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wacky testing situation--need encouragement

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I could really use some encouragement (long story).

I had not had any sign of returning fertility in 21 mos of nursing ds. Then last month he was sick for a week. For 4 days his nose was sooo congested--he simply could not nurse. A few days later I had massive EWCM, O pain, and every other sign in the book that I was O'ing. Dh and I took advantage of the circumstances, as we've been wanting to begin ttc.

For what it's worth, which is not much, I truly felt like I O'ed and frankly, both dh and I felt the next morning that our efforts were successful.

8 days later I had about 6 hours of mild cramping and brown-tinged CM. At 10dpo (or suspected O) I tested optimistically and got BFN. Several hours later noticed faint purple outline of a line. Tried to find out if the test has an evap line, but could not. Took different brand test of comparable sensitivity, BFN. The purple line made me think that it was not an evap line though, as they tend to be gray-ish, ghostlike. It takes a chemical reaction to produce the colored line, right?

12dpo took another (same brand as first time--had 5 on hand). Thought I saw EXTREMELY faint line at 7:30am, but disregarded as wishful thinking. At 10am dh looks at test and sees same thing. But understand--it is so faint that you see it when you first look, but as you continue to look it seems to disappear.

16dpo tested again. Dh and I decided that we would accept a BFN if that's what we got. BTW, no sign of a period at this point. BFN. Threw the test away. Really bummed all day. No period and BFN's; I must not have even O'ed! On the phone with a friend asking, "If I'm not pg, why XYZ symptoms?", aimlessly fish test out of trash. Faint but distinct line hours after taking the test. What the heck? Cry in frustration.

Called the hpt company and finally got through. Yes, the tests have an evap line. I asked why I didn't see one months ago when I tested neg and checked it again the next morning (had a friend who did same thing with that brand and never saw an evap line). He (note: HE) had no answer for me. Friend and I decided to approach scientifically. Had my delighted 22 mos old ds pee for last hpt in my stash. He thought it was hilarious. We figured he is the safest control subject we could find--a girlfriend could actually be pg and not know it.

Result: BFN and NO line hours, days later!

A list of symptoms I'm experiencing (keep in mind that I haven't even had O symptoms in 2.5 years, so sudden acne is pretty convincing to me):
rabid (for me) continuous breakouts
frequent dizziness
craving salt
peeing frequently (from every 2 hrs to 6x in 2 hrs)
natural blush across nose and apples of cheeks (early sign when pg with ds)
working much harder to eliminate bowels
noticably heightened sense of smell, but only with 3-4 things (cat box, french fries, cat vomit, etc)
definately increased irritability
Oh, and did I mention that I've been going to bed between 8-9pm every night?

So, am I pregnant? What the heck with the hpt's? It's currently 19dpo, and frankly, I am scared to take another hpt at this point. I don't know that I can take the roller coaster ride. I know that with some pregnancies it can take weeks before a + shows on a test, but it seems sooo statistically unlikely. Maybe the brand of tests I took just stink?

Any encouragement (esp. if you've BTDT!) would be appreciated.
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Well, I have not BTDT but I think you should try another brand of test or go get a blood test. I've always had the right answer with Clearblue Easy tests - what brand are you using?
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I've been using a brand called New Choice. Don't laugh--I got them at the Dollar Store. I have wondered if that's the problem. The other brand I used was a First Response. They are supposed to be in the most sensitive category, but a girlfriend of mine say she has not had good experiences with them. It sure added to the confusion that I didn't get even a faint pos. with that one.

My friends want me to get a blood test too. I just have this picture of it coming back negative AND the doc telling me all the symptoms are in my head.

I'm secretly wondering if I could go without a test long enough to just know for sure one way or another based just on my body's signals!:
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Well, I've never been one to trust anything from a Dollar Store :

I'm with your friend - get a blood test. They are 100% accurate and you'll have no more wondering - unless you like it that way!!

I'm thinking that your symptoms could possibly, maybe from the return of your fertility???? Probably not though.
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okay, i am going to be a huge downer here, but i have been having pretty much those same symptoms for the past 3 months and after taking many a hpt i finally (mostly) believe i am not pregnant. for me, i believe it is my fertility starting to return- the hormones causing all my symptoms. that said, my situation does have a few differences from yours so that could be all the difference:

-my son is only 15 months old,
-i haven't even seen a slight line on a test, though i've not taken one out of the trash yet,
-i haven't had a 4 day nursing hiatus,
-and my partner and i had been using condoms (though i did get pregnant while using bc last time),

but i've been extremely nauseous at times, sensitive to smells (my own skin), skin breaking out, very tired, emotional as all get out, sore breasts, decreased milk supply....

i *hope* you are pregnant, but i just wanted to let you know my story too.

even if you aren't pregnant at least it's good news that something is going on in there, huh?!

keep us posted!
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Actually, your post isn't a downer. If I'm not pg, it would be excellent if my symptoms were returning fertility. The most disappointing thought is if I have to go back to square one--agonizing over whether or not I should eventually night wean to try to get fertility back.

