once a week - lately I have been craving meat. I think bean must want it.

LIke some of you, I have been finding it a real battle to cook... by the time I make something for dh and ds, I have the lost the desire to eat it....

Nursing a toddler - it is hard... I am planning on weaning (totally) my ds in the next month. I have been working hard to cut down on the frequency, but he is still nursing 5-7 times a day. I am hoping that by next month, when I move to next trimester, my milk will be almost gone, and maybe ds will somehow decide he is finished with nursing. (I don't feel very confident about this...)

Hugs to all,
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Hi Emma-

You sound reluctant about weaning your older child?


In other parts of my like... My vomiting came back last night! Just like before, comes on quick is over quick. THe first time when my dh was around. He was kind of grossed out.

More and more people are knowing about this pg so it's become more of a reality I think. Just not feeling it yet. How about you all?

Hope all are well!
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emma - i feel for ya. dd is 21m and also nurses 4+ times a day (and at least twice at night). i debated for a long time about weaning her, and decided to just see what happens. we encourage water, juice, tea, soy, and whole milk whenever she asks to nurse, but many time she wants "boobie milk" and will accept no substitute. anyway, i'm also (secretly?) hoping that she'll lose interest when my milk dries up (if it even does) and at the very least reduce the amount she is nursing now. i have no problem with tandem nursing or nursing through the pregnancy, so we'll just wait and see what dd wants to do.

shane - sorry to hear about your m/s getting so bad. no fun at all. eating some high protien foods (almonds and yogurt) before bed seems to cut down a bit...and i'm still doing saltines, sea bands, ginger, and now lemon in my tea. hopefully it will go away soon!

i'm feeling pregnant. my pants feel tight around the waist, i'm craving odd things (more like anti-cravings...things i feel i could actually tolerate, versus really craving something), and i've been as randy as a teenage boy lately! i was VERY frisky when pg with dd...and it seems that side effect of pg is starting early this time around. dh is so sad too (ha ha ha)
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Hey, my spotting scare is over (hopefully!)...I had an ultrasound today!! And the baby has a beating heart and everything looks great. I am so happy. They said that I am 8 weeks and 2 days, and the baby is measuring 8 weeks and one day.

Shane, I know what you mean about it becoming more real. The ultrasound helped me along. To be honest, even though I have had more ms, etc this time, I am not feeling it like I did with my first one. It's very strange. I mean, I'm excited, etc, but it just hasn't really hit me yet.
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Hi Everyone,
I just found this place and noticed this thread. My first is due Oct 13. My m/s is getting worse by the day , but nothing too terrible yet. I had a m/c in Oct, so I am trying to patiently wait for my first appt (2/27) and hope that all is still going well.

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mamaley, that's great news. welcome, gowk-all the best to you.

I had a very, very good day. Met my ob/gyn for the first time, liked him-he's Chinese, conventionally/medically educated in the US but also trained in eastern medicine-told me he'd do any kind of birth I wanted. I'm 9.5 weeks, everything else is perfect and as it should be. Felt great after hearing the heartbeat, and magically my daylong m/s has gone away...
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New Moon Baby

Hello, I am pregnant for the first time. I am amazed and hopeful. October 25 is our EDD. I would love to hear from others.
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Got the blood work done!

We (whole family) went into see the CNM today to get the required blood work done. I'm not too great when it comes to needles and the midwife blew my first vein when she went to draw the blood. I almost passed out! : It took me about 15 minutes to recover to have a second try done on the other arm. MUCH BETTER ATTEMPT! I'm now told to always go for that arm first. Like I want to do that again!

We were upfront about planning a homebirth and were told that they could not offer back up but we could call them if something comes up or when change our minds. Ok, better than nothing. She was very supportive (her self had 3 HB). Had the blood drawn and she palpated my tummy and believes that she felt the top of the uterus. Asked if I wanted a bunch of things done, we declined. I even chose not to listen to the heart beat. Want no ultrasound divises this time. So we'll hear the baby sometime around 20 wks with the fetoscope.

Spoke with my CPM today and have our first appointment on March 15th.

We got our treadmill set up and I walked for 15 minutes this morning. Slowly (3mp) and I was a little flushed. It's been a while since I've exercised regular. It will take a bit to get back into it.

Hope all are well!
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