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I thought I was done

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I thought I was in labor. I had a contraction that did not let up a single second for 3 hours. I was crying and DH wanted to take me to the hospital. I took tylenol and laid down. I was so in pain. I had chills and other tummy probs too. It just stopped all of a sudden. Like turning off a radio. One second I was in agony, the next like it never happened...WTH? Anyone else have that happen b4? My other 2 I barely had a single bh that hurt more than a twinge, but omg, I thought I was dying this am.
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Dude, that sucks! ((((hugs)))))
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I haven't had anything that long or bad but I've had quite a few 20-30 min. ctx. I'm sorry that happened!
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It sounds like a warm up. Hang in there- it could be any day now!
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I had contractions that were 3-5 minutes apart for almost 2 hours Sunday morning at 3 am.

Ugh! So frustrating! I'm sorry you had a rough morning, I hope that doesn't happen again, and your labor is easy and gentle.

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man, that totally WREAKS! Sorry, I have been kinda feeling that way lately too. Just hang in there. Not far now!
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I have done that very thing twice so far. 14 more days and counting................
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OMG!!! That happened to me in the end of my last pregnancy!!! I woke up in the middle of the night to a horrible contraction that did not go away! I was like that for about 2-3 hours. I cried and rocked the whole time. I didnt want to go to the hospital though. In the morning I called my hospital midwife and she told me to come in. I was about 40 weeks, and she thought that I could have started labor.. but nope.. nothing had changed... and i had just been checked a few days earlier at my appointment. It really pissed me off because nobody belived me that it lasted that long! : I ended up getting induced at 42 weeks (hospital policy) and when they first started the Pit I had the same feeling. It only lasted about an hour.. when they turned the Pit up it stopped, and normal contractions started happening. I always wondered if my body was trying to go into labor. OR, it could have been gas. Anyway, I never have heard of anyone who has had this. I dont feel so bad now! But Im sorry it happened to you.
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