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What happened to Diaperswappers.com?

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This is what I get when I try to go there. Anybody know what's going on?

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That's wierd! I was just on there last night!!
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I just read on the Pin that they're switching servers at DS and should be back up soon, but not tonight (I don't think).

scwendy: If you happen to read over here, please PM me here about the 2T clothes!
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That's so funny....I was just coming over here to post about diaperswappers going AWAL, and here was your thread! So...in theory, they're supposed to be back up tonight? I guess I"ll check later then.....
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I am such a DS addict, I checked to see if thier site was back up like 5 times today and I DO NOT need more dipes!
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I feel so bad being responsible for everyone going through withdrawals

(I'm the owner btw lol)

Its a combination of things really. I've been planning a move, but with the way my host is lately, its happening much sooner than I expected. Moving is a pretty big production, so it could take a few days, maybe a week. But, in the meantime, I am working with the current host to at least get the domain set up how it needs to be....thats really the only problem : We have a temporary chat room and google group though, just places to touch base with those who you are in a transaction with, PM me if you need it
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Its back
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Whats wrong with DS **NOW**???
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I KNOW!!! I was JUST sending a PM about a diaper (a REALLY cute one too!!) and got kicked to msn.search/unknown page thingie!!!

DANG IT! If I lose that dipe to someone else, I'm gonna be pissed!

(It's a sumbun sushi print aio for $10!)
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I can't take it! I NEED my DS!
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Oh, is this where the support group is? I am so bad, I actually was able to squeak in a llamajama longie and a zoom baby gear dipe buy and am in the middle of some more fitteds transaction before they went down again. Too funny.
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omg we are so funny. I came here to see if anyone knew what was going on with it too!
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ACK!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!! Does anyone have any news about when to expect it back up?
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i do not know but it is irritating .. i am trying to sell a whole lot of dipes ... grrr plus i am having withdrawals ... :
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Is it still down for everyone? Cause I have not been able to do anything for several days. Luckily all my diapers came! Maybe it's a sign!!!!!
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DS was SUPER slow over the weekend... happy that it's back up and running now

i really need to be on the wagon and not looking for dipes!
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You can buy mine!! WHat'ya need???
DS is PTing & in Sposies at night & SnapEz Trainers durring the day. I GOTTA list his stash! : I need the money!
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i dunno about DiaperSwappers but i just bought dd a really cute bow for the 4th.
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