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Natural Layette for a New Mom! I I

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OK! I'm a mommie!!!!! Not a wannabe anymore! i found out Friday! WHAT a gift! So.... I was just going to sites in Mothering Ads, and I am *overwhelmed*!!!! *SO* (its a good thing to have choices though...), many slings! And I need to go and live in the diaper thread! The mainstream is blaring what mom's need;but, as a mom who wants to cosleep, cloth diaper, breastfeed, and everything else that isn't mainstream, what do I need?

I am glad for this forum to help me!!!!! Thanks!!!!
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Congratulations! As for what you'll need (more)

honestly you need to discover it for yourself through trial and error! For me this is my list:


1 1/2-2 dozen cloth diapers

(the more the better IMO. I've listed the minimum number I think you could squeeze by on washing daily. I use prefolds which are the cheapest at $16 for a dozen newborn or infant size)

4-6 diaper covers

(I have several different sizes. I find I can't use newborn size for long so have some smalls on hand too! You need newborn size because the baby's legs are so skinny at first. When baby just wets you don't need as many diaper covers but once baby starts pooping you'll need more! Trust me! ;o))

1 1/2-2 dozen cloth diaper wipes

(The more the better!)

1 diaper pail

(Check you local thrift stores first! Beware the Diaper Genie which can't be used very well for cloth diapers!)

1 Dirty diaper bag

(I like the small Bummis bag from Born to Love. A plastic grocery sack works in a pinch!)

Diaper bag/cloth tote

(I just use a cloth bag I got from Whole Foods for $6. It's blue tie dye with a big turtle design.)

2-3 envelope style shirts

(I don't like onesies with cloth diapers as the onesie always gets wet since it pulls on the diaper wrap and allows the diaper to wick urine on it.)

2-3 gowns

(I use these forever! Some of the ones at ecobaby are sized larger so you can use them for a year!)

2-3 pairs of socks

(Some stay on better than others and it varied among my kids so you'll have to try different styles. Generally speakign the cuffed ones stayed on better)


(You'll need receiving blankets and a warmer one. We cosleep but I find my newborns like to be swaddled when in bed next to me.)


I like my Rebozo but I loan my Maya Wrap to my friends who become new moms to try. It's very easy and confortable.

Baby/mom toiletries

(You don't really need much/any but I like to have a tube of Autumn Harp UnPetroleum Jelly on hand as well as a tube of Lansinoh for me. I use the same soap on my babies as I do on myself since it's not harsh.)

Remember there is nothing you can't buy that you might discover you need after the baby is here!

I recommend reading positive birth books like "Spiritual Midwifery" by Ina May Gaskin.

I also like to have a new nursing nightgown for myself after each baby is born; it lifts my spirits to have something new and clean and pretty to wear!

I'm sure I left out tons but you get the picture!

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with samuel we had diapers, a blankie, clothes, a sling, and then a ton of stuff I didn't really need like a bouncey seat (took it back b/c he hated it) and lots of other stuff I gave away.

I would say bare minimum:
diapers, wipes and covers (there are a lot of threads on diapering a newborn at the diapering forum right now. Just search for "newborn")
carseat (I liked the infant carrier style, though we didn't use it as a carrier much)
nursing bras
waterproof pads for your bed (the "crib pads" at the stores are hot and uncomfortable, so I'd try the ones that www.motherofeden.com sells)
nursing pads (I want to try wool ones this time)
baby clothes (I didn't use all the onesies I bought either)

we did like our swing a LOT, I must confess, and although we didn't buy a crib, Samuel ditched the whole co-sleeping idea at 6 months old, so we ended up wishing we'd had one. I use the stroller a lot now that he's a toddler and I'm pregnant, but considered taking it to a resale shop when he was about 6 months old. We just NEVER used it!

With this baby, I'll have about the same stuff. I did register for some things, like a ton of pacifiers (your call, but after three weeks of him sucking on my pinky finger, I wanted him to take a pacifier!), a wipes warmer, some baby hangers, baby towels and other odds and ends, including a booster seat for Samuel.

I would say to start with the bare minimum, or if you do go all out, don't take everything out of the package and wash it all, making it completely unreturnable like I did.

