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What happened to Diaperswappers.com? - Page 2

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LOL And it went out today!

Thanks mama!!
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its down again
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I noticed this as well....
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: no fair I need my fix
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Ugh I need my fix too...lol
The kidlet is sleeping, the husband is working (which means he's not here to huff and puff about what I'm buyin LOL), and I have no DS...this is just madness.
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This is why i go to Diapertraders instead
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Originally Posted by my3punkins2005 View Post
This is why i go to Diapertraders instead
I have seriously tried to register with diapertraders with all three of my email addys and different usernames it wouldn't go through all three times :
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Dern it. : I was really needing some funds in my pp and I have a couple things on DS that I was hoping would go soon. Wonder when it's gonna be back up.
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is it working yet? what is the link to the alternative site?
i have some transactions in the process of *crossing fingers* being completed and I have lost all contact. WAAAAAAA~ I hope it is up soon, but understand changes are taking place so it may be some time.
I am going through withdrawls...
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I am so glad I'm not the only one going through withdrawl.

I sure hope its back up soon!!
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Is it currently down for other people? I haven't been able to access the site for almost a week, but someone else told me they could. AIs DS having DNS issues? Is it just my computer?
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i couldn't get on it for the last hour or so, but i can now...its been off and on for me all day
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I've been trying since at least Friday. I tried asking at other sites, but nobody knew what I was talking about. I even checked this thread last night (when I googled DS, and found this thread) and there were no new posts then.

My browser is Firefox. Anybody w/a different browser having issues, too?
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I wasn't able to get on all day yesterday, then it was on and off in the evening, and was working fine late at night/early morning.. It's been off all day today so far for me :-( And I'm trying to sell too...
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I was just about to post a question about DS and saw this one is already here! I'm going crazy without it!!! Any word on when it will be back up?
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Wow! I feel lucky! I haven't noticed DS being down, and I've been on every night. In fact its working right now...

Hmmmm.... maybe if it was down, I wouldn't have bought yet ANOTHER berry plush ds doesn't need.
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: Any word?
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still down for me...
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Interesting , It has been working for me fine.
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This is getting really frustrating. I've been receiving PMs forwarded in my e-mail about things I've listed for sale, but I can't reply to them. And because the site seems to be down for some people and not for others, I'm sure some of the interested people are getting annoyed by my non-response (I know I would.) It'd be great if the powers-that-be could have a sticky or something there to let people know that there are people who cannot access it due to technical issues.

Also, does anyone know of a way to contact DS admins/mods via e-mail or another non-DS route? Or can someone who can access DS please ask them what's going on and how long it'll be before it's "normal" again?
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