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Originally Posted by shelbean91
I thought about the diaphram, but from what I found, the effective rate isn't too high. I'd also be worried about not getting it right.

I wonder if whatever is causing the IUD to not stay put would be related to my kids being born 5 weeks early- maybe I've got some crazy sort of uterus.
wow me too, and I have had two iuds become expelled, and this last one has just disapeared... and all my babies were 5 weeks early
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Originally Posted by crysmomofthree
wow me too, and I have had two iuds become expelled, and this last one has just disapeared... and all my babies were 5 weeks early
My 5 week-ers were all relatively healthy- only feeding and jaundice issues. Good birth weights, too. How about yours? My mom had all her babies early except me- I was 11 days late, my siblings were 5 weeks early, 4 weeks early, 3 weeks early, and 4 weeks early.
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They were a good size and healthy.... I did have my 2nd son at 33 weeks, and he was huge (5lbs 13oz) but quite sick with a gbs infection. But the last two, one at 35 weeks and 6lbs and then my dd was born at 36 weeks but only 5lbs 4oz same thing just sleepy babies needing to wake up to feed, and jaundice
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and as of today my third iud has fallen out
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Went to the doc and had it removed. He offered to replace it again, my response was 'thanks, but um, no'. As it is, there is a *slight* possibility timing wise I could be pg as a result of this one slipping. Not great, but possible. Dh told me on CD 9 he felt it (after we were done, of course). I have no idea when I ovulate exactly, but it's possible. We'll see.

I got some sample BCP to see how they do and if I'm ok with them, I can get a full rx. I do have to wait until my next period to start them, b/c of the timing, so condoms and foam for the next couple of weeks (sorry for the TMI).
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Aack, you guys have me nervous. I have two early babies, one 4 weeks, one 7 weeks, and I'm just about to get an IUD. I hope I don't have the falling out problem! I really don't want to get pregnant and I thought that something I don't have to think about for 10 years sounded great!
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It's not too terribly common for it to fall out. My doc said it happens more with the mirena than the paragard, for some reason. I didn't ask him why.

I was loving the 10 year aspect as well. That for sure would give us enough time to be 100% sure before doing something permanent. Dh is thinking if I were his age (37) instead of 32, he'd be more comfortable getting a V, but he doesn't want to do it and have me change my mind in 3-4 years. I can't see that happening, I'm 99.99% sure I'm done, but with all this failing birth control, who knows.
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I'm in a similar place. With our babies being early and the cost of living in CA, and the difficult adjustment to becoming a SAHM, I really think we're done. Both my dh and I wanted 2. But we're both 33, and our kids are young, so we're a little afraid to anything that's REALLY permanent. So we're doing semi-permanent (sounds like a haircolor )
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I was also thinking of it as the perfect 'semi-permanent' solution (like haircolor good analogy). I'm bummed it's not working for me. I don't think I'll ever be 100% sure, so I'll give it another year to re-assess and then give dh the go ahead to get it done (assuming I don't get pg btw now and then). If that's the case, we're BOTH getting 'fixed'.
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we have 4 kids and were going along the thought lines of "that's enough isn't it?" thinking it would be unlikely to have any more kids, but too early to get a vasectomy (I'm 27 and dh is 28) so I had the iud put in when Lauren was newborn. So for the past 11 months I have gone back and forth, do we want another baby? Our extended family doesn't want us to have any more kids (ie my mother)

but now that the iud fell out, I think we are just going to throw caution to the wind and if baby #5 comes to our life so be it. Then dh can get the vasectomy.

I can't handle bcp of any type, so that rules out the mini pill, the patch, the ring, and norplant, there is no way I would get depo again.

so that leaves us with condoms, diaghrams, caps, and abstaining

I could fork out the 60$ (or more) for the diaghram or cap but my cervix is hard for me to reach so I htink it would be hard to put in. and condoms well, you have to put them on for them to work.

so thank goodness my period hasn't returned since Lauren and I don't expect it will for another 6 months (same time it did with the other kiddos) so we'll seee............
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Yeah, and the diaphram has a 20% failure rate according to my old doc. I've never looked it up, so that could be wrong, but I think I'd ahve a hard time placing it anyway. When we originally discussed kids, he was ok with 1-2, I wanted 2-3, so we settled on 2. My 3rd was a surprise and he's a great blessing, but I don't know if I can handle any more blessings, kwim?

I'm about to graduate with my teaching degree and trying to decide if I should get a teaching job in the fall or wait one more year. When I returned to school, it was 'perfect'. I would be ready to work when dd was in 1st grade, ds in pre-k. Then ds2 came along and I want him to have me as much as the others did, but I also want to teach- I really have enjoyed student teaching and it will be easier to get a job now, when I'm fresh with all the contacts. I'm considering subbing for a year and continuing on to a masters degree, but we'll see. If we have another, that will all be put on hold for at least another 2 years.

If it happens, it happens and we'll be fine and blessed and all that good stuff. We'll be happy. We'll be struggling financially that much longer, but it would be fine. I just don't know that I'd ever make a conscious choice to have another.

I just keep reminding myself that things happen for a reason. Sometimes not what we expect, but things work out.
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