You're so smart to be thinking about this kind of stuff now!! All I could think was "WOW! I'm finally pregnant; I want this and this and this." My natural mama plans evlolved from simply being "slightly AP" to being all out AP over my pregnancy and now most people would probably consider me "crunchy." However, this time I *am* decorating a nursery, even if it never gets used. With DS we didn't have the money and were renting out house, so I couldn't really do much. With this one, we own a three bedroom and that room has NURSERY written all over it!!
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thanks! Charmie!! I guess I wanna count the costs, and spread it out....I'm such a planner!I thought well, I'm pregnant...me too...finally! I guess I better look at some of the sites in Mothering, because I am going to actually need stuff inthe coming months. I *have* picked out a Green Baby bag, hat, and receiving blanket...organic...yeah...quite pricey, but isn't it *cute*!!!!! I'm *so* excited!!!!
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You can sew many organic clothes now (more)

since starting earlier helps!

I just made a newborn gown. I like to use them for the first year so I bought a very easy pattern so I can make them in larger sizes. You can get organic fabric at ecobaby.com and nearseanaturals.com.

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yeah, I looked into organic fabrics to make this baby's layette before I fell in love with a girl print at...gasp...gymboree! The prices on organic fabric are so much better than I imagined them to be! A blankie like the one I want at gymboree (knit on both sides and bound in knit) would only cost me about $10 to make and then I could have it custom dyed by a mama who is tie dying my prefold diapers for me for about $10. That still makes it cheaper than the $26 Gymboree one and it'd be organic. But like I said, I'm in LUUUUUVVVV with the girley floral on the Gymboree blankie, so I'm selling out .

If you want some websites for fabric sources, I've got some in my favorites that I could dig up.
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that would be great, Charmie!!! when i was spending my *second* day in the Ecomall, I was wondering about fabric. Course, my *mama* sews....not me! The only thing I've made were stuffed animals, and pillows when I was in Jr. High! I understand about selling out, and I'm selling out higher than you....a Greenbaby pattern, organic, the cat and the fiddle and the cow jumping over the moon....the bag is 34, 34 for the receiving blanket, and 13 for the hat with the little ears! AW!!!! But, my husband loves it too...so I don't have to beg.
He was ready to get the hat yesterday!!!
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If you are co sleeping get a couple of extra sheet sets for your bed and an extra quilt comforter. My milk leaked everywhere all night long.

diapers, onsies (6-9)and socks (lots because thet get lost)
I loved the gowns too. I f you aren't going organic gerber gowns are my favorite. Very simple 100%cotton and cheap. I had 3 and that wasn't enough.
Carseat with 5pt harness
diaper bag
nice pajamas that you can hangout with company in and nurse easily in.

Your due in Nov? is that about right? You should also then get some sleepers, a warm fleecy buunting thing but not to heavy, and several blankets. I made blankets by cutting 2 yards of coordinating flannel and sewing them together turning and top stitching. Simple, not to think, not to big but warm and swaddle-able.

a lamp with a soft bulb in it.

a cute hat.

That is all I can think of - oh, bappy pillow and a bog honking cup - if I thknk of more I will let you know. Oh, and

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A king-size futon?

A good washer and dryer?

car seat

Maya sling

little t-shirts

wipes warmer to fill with water for wipe cloths (you can also set a little jar of baby massage oil in there to be ready and warm)

if it will be cold, a long sleeved nursing nightie or ls nursing t-shirt

For night nursing in bed (in the beginning when getting the hang of it) I like to use a little toy lantern. It gives enough light and turns off by itself after 15 min.

Waterproof cover for bed

I like having a small bouncy seat on the bathroom floor...for obvious reasons. OK! Sometimes I like to pee sans sling! It also makes a shower possible. I put baby in seat, rinse, play peek-a-boo, lather, peek-a-boo, rinse, peek-a-boo, repeat...

If you think you might want a breast pump, Avent Isis

Healthy snacks

big water bottle

Several precooked meals in the freezer

essential oils of jasmine and lavender to encourage a new mom's "emotional equilibrium"
Hey, it worked well for me on day three! Very yummy...
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I suggest a good breast pump. Both times my milk came in like crazy with a huge amount of engourgment! Ouch! To much for a little baby to take care of. We never actually got our 2nd little one to take a bottle but I sure blessed the pump alot of times for my sake. Also if the baby is not feeling well, gets a cold or something in the first few months they may not feed as much and again, painful for mommy!

I agree with everything else, cloth dipes and wipes, etc. And for sure a sling. Still using the sling occasionally with 16 month old. My vote is for the Maya wrap.
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this has been so helpful! I was thinking i need a pump. I will be home but when baby might be hungry and I'm not able to be there, like when I'm leading worship!

I'm so overwhelmed! *So* much to thnk about!
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