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March 20 - 26 Update Thread! :)

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Well it's Monday. So it's time for a new update thread, yes? The other one's off page one so here's a new one.


I got my GBS test results back today -- NEGATIVE! Woohoo! I'm thrilled.

My lower back is still giving me gobs of grief off and on and I've started using those Thermacare sticky pads, which I've been assured are totally safe. Does anyone have any info on them? I try to avoid heating pads for the electromag waves (I know some folks think that's silly, but it's a personal thing), and use rice packs instead, but it's nice to WEAR the heat sometimes.

Ordered a few more FB since my stash was looking a little iffy in terms of being able to realistically wash every other day. We're up to 32 FB and 38 inserts, so I'm feeling better about it all. I can always order more if need be, but I think that's a good starting place.

The only thing left to do really is general housecleaning stuff, grocery runs and making curtains for the nursery. I've got loads of fresh fruit that I've cut up and frozen in little I Can't Believe It's Not Butter containers. It's my version of a popsicle treat hehe and the freezer's full of them. But I've given up on the notion of cooking full meals and freezing them. I just don't want to do it, and my mom assures me she'll cook loads while she's here. So I'm not gonna feel guilty about it.

Everything else is way done. And I'm not eating as much it seems but I'm still gaining weight. Well, I did break down and buy some Little Debbie snackcakes, which is bad bad bad but they taste good! Am up to 30.5-31 lbs total gained it looks like, which is good (I was 109 to start), but nothing fits anymore. My maternity pants are too tight : as are the shirts but I refuse to buy more clothes. I live in PJs around the house every day now.

I think the new iron supplements are working as I'm not quite as winded as I had been.

Can't believe how close it's getting! I'm nearly 37 weeks! Wow.

Gonna go bake a chocolate cake I think. Or some cookies. Wow, my sweet tooth hasn't been awake in a while but the last few days -- yowzah! Sugar central!

Happy Spring Equinox, all!
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Hi all. I'm 36 weeks today!!! Happy bday Bradley! It almost my c/s date, 4/5. Getting nervous, but mentally trying to make myself not be. DH is like, wow, its so close... I said yes, wanna trade now? I work and u be preggers? I would love his life for a day. Except yesterday, he got hurt at work, pallet hit him in the eye and arm, looks like I beat the crap out of him,lol. Big ol shiner! My DD said, told u once dad, now we gotta hurt ya!
Its gonna snow tonight, the first day of spring, and it snows. I gave birth both times before during blizzars and told hubby that I finally get my non snow baby. Yeah right! It'll snow a foot the day I have this little guy! My luck anyway!
More bh and lots of back cramping. I take a lot of showers now... water bill should be sky high. Sorry hunny! I get my engagement ring out of the shop on Thursday! So exciting. I can't wait.
DH is going to help me finish my to do list this week. Today is his lat day working this week, unless bossman lets him have ot, I hope he does. I love ot paychecks!
My kids are fighting and I have no energy to stop them. DD hit DS in a certain spot that is sensitive in boys, even 2yo. Thought he was dying the way he cried. As you all know, I am not a man, but it looked like it hurt. He got over it and hit her with her own belt! DH stepped in and both went to time out, and had to apologize. DS is a neat freak for a baby, saw DD had put dirty clothes on floor and had a meltdown! Little child is not mine. I could live in a hamper, or my bed room, both pretty much the same thing. Gotta clean up my act.
Hope everyone has a good week! I'll try.
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i am so ready to meet this little critter!

i cant sit comfortably ('rods)
i cant stand comfortably (baby on bladder)
i cant even lie comfortably except in bed with umpteen billion pillows.

but we got the dresser done and in the room and things are in drawers! we're ready! we dont have the crib matress, but since we're planning to co-sleep for at least the beginning, DH is not bothered. I am, but that's cause I want to be DONE.

on a happy note-- FOOD IS STARTING TO SOUND GOOD AGAIN! For much of the past however many months (I'm 38 weeks tomorrow! ack!), NOTHING but NOTHING (ocassionaly mashed potatoes, cereal... sometimes plain pasta).... has sounded good.

But I've been having cravings and wanting to eat things! Its so fun. I'm so exited to start eating real food again-- and enjoying it!

Also, it's sunny, which totally helps. I'm so ready for summer, rose', picnics, and sitting in the garden!

Other than that, I am so not getting work done, cause DH and I look at house listings in Tucson and IM each other all day.

i'm slacking to the max with the pagan holiday, though. bad bad me. ugh. i really should get off my butt and do something. maybe i'll beg DH to stop and get a packet of seeds to plant tonight.... not that we'll be here to see them grow! sigh.

hugs to all!
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36weeks wow its starting to go fast now! DS was 4 : last week and his party was yesterday so life here has been very hectic, I'm looking forward to this week being a lot quieter I still have loads to prepare for baby and our birth and I seem to have less energy by the minute.

