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Bravada nursing bras?

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I'm looking for some new nursing bras. I've ben happy with my cotton Olga soft cups, but I'd like to do a more thorough search before I buy again.

I've heard lots of big-breasted women say they like the Bravado! bras, but when I was pregnant they didn't really seem to suit me.

This lingerie shop in town said that a local hospital's lactation center carries a line from Canada called Bravada and that I could find it online. She said they open from the center of the chest/bra up-and-out and that they seem to be the best line out there.

I can find no such line. The Bravado website (www.bravadodesigns.com) seems to have differing types of bras for different sizes, but even their small-breasted line opens from the top with a snap, not from the center.

Anybody heard of the line? Any other favorite nursing bras? I want them to be seamless cotton and very comfy!

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I'm 99.9% sure there is no such thing as Bravada - she was confusing it with Bravado! The basic and plus bras from Bravado both open from a snap at the top and from the centre. The double plus style only opens from the top with a snap.
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I've also only heard of Bravado. I really like the Blue Canoe "jane top"-- these are soft and supportive, but you just slip it aside with no hardware. I went from Bravado to this one and never looked back.
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Yes, just the Bravado line, no Bravada. The Blue Canoe are nice too, but I'm large chested and could really only use them at night, but they are quite comfy.
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Thanks. I went ahead and ordered a couple Bravado's. I'm actually in between sizes. Currently a 34D but was 38DD when my son was first born, so I went with the medium in the Plus style so that it should fit me through another pregnancy and birth, if we're so blessed.

Thanks so much! I can always count on Mothering forum attendees!
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IN my siggy I used to state the love for bravados I have but it is no longer there in the sig...I do love them oh so much I am getting ready to be the proud owner of 4 more!!!!!!!!!
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