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We're expecting our second and we *think* it's a boy and we're going with Gavin Micah The middle name I don't exactly love, but it's DH's bestest friend's middle name and we wanted to honor him. Otherwise the middle name would be Merlin

btw, my DH is a Michael and we meet them all over the place. DH's brother and dad are Johns, nephew is a Stephen and my brother is a David.. so many traditional names. Oddly enough I never considered Gavin traditional even though it's an old old name... I'm weird.
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I am having trouble thinking of another old fashioned boys name to match my first son's name (his great-great grandfather's name). The only other person I would like to honor is my husband's father (Gary, no thanks). So I am trying to think of some other classical names I like.
hmm my FIL is also Gary...sigh...we named out second son Garrick in his honour...I cannot stand the name Gary I grew up with many Jamaicans who use Gary as a universal term for 'dude'.... he's a gary, your a gary, kinda like john henry. I liked Garrison as well but my name is Alison so that seemed corny....
Garren is kinda cool but I think tom boy on that one!

I'm not a big fan of Gary either but what about Garrett, Garrick & Garreth? I actually like all of those names and you could still honor the family member.
Gary is actually the nickname form those type of GAR- names so you'd be formalizing it

Garrick doesn't get called that he gets called "cheetah"....compliments of our three year old and nature shows..but I find people do like it, you can be a rick if you want a nn that isn't gary. There's also Garrock, Garroch and a few other...Garaden, Garai, Garan, Gardell, Gareb (oh I like that one!), Garrman, Garnoc, Garrin, Garrity (an aunt of mines favorite for a girl...), Garron, Garroway, Garson, Garsen, Garwood,

oh here search it yourself I love this site as you can put in begins with, ends with contains, means, m/f

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We like classic and very masculine names.

We have a John and Charles. We also like Louis (to be called Lou). With Charles, my husband kept coming back to that name and it had to grow on me. A few days before the birth we were talking about it again and I started to say the name over and over and it began to sound very romantic and strong. I fell in love with it. It turns out the name means strong and manly and I'll tell you what when we saw him it was so fitting. Not much chub on him but he has the broadest chest and shoulders! Even as a 7lb 3oz baby I felt those shoulders during birth, LOL!

Also, we do middle names to honor family. John William for dh. Charles Day for dh's brother...his name is David but my dh called him Day when he was little. The next one will posiibly be Louis Robert, Robert was both of our dad's names.
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I can't help you. I only like super trendy, funky names.

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Classic names I like:

Ethan :-), Matthew, William, John, Jack, Peter, Gregory, Andrew (my fav but we can't use it), Jeffrey, Alexander, Paul, Timothy, Owen, Zachary, Kenneth, Randall, Nicholas, Harrison.
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Oh, I should add... our first is Ethan Mario (Mario is DH's dad and grandfather). Our second is either going to be John Townsend (Jack), Matthew Townsend, or William Townsend (Will). Townsend is my middle and my dad's, a longtime family name.

I love using family names for middles - my family has Wehl, Reeve, Townsend, Carver, Albrecht, McGuire... all beautiful names. I always thought about naming a daughter Reeve as a first name... sigh.
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What about Gray or Grayson...not old-fashion really, but kind of close to Gary!
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Most of those are my Grandfather and his brother's. I'm sure there are more, but am not remember them.
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I like the first one
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We have Paul Steven, Harry Charles, and Timothy William here
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