I'm having weekly reflexology (with m/w, no stimulation of 'labour' points )which is wonderfully relaxing and fantastic at helping my low back and hip pain. Sleeping is pretty bad, I'm waking up every 2hrs or so and its so exhausting, especially when DS is up for the day at 6 / 7am :yawning:

GREAT news today some of you rmay emember the sonographer mentioned a low lying placenta at 20weeks, after lots of research I was pretty sure it would move up with my growing uterus but I had these little doubts I couldn't shake. Today we went back for a scan, lasted about 30secs and of course placenta is high : I am sad to have had more u/s exposure but I need to go into this homebirth without any doubts and total trust which I now can

Mysticmom ~ your birth is getting so close. I hear you on the showers, I could live in mine right now

Nighten ~ Wonderful news, so glad you got a neg
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have home visit tonight.

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Grats Adina! :d
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Wow we are all getting so close.
I am doing well. Have been super busy. Did a Women's Show for ICAN of Spokane this weekend and am exhausted from that. I am passing off ICAN to the new co-leaders now, so I need to get all the stuff organized and do some last minute stuff and then I am done. It will be nice to not have to worry about anything but this new baby (and other kids too) LOL.

Have our homevisit tomarrow. Am now 36 weeks.

My DS birthday is Weds so are planning a small party for that. Our good friends DD is diabetic so we are trying to plan a time for the party that she can eat and have her insulin. Making it difficult but I feel so bad when all the other kids get to have cake and eat treats and she has to watch because she can only take her insulin at certain times. So working on that schedule.....

Bad news for us though. The center my DH works for has been restructuring and he found out he is laid off as of April 1st. We knew that as of June he would not have a job which was fine because he is graduating and we are moving anyway. But April makes a whole new situation. We have a savings for the move saved up but now we have to live off that and are not sure if we can afford to move at all now. The sucky thing is he still has to go in for 22 hours a week because it is his practicum. So even if he found another job he would have no time for it between practicum and classes. Trying not to stress over it but man what timing!!

Other than that am doing okay. Baby is making moving painful. Pubic bone just aches and I am so swollen from being on my feet for so long this wkend. Hoping that goes down a little because my skin feels tight.

Wow I just rambled on and on and on.

Glad everyone is doing well.
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Hooray - it's officially spring! You wouldn't know it though from looking outside. But at least now I'll officially have Spring babies. Having dh paint our 1/2 bath today (my version of nesting - hey, I did the prep work ). Got my house cleaned (woohoo! it's never looked better). Almost 37 weeks! Installed the carseat which required moving the older kids to the back of the van. They haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Oh, and I've gotten a couple meals prepared & frozen. Of course, this morning we wake up to a freezer that's acting funny so hopefully the repair person can fix it today. Generally just being anal about keeping the house clean. I just know I won't go into labor with a messy house. I'm just overall really looking forward to giving birth and meeting these kids. I have to admit I'm running through the "what ifs" of birth scenarios though. I'm sure everyone does it though, right? I know I've always worried about the safety of the baby until the baby is safely in my arms.

Adina - congrats on the move! What a relief that must be (although I know you still have a lot of work ahead).

Nighten - we're due the same day I'm predicting it will be in the 39th week for me. Doesn't seem too far off!

FreeSpiritMama - that's great news about the placenta. Peace of mind is essential to a good birth.

Moosemommy - I saw your nursery pics in the other thread - it looks fantastic! I hope your current baby adjusts well to your new one I sympathise with your discomfort, btw.

mystic2mom - I have the same issue w/my kids. I think I might stick them out on the curb with a sign that says "cute kids free". lol I love love love them, but boy do they get to me sometimes!
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Moosemommy - I saw your nursery pics in the other thread - it looks fantastic! I hope your current baby adjusts well to your new one I sympathise with your discomfort, btw.


OMG, every time I feel pain, I think of you, take a good breath, and know that I have NO IDEA.

Thanks on the pics! My cousin had her baby over this weekend-- and Moose wasnt sure what to think.... here's a pic of the stare-down.
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*hugs* Allison... what timing indeed! <3

Moosemommy, that pic is so precious!

Adina, congrats on the move! It must feel awesome to finally be in your place! Sending you thoughts of happy unpacking gnomes

Good things are happening here. Penny Simkin met with me to discuss how my childhood abuse could come up in labor & matched me with her assistant, Jan Dowers, and apprentace, Molly Kirkpatrick, so now we have birth doulas! We are stoked. I really feel that, no matter what, (DH &) I will be well taken care of, quirks and all.

