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Originally Posted by eilonwy
Lots of regular, painful contractions, but I have no idea what's going on. I'm so confused... but I threw up today, that's a labor-positive sign (I almost never puke).
I'm really miserable and fuzzy. I can't remember, for example, if they're real contractions if they hurt more when you walk or if those are the fake ones? Mine definately come more frequently and hurt more when I'm up and about. In fact, even sitting in a chair, everything hurts. Holy crap I'm so DONE.
if they go away when you move, tehy're not "real".... if they dont, they are!

sitting gets me too. i had some good ones yesterday from sitting. i cant drive anymore, cause it puts me too upright, and i just have one big long contrx while i'm like that. good excuse to get DH home more. um. also, he has to make dinner now, cause my feet swell if i stand that long.

i had some energy this am, thought for a moment it might be nesting! but it faded so fast. i looked at the bathroom floor and thought "oh, i should clean that" but it was soo far away, i didnt know how to get there... let alone get back UP....

i miss yoga. that's my big gripe now.

off to look for houses where were moving soon.... today my goal is to find one that's walking distance to the Zoo.
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Had my 37 week appt. yesterday. Everything went fine. Baby A is still head down although the mw wasn't 100% sure (she said 99% and wanted to do a vag exam but I said no - I know baby is head down and what good would it do me to know otherwise anyway?). She claimed she could feel that baby's back so maybe s/he's not posterior anymore. I guess that's good news. Oh, and she's guessing it's at -1 station. The other one is still transverse with lots of room to move. My feeling is that baby a is squished in one spot and baby b has this giant swimming pool sized sac that s/he's floating around in still. The mw does think I have a lot of fluid. Oh, and baby b's head felt quite large to her. She's guessing they're about 7 lbs now, which makes me happy. I'm aiming for a 39 week birth with 2 at least 8 lbers, so that puts me right on track for that. I didn't think I was swelling at all but my socks really cut into me yesterday so now I'm not sure. However, my legs don't leave indentations or anything when I poke them so I don't know what's up. I think that's about it for now.
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Just got back from a really crappy 38 week MW appt First of all I asked the MW about this pain I started having last night right below my belly button, thinking that the muscles were just slightly separated. Nope, they are TEARING and I can't pick anything up now (including dd- tell her that!). Secondly my BP was 132/88 the first time she took it, then 124/90 a few minutes later. The bottom number has jumped about 10 points since last week, which is a warning sign of PIH. I do think part of the reason it was elevated was because I was dehydrated (crazy morning didn't have a chance to drink hardly anything) and also because dd started sobbing when she took my BP. Anyway you look at it, I'm suddenly at the point of almost being risked out of a homebirth Their cutoff numbers are 140/90 so my diastolic number was right there. She gave me instructions of a relaxation tea I'm supposed to make (which she said will make me drowsy-if it doesn't then I haven't taken enough), to take 2 epsom salt baths a day, eat lots of garlic, protein and cucumbers, take cal/mag supplements....so much fun. She did a blood draw for PIH while I was there and said she expects it to come back normal because I don't have any other signs like significant swelling or protein in my urine, but that I need to immediately work on getting my BP down or I may have to consult with an OB. She suggested a pelvic exam to see if that might get my body going into labor on its own because she's concerned my pressures may raise in the coming weeks of pregnancy. I didn't have any spotting at all and barely any cramping afterwards so I don't think it did anything.

So I'm sitting here gulping down a giant bottle of water and eating a cucumber...will take my BP myself in a little while and see what it is. I really don't think anything is wrong with me but I do understand that my numbers at my appt were not good. So I'm hoping this baby decides to come out before my next appt and that the MW doesn't show up until either right before the birth or right after. Ugh this sucks. I was feeling so good about my healthy pregnancy this morning...now I feel like I'm questioning my body again.
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Moosemommy -- I laughed about your bathroom floor comment. I am so right there with you! I need to mop so badly but the thought of leaning over makes me hurt.

Becca -- have you ever tried Rescue Remedy? It sounds like you could use some. Sorry you're stressed Things will be okay!! Get a mantra. Mine's Happy Baby...Calm Mama.... (breathing in on HB and out on CM). It'll be okay. See if next visit your DH can take care of your wee one so you can have a little peace -- I'm sure her being upset is why your BP shot up, yes? And that's totally understandable!

Love_HBing -- you are so much a better person than I am to be so patient about the arrival of your TWO babies (and I'm so over being pregnant with one it's not even funny. I want her O-U-T). DH and I both decided Monday would be a GREAT day for the bean to come so all the way home from the m/w office tonight we were like, "Okay then, little bean -- we'll see you Monday!" He even started talking about how it would be perfect to start his vacation time on Monday, etc., and I was like, "She'll have a Moon in Pisces -- that'd be nice..."

