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Anyone else?

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I had posted earlier about my confusion regarding religion and spirituality. So lately I have really been examining my feelings and beliefs. The biggest battle was dealing with evolution vs creation. I just couldn't deny the mass amounts of evidence supporting it, especially now with the new findings about the Big Bang.(I'm still searching for written information, but heard this story on NPR. Anyway, that along with other questions that can't be answered by religion, but can by science. Everything kind of clicked for me this weekend.

I had thoughts about man creating God to explain his own existence, and THAT makes sense to me. It's like a light went on in my head. All this time of torturing myself, of wondering WHAT I was missing, why after giving my all and then some, I still came away feeling lost. I wanted a relationship with God so strongly, and was envious of others who seemed to be so close to God.y answer is, I never felt anything, because it isn't there.

I feel completely liberated! I feel like I can stop worrying about pleasing or not pleasing a God, or wondering if I'm loved. Now I can get on with life, being kind to others, living with respect for my friends/family/self.

The sad thing is, that even if a person is good, kind, gnerous, supporrtive, loving to others, it isn't good enough and according to Christianity this person is still bound for hell. I can't buy that.

The evidencec I have found supporrts my belief that God was created by man, and that it isn' much of a strrentch to believe we were created from a little thing called "th Big Bang".

I used to think that was the easy way out, because it isn't easy being a Christian(my hat goes off to those who are faithful), but in reality, it doesn't make sense.

I just wanted to share this information with others, and to see if there were other mamas out there who have come to this same realization.

Is anyone else planning on raising their child(ren) as atheists?
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I think there is a thread in tribes for atheists moms, in case you don't get many responses here.

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Cool. Thanks Arduinna!
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I think similarly to you, although I expand my beliefs to believe that there are many different truths, depending on what one believes. Ha! That's a tongue twister, eh?
My core belief is that everything we see is a level of consciousness. All things material are an external materialization of consciousness. There are soooo many different levels of consciousness; plant, rock, human, alien, angel.... so, when looked at from that perspective, all human language is doing is expressing what people see but don't have the physical vocabulary to express. When you think about how truly limited our physical selves are, it quickly becomes obvious that language is actually a barrier to the true understanding of God and the Universe. At the core, all truths are the same.
Before the written word and linear/left brain thinking dominated, things were directly intuited. Most of life was dominated by a matriarchal/nonphysical/ right brained source, from which we created stories and legends that gradually translated over to left-brain, linear scientific thought. Now science and spirituality are realizing that both can - and do - co-exist. Have you studied quantum physics yet? Pick up The Tao of Physics. It perfectly explains the science of God, how light energy works, and so on.
My Bhuddist friend told me a story about "many fingers pointing at the moon". Think of tribes of different people all over the world who have no contact with each other. All of them will point at the moon and tell different stories about it, different myths and legends about how it got there, and use different languages and symbols to speak of it. But all those fingers are pointing at the same thing.
Whew! Too much coffee and a full moon makes me rave like a lunatic. My apologies.;
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Am not an atheist (was agnostic for a long stretch, though ) but have a minor point to add ...

DH is a scientist by training. He became religious at the age of 39, almost 20 years after his PhD (yes, he got it at a young age).
He pointed out to me once that, through the years, he knew of many more scientists who became religious, than religious scientists who became atheists.

I just found that fascinating.

Raise your children to know your truths ...

- Amy
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Arduinna~ Thanks so much! I found my way over

Candiland~ I loved your posted and agreed with it. There is so much more to understand about life and the existence of God/Gods, or the nonexistence of such. I feel I am just now becoming more aware and in tune to my surroundings. Slowly of course.

Amy~ Thank you for your thoughts
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Call me WAY out of the loop...but what new evidences are there to the Big Bang?
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A few days ago I was listening to NPRocks and they talked about this:

New Study Suggests Big Bang Theory of Evolution

Telescope find Big Bang Evidence

I went to the NPR website, but you have to buy the transcripts.

This most closely talks about what I am referring to.


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Thanks for the links. I read them, it still seems far fetched to me. But that is not the topic Any other sites you find would still interest me though!
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I totally respect your choice--- congratulations on figuring out what's right for you!

I just wanted to add, that for me, there is something in between religion and atheism-- which is that I believe that the energy in the universe -- in the stars, as well as the sum of human endeavor and imagination-- are tantamount to the "divine". I guess this is a New Age belief, or some would say neo-pagan. I don't care what people call it, but I suppose it is more a "spiritual" belief than a "religious" one. My brother is a devout (!) atheist, and we usually find that our differences amount to those in nomenclature. He breaks everything down to evolution, and that's cool with me, I just see evolution as miraculous and wonderful! He just sees it as evolution, with nothing good or bad about it.

How exactly does an atheist go about celebrating life? I'm seriously asking.
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Uber how can one NOT celebrate life?! Look at all the wonderful things around us!

I have been thinking about the new age thing. In a way if there were a God I would beliee him/her to be within us, as our conscience, guiding us to do what feel right. it shows in our respect and love for others and in the way we live our lives. No other reason to do these things, except that they are the right things to do, out of respect
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Originally posted by DiaperDiva
Uber how can one NOT celebrate life?! Look at all the wonderful things around us!
ITA, Diaper Diva. As an atheist/secular humanist, I believe we need to celebrate this life because it's the only one we're going to get, and that my lack of a belief in a deity makes me celebrate more, not less. I also believe that the corollary is that we need to work for and achieve social justice in this lifetime, because there isn't a heaven waiting to reward the meek and oppressed or a hell waiting to reward the wicked.
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Diaperdiva & Jane-- Glad to hear you feel that way! The only person I know who is an atheist (I mean that I KNOW is an atheist, KWIM), isn't very joyful, and I was just wondering if it was related. I guess not!

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