Our birth tub is reserved & our birthkit came. My nesting instinct has FINALLY kicked in (I thought I was going to be the exception for sure!) & I've had energy to do things like put clothes away & not live in filth Our babyshower was awesome & intimate & we got a lot of loot (including a mini co=sleeper & stroller!) which took a huge load off my mind (& wallet). I feel loved

Happy spring!!!
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Today is a good day! YEAH!
I went back to the doctor (went on Friday and had symptoms of Preeclampisa) and my blood pressure was down so no baby yet. I have to go see his colleague on Friday after my profile because he is going to be away. Not sure what I think of that...some other doctor I've never met making decisions...but hopefully my blood pressure will still be down and it won't be much of an issue. Then I go back to him on Tuesday when he gets back to town. And he told me to keep resting... So I asked him, What is resting???

I am supposed to get 10-12 hours of sleep a night.
I can do mealsk, walk down stairs, small walks outside.
I CANNOT mop floors, do laundry or lift anything very heavy (I'm assuming that includes my 4 year old! LOL) so the laundry has been passed on to hubby.
AND I have to rest with my feet up for at least 2 hours every afternoon.

Doesn't sound so bad! It will be a little hard with the kids, but at least hubby is around most days in the next few weeks.

Sad part about the whole exam was he said the baby's head is still "really floating"...I thought with all the pressure/pain I'm having down there that maybe he/she was in ready position. Oh well, I know it doesn't mean anything really but I was a little disappointed to hear that. He didn't do a internal though, which I'm glad for!

I think the doc is still worried about my symptoms but we'll make it a little while longer!

Guess that's all for now!
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Well today is a great day because its my BIRTHDAY!!! YEAH!! Been crazy lately since my twins birthday was the 18th and so we threw a party for them. now mine. my hubby and 5 yr old made me a cake last night and i am craving cheese fondue so my dh bought all the ingredients and i am going to start making it soon. yummy.

very uncomfortable, wishing i was 37 weeks but only 36. i keep thinking once i am 37 it will be OK to wish the baby out. not that it will help him come faster. i just feel bad wanting a 36 weeker to come now. i want him to be healthy and fully grown. but really dont want to do this anymore!!

my three children are driving me nuts and thats partly why i want the baby to come too. so my folks, friends and DH can take care of the big kids and i can just have an excuse to lay in bed and cuddle my baby!! oh i cant wait!
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I was 37 weeks Friday. My darling really blessed me with help all weekend on my nesting projects~truly out of his love for me, as he didn't wanna do all this crazy work! LOL! (Switching bedrooms around.) The entire house is a mess, as we're working on this BIG stuff. I did post scriptures and affirmations all over the house too, and it's helping with my fear.

Today I've done 4 loads of laundry, including birthing laundry. Still hafta get some vinyl tablecloths, cloves, and find our heating pad or buy one, etc. I have some Q's and A's and other fun stuff to write up for my midwife that will be beneficial to her for birth. I made a simple dinner, so I went ahead and baked a turkey/spinach meatloaf to freeze. I still plan to bake and freeze a quiche and muffins and turkey/black bean soup.

I think that's about it here! (((((HUGS))))) and enjoyin' y'all! ~sandi

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Stayathomemommy - Happy Birthday! One of the girls my dh works with has the same B-day.

I'm getting excited about Sat., since that will be when I can have the baby at home. Anytime after that. Yeah! I have my home visit tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait. My mw is bringing her weiner dog to play with our girls. Still need to finish cleaning the house. Found out last night we have one more goat that will be due sometime. I was feeling her belly last night and got kicked by little hooves. Totally cool when I can feel that.

Anyway, that is me for now, I will let you know how the home visit goes tomorrow.
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haven't posted here in awhile, so i thought i'd jump in and say, 'hello'. i'm 38 weeks, 3 days. getting close, a bit anxious (in a nervous energy sort of way) about my upcoming homebirth. actually the homebirth part of it doesn't scare me as much as the natural childbirth thing does. i pray for the strength to get thru it (oh yeah, and an anterior baby this time ) wondering how it will start.....how it will progress, etc.

feeling ready physically......my body feels like it may self-destruct at any moment. lots of little aches and pains and i'm sooooo tired all the time. and i have no patience.... i feel like such a bad mom to my 3 year old. all i want to do is lay on the couch and i bite his head off about the littlest things. :

i do have a few last things i'd like to finish around the house....clean my bathroom, scrub my floors, etc. i keep thinking i'll go into labor and i'll have to look at how dirty my shower is....

i am amazed how rude people can be with their comments....i feel like such a freak of nature. when i go out, i CONSTANTLY get comments about how HUGE i am.....that i must be carrying twins. today someone told me i was the best birth control for her teenage daughter b/c her daughter saw me and said, 'i never want to be that huge'. i know she meant well, but really.....
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Adina congrats on the move!!! i still haven't moved yet it is now scheduled for the end of the month...we'll see if that holds any water.