I have no clue how much she'll weigh but I'm freaking HUGE so she's bound to be a healthy weight, honestly, I don't see how she couldn't. So I'm not even worried about it at all.

Anyway my visit with the m/w went well but took forever. They did the stress test again and the bean was asleep (for once) during the first 30 minutes so they had to wait til she woke up -- it ended up taking over an hour ugh and I finally poked my tum a bit to wake her up. After she wriggled a bit and proved she was alive and kicking, I was like I have to PEE NOW. And they unhooked me.

Measured 37cm and am 37w1d according to their little wheel thingy so that's perfect. Gained a total of 32 lbs. Holy crap I'm ginormous. Trace protein in my urine but no sugar and my swelling is minimal which is par (but my BP was really low which I have no clue if that's good or not but it used to always be really low prior to pg and even during up until the last month or so, so I'm gonna assume that's a good thing).

M/w said if I keep my next Thurs appt (she laughed and agreed Monday would be good for her too) then they'll retest my iron but she's not worried about it. It wasn't scary low last time and I seem to have more energy (I do) than before.

We went to the grocery after and I bought a ton of stuff like bagels and extra breads and eggs and milk and juice and loads of fruit and some frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizzas (yuum!!) and Boston Market Turkey dinners. Yeah they're not the healthiest but I don't care I was HUNGRY and was like, okay! If the bean's coming Monday we'll need some quick food. DH said gotcha! And picked up a big bundle of toilet paper haha.

Wouldn't that be a kicker if she came on Monday? I'm actually gonna be disappointed if she doesn't, I think.....
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Well, it's nice that contractions that get stronger as you move are supposed to be "real," but mine always do... and I still don't have a baby! Argh, I too am sick of being pregnant, and at 36w1d, I've probably got loads of time to go. Then again, I think this baby is nice and big for dates, so even if she's born soon (please, for the love of God, let her come soon!) she'll be a respectable size. Maybe not my moose baby, but not super teensy, either. :

I feel very guilty sometimes; I know that there are people who'd give their eye teeth to be nine months pregnant at all, I know that I've personally met more than a few of them, but holy crap this is so sucky in so many ways... I really want to get to the baby part.

My kids are super freaking cute today, though. They're just gorgeous! So snuggly and loveable. My son is crashing a bus into things and talking about getting a rental if it's too damaged to drive ( the boy needs therapy, he's totally getting neurotic) and my daughter has found a marker and is drawing on her belly quite contentedly. Theyr'e so cute! Gosh, I love the kids.

BooBah still doesn't seem to quite understand that we have a new baby coming. It's strange, I don't know how to explain it to her; BeanBean was younger when she was born, but he understood from much earlier on what was happening (he totally got the concept at around 15 months, iirc; maybe younger...). I thought he'd kind of ignore it until my lap vanished, but he picked up on things much more quickly than I ever expected and explained it to me and his cousin one afternoon, that mommy had a baby inside of her and it was going to come out and be a brother or a sister for him, and he'd be a big brother. BooBah, for the most part, doesn't seem to have made that connection. One night Mike was trying to talk to her about the baby and BooBah said, "I want to see it. Where baby?" But when he pointed to my belly, she was just confused again. Meanwhile, BeanBean was looking at the pattern of sunlight on a wall, having filtered through a tree, and he said, "Look, that looks like the baby!" He explained that it looked like the ultrasound picture, and he was absolutely right, it *did*. What a doll.
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Has anyone else seen (through their belly, of course) their baby "breathing"??? I've been noticing for awhile that at certain moments a little area of my belly (right where baby b lies) will rise and fall just like how your chest/back would when taking rythmic breaths. I didn't know what it was b/c it seemed too rythmic to be baby punching or kicking me, kwim? The pattern was just so steady. Anyway, last night I saw it again and asked dh to hurry and get me the fetoscope. So I put it right over the rise & fall spot and instantly got the most clear heart tones I've ever been able to get. They didn't coincide with the rise and fall (which was much slower then the hb - makes sense, right?) but it seems to me that it makes sense that I'd get a strong hb where the chest is, yes? Anyway, I could be wrong but I really don't think I am. They practice breathing in there right? Pretty cool if that's what it is! I wish I could see the bottom of my belly to see if the other one is doing it visibly too.
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I haven't seen baby breathing, but I have seen and felt baby hiccups, which are so funny! And very rhythmic too .
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I have seen the breathing thing too.