Maybe I will get the blood test done. Although, dh and I decided tonight that we'll go ahead and try another test, different brand. I probably would have gone today to buy one but there's ice on the roads here. I'm going to get one that does NOT have an evap line, just in case!

But yes, I'd be perfectly (okay, 90%) happy if my symptoms turned to be returning fertility. Maybe those 4 days jump started my system, just not as quickly as I'd hoped.
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I had a similar experience as Chrissy last month. I was totally convinced that I was pregnant--starving all the time, extra tired, nauseous, bloated belly, slight cramping, moody, etc. I took probably 6 tests--I just could not be convinced that I was not pregnant, despite how many bfn's I got. A few days after the last test, I got my period.

You are very likely experiencing the return of your fertility, imo. Best of luck to you.

Here's an idea--order a few tests online. You'll be forced to wait about a week to test again that way. Even if you do end up getting you period in the meantime, you'll have them on hand when you need them later.

peace, Beth
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Hi there!

My dd is 11 months old and I keep having pregnancy symptoms=-- but I too get negative results! I dont know if I am just wishing I were pg, and my body is just having fantasy symptoms, or what! I think my fertility is returning.. so maybe that's what's going on with some of us. We are using condoms and not really TTC yet but I would love to be pregnant soon (just gotta convince DH.. he wants to wait until after we move in about 6 months)

btw i havent had a period since March of 2000! (had a baby in december of 2000, didnt have a period between her and the next, who was born in march 2002).

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NEVER LOOK AT THE TEST AFTER THE TIME LIMIT GIVEN IN THE INSTRUCTIONS. It is not accurate. There's just no point in getting all excited over a meaningless result.

I know it's rough not knowing what's going on, but I think you're only causing yourself more stress by looking at the tests hours later. Most brands are not accurate after 10 minutes! The fact that you're sometimes getting an evap line and sometimes not doesn't mean anything, except maybe about the humidity of the surrounding air.

I second the recommendation to get a blood test (tho I'd give it another week first) and if it's negative, try to just calm down. Impatience doesn't help the stress level.

FWIW, I had a faint + within the time limit about a month ago, and I often had evap lines when I took the test out of the trash before I learned not to do that, and I'm not pregnant; I'm in an out-of-control long anovulatory cycle. The tests are designed to function perfectly under ideal conditions. When things are a little weird because of breastfeeding, stress, or being a freak from another planet, the tests may not work quite as well.

Remember, eventually it will become obvious whether you are pregnant or not. You don't really need to know right this minute. To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn...
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Well, ladies, the jury is in. I am NOT pg. I took another test today. The dollar store tests had no time limit listed (which is how I justified looking at them whenever) but this one said DO NOT LOOK AFTER 10 MIN. So when 10 min were up I buried it in a trash bag and took it out to the rollout trash can on my way out of the house. Aren't I a good girl?

Part of my problem was that I got a line at 11dpo when pg with ds, and confirmed it on day 13 with a test that has no evap line (Confirm brand--any + within 24 hrs is valid), so I guess I got spoiled. Plus, what else is a girl to think when she's going to bed at 8pm?

Anyway, I really, truly hope that you guys are right and my fertility is trying to kick it back into action. Seems likely anyway. I mean, why else all the symptoms?

Can anyone tell me the progression of what they went through? For example, how long did you have or have you been having symptoms before O returning?

I guess I'll join the "wanting af to show" support group. Man, I hope ya'll are right. Yesterday I hoped you were wrong, but today I hope you're right!

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Hey Tracy, sorry about the BFN. I got my first PP period when DS was 15 months, and I had been experiencing months of off and on EWCM before that. My first cycle was 56 loooong days, and I O'd on day 49. Things have been more normal since then, it has been 7 months, DS is still nursing, and my cycles are 28-30 days long, with O on day 19-21. My LP is kinda short. The I sometimes feel uncomfortably swollen and have obvious pain with ovulation, which I never had before. I have also noticed many pregancy-like symptoms during LP, including heartburn, nausea, sensitivity to smell, decreased appetite, tender breasts - you name it.
I have been reading the book Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition, by Marilyn Shannon, and I'm telling everyone about it She has some really good info in some chapters about nursing and fertility, which vitamins can help your cycles become regular, and some pretty good nutritional advice.
I think temping could help you get a handle on your cycle, you will be able to see more clearly when you O. That is, if temping works for you while you are nursing.
Good luck!
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