Well, I got my preterm labor under control and am still having bh but what I call normal bh and no more back pain. Stil working on my to-do list. I have decided and bought all the major appliances I was interested in. Now I am working on lights and chandaliers. Am ready for the wedding. Bought a dress for one of my dds, the other one I am getting a dress tailored for and for me well I opted to wear a dress that I wore to a wedding about four years ago when I was prego with ds. Getting my couches and carpets cleaned next week before the move.

Overall I feel better today than the last three days and for the first time in months I got a half hour nap which is amazing...I don't know how it happened.

I am still though very achy but the good news is baby is staying head down but still got a long way to go. I will be 35 weeks in two days.
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BeanBean is really nuts this morning... I wonder if he's getting sick or something.

Anyway... I'll be 36 weeks on Friday. I'm totally ready for the baby to come out, I have horrible heartburn day and night, I'm getting kicked constantly in the liver, and it feels like BellyBean is trying to strip the membranes from the inside, like she's trying to tickle my cervix. I've been having mad contractions, too. I'm so sick of being pregnant... Ick.

The insurance company finally upgraded me to a minivan, though. Perhaps this means that my minivan will be ready sooner rather than later.

One of the moms on BooBah's DDT had a brilliant suggestion for quick covers for BellyBean. Pure genius, just cut some out of leftover fleece bits from the kids' jackets using the shot-elastic covers as a pattern. I can actually do that! I only wish I'd thought of it Sunday, when the kids were at my mom's. I'd be finished by now.

I'm feeling super lazy today, I have no desire to do *anything*, but I have to get some things done. I need to go WIC shopping after Mike gets home, and I need to go through some of the stuff that Mike brought home from the minivan, and put away the last of the clean baby clothing. I also need to get some more side-snapping undershirts for BellyBean; a lot of the ones that I had from BeanBean were hand-me-downs, many have now been through at least 4 kids, and those things just aren't meant to last that long. I'll have to let my sisters know, they're good at digging for that sort of thing. I just haven't got the energy to shop on top of everything else.

I really want to spend the day in bed eating Cream of Wheat and snuggling with the kids. I wonder if they'd be amenable...
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I'm 38 weeks today...still here and very pregnant I haven't checked in much or even really been online even though I have computer access again. Just not much new to share and I'm extremely cranky I really didn't think 2 weeks ago that I'd still be pregnant now! I'm actually getting a chance to finish all the projects I really didn't think I'd get to, which is nice I'd suppose but mostly I'm using it as a distraction from being so uncomfortable. I finished knitting my newborn soakers (which are all washed and lanolized now too), froze a few meals (a kale & leek quiche, chicken enchiladas, lasagna and a giant batch of turkey meatballs w/sauce) that should be 2 dinners at least each, froze lots of cookie dough, cleaned my entire house, painted the entry floor and stairs (they were really old wood that can't be refinished, but we can't afford to replace them right now)...yeah I know I need to STOP with the nesting! : I seriously can't relax in the evening if the house isn't spotless. I worry that I'll go into labor and the floors won't be vaccuumed that day or some other random nonsense Pretty much if I clean the house today, go grocery shopping as planned then I'd be good to go in my mind to have the baby tonight...doubt thats happening though...

A friend of mine took me shopping at an outlet mall. She went into labor with her dc #3 after visiting the Carter's outlet there so she thought it was worth a try for me. No such luck though! I did find some great deals on pjs for dd and then bought her a pair of sunglasses which she lost before we even had lunch : Spent the afternoon with friends at the local park with the kids running wild all over the playground. Lots of fun, but I was completely exhausted when I got home. I was really hoping that all that activity would put me into labor but no such luck. I did notice when I was putting some EPO on my cervix that the baby is way lower, my cervix feels alot shorter and slightly more towards the front. Couldn't reach to tell if its dilated more but that all doesn't really mean much anyway. I really wanted to have this baby on the first day of spring. When I woke up last night to pee at 12:30 I was a little sad that it wasn't the first day of spring anymore and I wasn't in labor. I'm such a dork!
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Last night I had the AMAZING fantasy of a dream: I woke up, stood up, my water broke, and out with it flowed a baby boy! NO PAIN! LOL! I've been happy all day after that one.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi~growing overwhelmed with the volume of what want to accomplish, and my hernia's a bit sore
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