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Jumping in from July. I am pregnant with my 4th and with each pregnancy the chart has told me it was a boy. I now have three boys with one more (it's a sure thing) on the way.

I'm like a walking advertisement for the chinese gender chart, though I in no way put any stock in it.
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Originally Posted by mum2tori
Well, it was "accurate" for all four of mine.
Same here. It was right for all 4 of mine. I will say though that I was very skeptical when it said girl this time but even the u/s agreed!
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It was correct for this one -- says I'm having a girl and I am.
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Wow, I hope that its not accurate for me. I have already bought all girl stuff and it said that I am going to have a boy... oops... lol.
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It said boy for me, and that's what the u/s said, too!

This is the first of the chinese gender charts that "worked" for me though - usually they say we're having a girl...
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