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Birth story

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I wrote this last week so time references may be off...but you'll get the basic idea. Also, I'd posted earlier that he arrived at 6:46pm. He was ten minutes earlier than that. He was 8lbs 11oz and 21" long.

I was due January 30th by doc's calculations. On Tuesday, February 4, I had a check up and wasn't making any real progress so he gave me the option to go in for induction on Wednesday or Thursday. I picked Wednesday.

I went in around 7:00. Doc inserted the tablet at 7:30-ish. I walked a lot and at 11:00 still wasn't dilating so he gave me another dose. I walked some more. I started getting uncomfortable after that second dose, but was coping just fine as long as I was up and out of bed.

Around 3:00 doc came in to check me and I was at 2cm. He broke my water. From that time on, I labored in an upright position. Fetal monitor showed baby didn't like me laying down. GOOD BABY! At 4:30 I was at 4cm and got in the shower. I stayed there until about 5:30 and I was having trouble coping. Got back in bed and was at 5cm. I decided it was time for Nubain and got it just before 6:00. Ahhhhh, Heaven. Sort of. I slept between contractions and woke up enough to moan and swear
*just a little* through the pain. Around 6:15 or 6:20, I woke up and hollered "Tell Joan (the nurse) I have to push!" She heard me from the hallway, ran in and checked...I was 8-9.

Holy crap that was fast.

She started darting around the room like mad getting things ready and encouraging me to breathe, Rachelle, breathe and you won't push! I was breathing, but my body was pushing on its own. I couldn't stop it. A couple minutes later she just let me push. I pushed through two contractions while doctor was running from his office building to the hospital. Literally running. He arrived out of breath. We forgot to count when we watched the video last night, but I believe I pushed for
two or three more contractions and Declan was here at 6:36pm. Yay!

It went so fast and I pushed so well, the doctor had to tell me to NOT push so hard. Through massage (I told him to "GET YOUR FINGERS OUT OF THERE!") and careful coaching, doc saved me from needing any stitches.

My husband actually announced we had a boy and is convinced the size of our son's boyness has nothing to do with hormones and everything to do with genetics. It's a harmless fantasy. We'll let him believe it.

This labor and delivery was by far and away the best. I was induced, but I didn't have to have an IV bag, I had no pitocin, I got to walk around a ton, I didn't have an internal fetal monitor, no forceps, episiotomy, epidural, or stitches...it was great.

Doc thought Declan's right clavicle broke during delivery (big boy...big shoulders) but the pediatrician says if it is broken, she can't feel it and it's obviously not bothering him, so we didn't need an xray.

There was a knot in his cord, but it was loose and wasn't causing him any trouble.

He's yellow now and I always thought my babies were jaundiced because we were induced and they were just too early. Not necessarily the case. The pediatrician said Declan and I have different blood types and that he may turn yellow. I told her I thought he was already...she didn't even order a bilirubin count for him. Just said to nurse him and put him in the sun. SO much better than the doctor who made me stop nursing
and use formula and sugar water with my first two.

Funny things: On the way to the hospital "My Guy" was on the radio. (Huge coincidence...unless you're us...we believe he was letting us know.) When I was getting ready to get into the shower during labor, I was waiting for the water to get hot...I had a contraction. I peed all over the floor. DH was horrified. I wish I had a picture of his face. It was hilarious. Getting OUT of the shower, I had a contraction and had to get on the floor on all fours and wail. DH was horrified once again. I think he figured I'd be stuck on the floor if I got down there. *L* Doc arrived and said I could go ahead and push. I told him I didn't want to. The nurse asked me to lift my bottom so she could put a sheet under me...she said, "whenever you're ready. Let me know." I said, "Okay. Never." And I meant it.

Sweet things: Declan slept in my bed during our stay in the hospital. I don't think it thrilled the nurses, but I don't care. Other than routine tests, he spent about an hour total in the nursery and we had our babymoon right there.

I'm weepy and emotional the last two days (edited to say: SINCE BIRTH - See PPD Forum). I told DH I should sleep but I can't quit looking at the baby. He said, "Then don't." I told him I should rest but I don't want to put him down. He said, "Then don't." When he finally put Declan in the bassinette right by me last night and I fussed about turning off the light, he got up and got the nightlight the kids aren't using anymore so I'd still be able to look at him. I couldn't be happier. Blasted hormones!
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Congratulations Rachelle and welcome sweet baby Declan! I love that name!
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thanks for the beautiful story. I know that feeling, of wanting to forgo sleep so you can look at the baby all night... sigh, that seems so long ago!
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Welcome to the world
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Congratulations!! Love the hormones We'd all be rich if we could bottle them huh?

thanks for sharing this very special time in your life!

Rebecca now 9 days overdue
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Thank you for sharing your birth story!

Welcome to the world, Declan!
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Congratulations!!!! I know it was hell at the end for both of us but doesn't it seem all worth it now. Enjoy your babe, even if it means crying several times a day at how beautiful they are
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