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I am hungrey all the time....

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I am so hungrey all the time. I brought this up at my La Leche League group the other day, but wanted your opinions too Ok a little history: I have a 6 year old boy who I nursed til he was 3.5 years when he weaned himself. Now I have a 5 month old baby boy. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and do yoga and pilates. I have low blood sugar. I am always hungrey. I have lost all the pregnancy weight.... But its like I cannot get satisfied. I have tried eating protein breakfasts, and carb breakfasts. No matter what I eat I am shaking for food by 10am. Then I have something to eat and am hungrey again in about an hour after that. I try eating fruits, veggies and proteins and still get hungrey. I do not know if this is a high metabolism thing or ??? I have always been this way, just with nursing it is intensified. its all I can do to make it til dinner time. Then when I eat a big dinner, I feel great for about 4 hours and I am hungrey again. AHHHHHH!
Anyway, I would love to hear what you all think...
mama to nursing Vincent 9/8/02 and 6 year old Ocean and loving partner to Rob
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Are you eating enough fat? Fat keeps us feeling full. Interesting article about fats and their benefits

I get hypoglycemic too and plan on eating many small meals/snacks throughout the day. I eat a lot of high protein snacks--sunflower seeds, peanuts etc. If i do carbs, i really feel it and i'm pretty much guarenteed a sugar crash. I really cant eat carbs unless they're in very small portions and teamed up with protein and fat

You might want to check your library for books like The Insulin Resistance Diet, Healthy for Life, Syndrome X.

There are medications that can help with hypoglycemia too. Have you talked to your doc? I personally have decided not to go that route bc i've gotten pretty good control over my low blood sugars thru diet, but if things were still out of control i wouldnt hesitate to get on meds.
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Thank you Aster!! I am going to look for those at the library for sure. Diabetes runs in my family, in fact my mom and gramma both have it because of being over weight. I am not over weight, but have the other end of the spectrum I guess. Thanks again
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I wish I had your problem, lol!

Seriously though, I do think it is very healthy to eat several meals a day. And fats ARE beneficial, just too many of us eat too much of them, but some good healthy fats like peanut butter or avocados could be just what you need.

I really believe that we should eat when we are hungry. My problem is still eating when I'm not hungry, lol. But if you are hungry, your body needs it. Also, try not to let it get to where you are "shaking" hungry. If you know you'll be that way in, say 3 hours, eat something good in 2 hours, KWIM?
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This is an interesting article based on recent research that seems to indicate that in general pple arent getting enough of the good fats that the body needs. It re-evaluates the food pyramid. Anyways, here it is... http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?art...mber=1&catID=2
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Please, go to endocrinologist and check your thryroid ASAP. Ypu might have post partum thyroditis or Graves desease. It can deprive you of muscle mass, calcium, cuase troubles with your heart and many other unplesant things. I lost all my post pregnancy weight and then some. I ahve Grave';s desease and so, i expected a falre up but not to the degree it happend. MY endocrinologist was watching me closely becuase I wanted to nurse as long as possiable. Yes, you can nurse with some thyroid meds but it requires blood draw from the baby. So, I just ate a lot and waited. My older son self weaned at 8 months and I took med for the next 6 months.
The smae hpapned after my second sone only 5 times worse. Again, I waited by the time he was 9 month I weighted 90 lbs. So, I weaned him and it really was very hard emotinally. My younger son was also a horribale sleepr probably becuase of my wacked out hormones. He did started to sleep better after weaning. If he was not eating the variety of food he was eating, I would have contnue nursing and cheking his blood as well.
Another thing, nursing mother need 500 calories more a day than an average person. Maybe you are simply not eatin enought. Add some fat to your diet. Butter makes everything better.
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Re: Hungry

Originally posted by Alenushka
Maybe you are simply not eatin enought. Add some fat to your diet. Butter makes everything better.
Yes, yes yes!! I had to eat absolutely obscene quantities of food when dd was nursing exclusively (and I'd lost all my pregnancy weight by 6-8 weeks following birth, and am presently several pounds below prepreg weight), and even now eat quite a lot. I don't worry about eating good fats. No junk food, mind you, but healthy, home-cooked food from scratch.

Butter is fabulous. Olive oil isn't bad, either, in the right things.
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