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How old is everyone here? - Page 2

Poll Results: How old are you?

  • 0% (1)
    Under 20
  • 25% (30)
    21 - 25
  • 26% (31)
    26 - 30
  • 33% (39)
    31 - 35
  • 6% (8)
    36 - 40
  • 6% (7)
    Over 40
116 Total Votes  
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im 23
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21 here. I'll be 22 when the baby comes.
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32 and hopefully still 32 when the babe arrives or I'll be having trouble keeping a homebirth!

Ds1 will turn 13 before the babe arrives though and that makes me feel
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25 here, this will be my first pregnancy that I don't have a birthday during
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I'm 24, and will stay that way until November...I love being a mom and an adult, not just a kid. I'm finally getting old enough that I dodn't get dirty looks very often when I'm out with my kids. I had my first 3 months shy of 20 and OMG, I got the nastiest looks. Especially when I nursed her, then everyone knew for sure she was mine. Peolpe can be so nasty sometimes. I'm glad to be outgrowing that!
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I don't know which one to answer. The age I am now? 25 or what will I be when the babe is born? 26
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My age

I am 20 but will be 21 in 2 months!! yeah i can buy alcohol but not drink it...hmmmm i didn't plan this can you tell? this is baby #2....
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I'm 30, will be 31 when our first babe is due
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I will be 41 in October, which is one month after the baby arrives.
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I'm 22, and will turn 23 at the beginning of September. Baby will be born right around my birthday
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I'm 40.
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31 on baby #4.
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35 and LOVING it!
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Happy 27 year old mommy!
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Originally Posted by AutumnMama
25 here, this will be my first pregnancy that I don't have a birthday during
Me too I didn't even realize this until you said it
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I'm 33 amd will turn 34 just before the baby arrives.
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I'm 35 and will be 36 when our first arrives!
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i'm 40 but you know, when i was 12 my friiend asked me where i wanted to be when i was 30. she said she wanted a husband, a house and kids... i guess i kinda shuttered at that idea for myself. i told her i wanted to be a published writer by the time i was 30, and i added, "if i ever do have a baby, i think i'll be one of those 'old moms'." and here i am at 40. just married last summer and now pregnant at 17.5 weeks. i guess it was all mapped out to happen this way.
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40 years old, first baby

i'm 40, but i've known since i was a kid myself, if i ever had kids, i'd be one of those old moms!

i am so madly in love with my husband ... and we are so in love with our baby (who is now moving around like it's party time every few hours) .
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I am 31. I turn 32 one month before baby is expected.
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