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WAH ideas?

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Hi ladies...I need some help!

DH and I would love for me to be able to stay home indefinitely after DD3 arrives, and not have to go back to work outside of the home. Honestly, in looking at our financial situation, we would almost be breaking even anyway what with paying for daycare/gas/necessary work wardrobe.

My question is this:
Does anyone have legitimate work at home suggestions for me? I would like to still bring in some kind of income, in order to make things easier for DH, as he's already working 70-80 hours a week (in sales) trying to prepare for my 6 week maternity leave with no pay (I'm a temp..lovely). Both of us acknowledge that it will be in the best interest of our DD to not have both mommy and daddy coming home from work exhausted every day. Any ideas on how to work from home, make a decent income (even bringing in a few hundred dollars a week would help immensely!) and not have to pay a huge start-up fee?

I hope someone has advice for us!
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It might sound kind of old-fashioned/cheesy but would you consider a direct-selling business? I don't know if you were thinking of something more "professional" but they are usually cheap to start up because you're linked to a big company and they provide you lots of materials to start out, and name recognition (e.g. you don't have to advertise your "new" product from the ground up because who hasn't heard of Tupperware?) And if it doesn't pan out you're not out much - you don't have to have much in the way of overhead or materials, etc.

I have lots of mom friends who have had decent success with Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, PartyLites, etc. Actually Avon seems to be the best - from what I hear, you can make a good profit and it's all set up online now so you don't have to do as much door-to-door stuff, you can send emails and set up a free website for your customers and the like. I know one woman in particular (whom I order from!) who does it as a full-time job and makes a decent income.

Anyway it's not everyone's thing, but it's worth thinking about - it's totally flexible which is important with little ones!
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I teach childbirth, I'd consider that a work at home job.

When I was pg with dd I looked into literally hundreds of work at home options, most of them turned out to be totally hokey and I'm sad to say I wasted a ton of time and some money on them. I also looked into party lite and Mary Kay, both of which seem to be great opportunities, if you're cut out for sales (which I'm not!).

You may want to keep in mind though that with pretty much any work at home job, its still a job. It will likely still be essentail to keep "work hours" and childcare may still be necessary, depending on the amount of attention your child requires. I seriously feel horrible every day because my job takes me away from my daughter (and soon my son as well). I'm "at home" but I'm always on the phone or am handed urgent projects for my organization with no notice. I also spend a ton of time writing, using the computer, putting together info packets, etc. I try to do all I can after she's asleep, but there are things every day that distract me for hours. Poor little bean. The guilt keeps me up every night. I try to justify that I'm helping people, but that really doesn't help. I have no clue how I'm going to do it with a newborn!

So, point being, working at home is certainly better than being outside the home all day. Its just that I had unrealistic expectaions. I thought I could still be the mommy I wanted to be, and it just isn't so.
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I know I'll have to hire help some days, and I'm actually okay with that. I just really don't want to put her in daycare, outside of my home, and end up paying out the tush for it. The least expensive daycare in our area is $250 a week for a newborn. I don't know that we could afford that now, and we're both working full time! So I have no problem hiring a sitter for a few hours every day. I just want to have her here with me, you know?

I'll look in to Avon or the like. I hadn't even thought of that as an option! I don't mind sales, so that might be a good idea.

Thanks ladies!!
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