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Hello....I am new here. I am 32 weeks pg with my second child, a boy. I have a 3.5 y/o daughter too. I have been posting on another board, but have been upset lately by some anti-breastfeeding views posted there which are seen as normal. I am a huge bf advocate, I nursed dd until she was 3. We also still co-sleep with dd, and I am really hoping to not circ. our son. My dh really wants to circ though, I am looking for some really convincing info to get him to change his mind! Anyway, these boards seem a lot more in tune with my views on parenting so I think I'll stick around!

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First Welcome!

About the Circ~ When we had our son 10 years ago my DH also wanted to Circ~ I told him no way He persisted so I told him if you really want to do this fine you go set up the appt & you take him & you comfort him! No way am I going to be involved in it at all~ Well here we are 10 years later & he is still not Circ But I knew that if I made him take full responsibility he would not go through with it~

Not scientific but worked for me

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Welcome Emily!
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You won't find any anti-bfing here! As for circ, my DH is the same way, wants to circ. I think i'm losing this battle though. Hope you fare better than me!
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Welcome!!! I am with you on the no circ'ing thing too. We are in a big battle over it.: Good luck to you!!!
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We were in a no-circ battle too... except my dh went through with it even though the whole thing was his responsibility. No one online seemed to think a dh would follow through, but he sure did. He even changed diapers until it had healed (part of the agreement). :drop We haven't even discussed it this time, I'm hoping he won't want to follow through after watching last time.
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We're not circ'ing. Thankfully my dh is down w/ whatever I choose so it was easy. Mothering.com definitely helped me w/ my decision though. Before I came here I never really even thought about circumcision. I went on the circ'ing board here (lots of great info!) and read and read and read and decided it's such a pointless and cruel thing. I hope your dh/dh's change their minds! Good Luck Mama's!
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Welcome, Emily! I'm sorry you're in conflict about circumcising. There's lots of info on MDC about it. I hope that it helps. Do you know any other families that aren't circing? It may help your dh feel better to know his son won't be the only one.

Just curious, what do people say when they're against breastfeeding? Are they truly against it or do they just think it would be hard and don't have a lot of support? Honestly just curious. I don't have much experience with non-breastfeeding moms.
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Welcome! Sorry about the conflict you are having on circumcising. I thought I was going to have to fight with dh about it, but he was fine with it. Good luck!!!
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: mama and

I hope you guys are able to come to an agreement as far as the circing goes. Hopefully he decides against!
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Welcome Emily. Glad to have you on board, and good luck w/the no-circ. battle. That sure can be a tough one. You'll get lots of great info here.
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I think you are the 4th Emily due in May here!!

My DH initially wanted to circ our first, "because that's just what you do", but as soon as I gave him more info he changed his mind. He is now anti-circ. Even if he hadn't, I would have put my foot down.

For the mamas who are having trouble convincing their DHs - I recommend reading this article, it may help you deal with him.
I basically used the tactic in the article - not criticising my DH's status but saying, it's 50/50 now, most boys are "fine" either way, so let's do the painless, reversible option.
And once he agreed to that I started dropping the horrible bits - how about 75% of circs are done with no pain relief whatsoever. How they sell the foreskins, without anyone's permission, to be made into face creams and skin grafts and have cosmetics tested on them. How common serious complications are. How little you can do if they occur. How babies feel pain MUCH more intensely than adults, and get no aftercare painkillers. Etc etc.
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I am fairly new to this site and I love it. I am sorry about the situation with your dh but you will diffenately find alot of resources here to help you out.

with first : and will have a : in May
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Welcome Emily!
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