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How do you do fermented garlic??? That sounds soooo good!

Hopefully I will be able to get a Kombucha scoby sometime this week.
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It's so easy - six tbs sea salt for every half gallon of filtered water, fill a jar with peeled garlic cloves and pour the brine in - make sure everything is under the surface, let ferment at room temp. Mine went about two weeks before I put them in the fridge. (I'm using elephant garlic from the garden, I started growing it because I got so tired of peeling little cloves for every batch of dill pickles!)
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What a great thread! I have only made L-F salsa so far. I am new to this. Two questions:

1. For those of you who make the ginger carrots - what do you use them in? Do you just eat them as is?
2. I was just given a bag full of fresh home-grown tomatoes. I have a ton of salsa, so I don't want to make more of that. We don't really eat ketchup. Any ideas? Can I just ferment the tomatoes by themselves?
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I am loving fermented veggies! Yesterday, on the Super Harvest Moon, I harvested a crock of sauerkraut with cabbage, carrot, ginger, garlic, dulse, and red onion. It was delicious! I'm still learning and like to call my fermentations my "experiments".
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Great thread! I recently L-F'd some dill pickles per NT. I think I may have not fermented them enough. I had made a few veggies and checked them. On day two there was crackling in the jars. That is usually the sign I use they area ready.

The ginger carrots are good. The saurkraut is really good. The pickles taste like nothing but wet cucumbers. Not sour at all.

Can I take them out of the fridge and "start over"?


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I'm not an expert but I would assume that they would start fermenting again once they came to room temp.
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I made my first batch of our family's recipe of pickles a couple weeks ago. They are done fermenting and WOW are they bubbly. They taste great and smell good too, so I am guessing the dizzies are okay?? There is a little white scum at the bottom of the jar but I read that is normal yeast and that they are fine. They are just much bubblier than the storebought ferments I have bought and the quick ferments I have made.
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Originally Posted by redvlagrl View Post
I'm not an expert but I would assume that they would start fermenting again once they came to room temp.
Thanks! I am going to give this a try and report back. So other than the fizzy/popping sounds - what other signs do you look for that your ferments are ready?

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Originally Posted by rhianna813 View Post
Thanks! I am going to give this a try and report back. So other than the fizzy/popping sounds - what other signs do you look for that your ferments are ready?

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Definitely tasting!!
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I just appropriated my mom's crock, which I gave her for Christmas 5 years ago after she was so thrilled with "Wild Fermentation". Well, I guess she was thrilled with it more in theory, as she's never used it and doesn't hardly even buy/eat fermented food (she does beverages).

Anyway, I now own a Harsch crock, it's around 1.5 or so gallons, perfect for us!

I know a crock is not necessary, but I'm excited to get started! I think its ginger carrots first, but I want to do a fruit we can eat with breakfast--which turns out the sweetest? I love the sour taste of fermented foods, but I still have trouble with too tart at breakfast!
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Can I ask you all a question? How long does it take before your sauerkraut/other fermented veggies start to taste good?

I'm new to fermenting. Just made my third batch of sauerkraut, and I have some pickled garlic in the fridge from months ago. The garlic tasted VILE the first time we tried it - SO strong and bitey. DH and our flatmate were nearly in tears gagging from it. I tried it again very cautiously a week or so ago, and it was mellower in tiny slivers, but I did have a cold, so maybe I just didn't get the full impact. In any case, I think it needs longer.

Our first batch of sauerkraut took MONTHS of neglecting before it changed from tasting like vaguely dank cabbage to tasting krauty... and our second batch, with purple cabbage, ain't there yet. I'm only making the third so we won't run out once the purple stuff gets yummy.

Is it normal for fermented stuff to mature so slowly? Is my initial fermentation too short? I don't use whey, just salt. It's been winter, and it's heating up now - and I've noticed my sourdough mixture becoming more active - will my ferments get going faster in the summer?

Thanks! I do enjoy fermenting, I just wish it wasn't such a drawn-out process!
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Ferments definitely go faster in warmer temps. I think it takes a couple weeks for kraut to stop tasting so much like raw cabbage if it's in the 60's, 70's around here. Dill pickles, about a week. Garlic I believe takes a lot longer. I left mine out two weeks in summer weather (80's inside) and then put it in the fridge where it is still slowly fermenting. I don't use whey either, so perhaps it takes a bit longer for things to get going. I do find that I like to let my veggies ferment a few more days at room temp than most online instructions say to.

Making a new batch before the old one runs out is a good idea.
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ok-- I have a question:

I have several jars of LF veggies, some were great, some tasted off and got pitched. We just use salt water a la wild fermentation author's guidelines.

I have a half gallon of pickled okra w crushed garlic (our last precious okra of the season from our garden) pickling away, BUT it got a LOT of white/ pink/ pale yellow mold on it. I wiped it away, but I don't skim it daily

The okra has some mold settled on it. All the okra are under the brine. Is it ok to just skim it and eat? Is it good? Is it bad? (ok that was a lot of questions). Please help! The brine also looks mostly clear w little blobs of white in it (is it garlic bits? is it mold bits?) We tasted it and it has the LF twang, but tastes good and pickledy.

tia for any answers c:

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Feedback on my LF pickles.... I kept them out on the counter for about 5 days. Each day I checked them for popping and tasted them. It worked! They got pickly and tasted great.

In fact they are almost gone now :-) Thank you all for the help - I really appreciate it!

Moral of this story: you can ferment again.

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Hello Ladies,


I am new to fermented foods but just recently purchased grains for milk kefir and a scoby for kombucha...


I would really like to make the ginger carrots and pickled garlic tomorrow... We are huge garlic fans and once it is fermented is this something that you can use in any dish you make??



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I definitely agree that temperature affects ferments a great deal.. in the summer here, I can have a ferment done in 3 days (for kraut).  In the winter, a week or more.  Whey seems to speed along the process, as does adding old juices.


I make ketchup (sometimes), kraut, fermented brussel sprouts, and dilly carrots. I have my first ever apple cider vinegar going right now and ditto on hard cider.  I have made gingerale, but used store bought yeast which I'd like to try without if anyone has ideas how!

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I'd try the gingerale using this method, I think it'd work great. Or, you could use whey - put half a cup of freshly drained whey into a 32oz wire bail bottle, fill with ginger tea and cap - let sit a day or two and it will get fizzy. You can do this with any tea or juice you like. Put a towel over the top when you open it, it can be like popping the cork on a bottle of champagne! If it isn't fizzy, add some more whey and let sit another day.

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I aspire to try a fruit soda recipe... we have some ginger ale in the cabinet now. We took one out after 4 days to try it and while it tasted DELISH, it wasn't fizzy. The others have been in their for an additional 5 days so we're due to try them soon. Tried making beet kvass too- not really super bueno. Not fizzy at all and I'm not really crazy about the flavor. I like beets but this is just blech. I REALLY want to love it- so I'm trying another batch. Kombucha never fails us!


I've made a few batches of LF kraut with decent results... after reading this thread I realize that I needed to ferment them longer! They were nowhere near complete. Somewhat tangy but still had that raw cabbagey flavor. I gobbled it up each time but the last batch turned me off and I haven't been eating it. I've been craving the Bubbies kind- I need to make another batch and let it sit longer.


 The garlic sounds amazing. I really want to try a killer pickle recipe too. Oh, and LF salsa is on the list this summer!! My mouth is watering now.

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Velcromom -- thanks! I'll try that out!

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