Of course now she is posterior...so all i get is feet and hands.
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I've been seeing the breathing thing too, I had no idea what it was !
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I've never seen the practice breathing, but that's probably because I'm too fat. I have seen lots of dancing and wiggling of the minibuns, though. And have I mentioned recently that I'm so tired of this?!
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Me too with the breathing, and me too with the posterier and nothing but hands and feet now! I think this kiddo is just doing the twist in there though because sometimes it's all hands and feet, sometimes I feel her back on one side, sometimes I see the breathing thing...that is really strange too. I had been wondering if that was what that was.
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UGH! I just switched to a new laptop and it had my password for MDC saved on it. Well I can't remember it, so I switched to a new password, and now I'm LucyRev number 2, and I have zero posts, zero PM's, zero subbed threads. How annoying!
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LucyRev = sorry about losing your identity!! That sucks!! Maybe you can e-mail somebody and they can help you get *you* back?

love_homebirthing, I've never seen that breathing thing, but it sounds so cool! Probably one of the babies had his/her back right up to the wall of the uterus right there. Sounds very neat.

Becca - how's everything going, BP-wise? I sure hope that it's getting better. This is exactly my worry too, after everything going so smoothly in the pregnancy, then to have something like that crop up and make the homebirth not happen. That, or going over 42 weeks.

nighten - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on Monday!

I had a real quick mw visit Thursday. She was on her way to a birth, so it was just pee in a cup, get measured, answer a few questions... I'm looking forward to another longer visit, because I want to discuss some stuff about the birth. We'll have a doula and the midwife, and my mom is supposed to be here, too. I'm just wondering how all these people are going to interact and if it will be a madhouse in here.

We've had a house full of contractors this week and will next week, too, so I really don't want the baby to come while all this is going on. I feel like I've been cleaning non-stop, just to get up the mess from all these people walking in and out constantly. It's really sandy where we live, and so despite taking off our shoes at the door, there's still the dog and now all these guys traipsing through and everything is constantly filthy. That, and my bedroom has become a junk room for hiding the laundry, baby stuff, etc. It's full of boxes and baskets and piles of clothes. Basically, I am totally NOT ready for the baby to come.
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LucyRev - PM Cynthia Mosher and she should be able to fix you up.
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I really thought last night might be it. I think if my dh had been home (he works 24 hour shifts) it may have been but I kept telling myself that there was no way I could have the babies w/o him there. Every time I went to the bathroom (which was non-stop) I felt lots of pressure down there, frequent bm's, and lots of mucus (how's that for some TMI for your morning?). I wasn't real sure about the mucus cuz it seemed, umm, creamier than I'd expect from a mucus plug, but this morning I've got some with a bit of blood in it when I wipe so I guess something's going on down there. Oh, and my last birth was 90 minutes total so I thought I might have one of those experiences you read about where the woman thinks she has to poop and out pops a head. I wonder if tonight it will happen since dh will be home??? I also didn't want to miss my Blessingway which is later today so perhaps that held me back too. Anyway, just thought I'd share. Still would love an April birth but sleep last night was so painful that I'm not going to be too upset if they come earlier.
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LBH--I'm so insanely jealous. No plugs here. I honestly think I'm going to be pregnant through mid summer.

And to top it all off, I think I've got a raging sinus infection. One entire side of my head and ear are just aching with pain, I can't walk because my feet and legs are too swollen, lots of contractions and pressure but nothiing regular. And my FIL had the audacity to call me a race horse and said to hop to it as he was betting with his mother that I would go today. I nearly spit blood I was so angry.

If things don't progress on their own by Tuesday (midwife appt) at 39 weeks, I may consider induction. It's not what I want but I am beyond miserable and frankly in no condition to give birth.
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Sorry everyone is so miserable. I think I may go VERY soon. I am not calling my dr. or going to l&d, cuz I want a VBAC! I have been contracting every 8-12 minutes since 2am... hope its soon. I gotta pee a lot and I feel sick to my tummy. I want to have this baby now, but if I have to wait another 11 days til my c/s, I will. Plus my kids are super sick. No fever today, but still only sleeping and going potty for them. Thats all they do. I did get them to choke down some soup this am. They are drinking lots of fluids when they are awake, but how much can that be if they only stay awake for an hour out of 6? DD is still having tummy trouble with this cold or flu... whatever it is. Keeps messing and having diarrhea. Poor baby. Now, I feel a sore throat and cough coming on, just what I need. Hope everyone feels better and has babies at just the right time.
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Ooooh mystic2mom, sounds promising for you! It's too bad that your family is feeling well though, not great timing on that count! Good luck, and I'm sending labour vibes your way .

We had our midwife home visit yesterday, and everything is okay. Baby is so deeply engaged that she can't get the head with her fingers, only the neck . Blood pressure is hanging in there okay so far...just waiting now, waiting waiting :P.
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Awww it sounds like we are going to have a whole bunch of new babes here really soon Last night I also thought stuff could be going on, but it puttered out by morning. I am getting really excited to meet this new little guy. We finally decided on a name too, so now he can come any time
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Awww it sounds like we are going to have a whole bunch of new babes here really soon Last night I also thought stuff could be going on, but it puttered out by morning. I am getting really excited to meet this new little guy. We finally decided on a name too, so now he can come any time
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