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How about an MDC Spring Raw Challenge?

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I don't know if anyone else will be interested in doing this with me, but every spring I get the itch to do some Spring cleaning with my diet. I'm not interested in doing any drastic fast or cleanse, but I've been curious about trying raw for years now, but have never fully eaten that way except for a day or two here or there. So, I say, why not now? What the heck. Let's try it.
I'm starting tomorrow, but if anyone wants to jump in anytime, please do! I think it'll be fun. Let's shoot for at least through April.

The rules are: no rules. Just raw food. If we mess up a little, no biggie, we'll just jump back on the next meal. No need to say we'll "start over." And no pressure to be 100%. Do it how you want, just do it our best!

I'm not going to do a vegan version, I've got raw goat's milk and yogurt, and raw egg yolks, raw honey, and cod liver oil that I'll be including a little. But mostly just simple raw fruits and veggies and their juices.

I've read most of, and own some of Norman Walker and Ann Wigmore's books. They are my mentors in this, I really like what I learn from them. But I have checked out several other books from the library the past few months, so I'm all pumped up to do this!

I hope I won't be talking to myself here, and that some of you will want to come join me for a raw challenge! It'll be so fun!
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Oh me, ME! I started already, but I love support! I do raw egg (mostly yolks, but some whole) some raw fish and CLO. I have some really yummy stuff I've been doing and would love to share!
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Count me in too! I had my first 100% raw vegan day yesterday and feel wonderful.
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: I'm so glad you two are doing it!

I know there are more of you out there who want to do this.

I have a bag of oranges that need to be used up so we made some OJ this morning. Dh always loves to buy OJ from the store, and even my dd said, "this is so much better than the store OJ."
I know I won't have a problem sticking to this in the morning and afternoon, but I'm going to have to have more willpower in the evenings. Maybe not though, I'm hoping that with this group I'll feel more accountable to stick with it.

Of all the raw books I've read so far there aren't many that look like they have a ton of appetizing recipes. There is one from the library I have right now that has some yummy ones I want to try, but they require dehyration and it takes more effort and planning. I just bought one that looks like it will have a lot of good ones. Also ordered one more from the library.
I'm just going to try to keep it as simple as possible at first until I get bored though.
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Oh my god, you HAVE to look at Alissa Cohen's book! Her recipes are easy and PHENOMENAL. Her site is www.alissacohen.com She's fabulous. I just made sushi using her recipes. Nori with raw cauliflower in hte food preocessor for "sticky rice" avacado, cucumber and sprouts-a mix of clover, broccoli and mung bean. I also made her raw carrot cake the other day. Her stuff is just tooo easy. Take a peek at her sample recipes on her site. You'll just die!
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I really like browsing Alissa's site. The message boards have a wealth of information. I'd really like to be 100% raw but I'm still breastfeeding my little guy (he's two). I've been slowly adding raw foods to my already vegan diet for a few months now hoping this will prevent any detox. Do you think its harmful to be transition to raw while nursing?

I also have to add that I love Lara Bars
Yesterday I had the pecan pie flavor and it was so yummy.

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Hee! That is the one I bought firefaery! How awesome, I can't wait to get it and see what the recipes are like. From the ones I was looking at, it seemed like it had more to offer. The one coming from the library is Carol Alt's book.
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I bought Carol Alt's book some time ago and it has some really good recipes. I don't agree with her philosophy and she pushes raw fish but otherwise I liked the book. The recipes are simple and yummy.
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Jaspersmommy...I transitioned while nursing and pregnant. I was careful and didn't ahve a problem at all. In fact, my supply increased and this pregnancy has been incredible compared to my other two.

I'm so glad you got Alissa's book! She's awesome...I'm debating buying the DVD. I just love her enthusiasm.
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Holly, I tried the banana Lara bar today and it was good! My little treat from Wild Oats. I would think you would be okay with nursing..I mean your eating lots-it's not like you're doing a fasting detox or anything, right? Do you supplement with cod liver oil or B-12 or anything? If you feel your body absorbs the nutrients from your veggie foods well enough for you AND your baby, then that is good!

ff-I'm so glad we'll both have the same book, we'll be able to compare notes on the recipes better! I completely splurged and got the DVD's with it too-I just hope it's worth it. I could mail them to you to borrow after I watch them if you want.

I stuck with it all today, but I had a hard time tonight cause I had no idea what to eat for dinner. I just ended up eating a plate full of tomato and cucumber.
I have a lot of kale and collards in my fridge, but I just don't see how they were meant to be eaten raw. It's like chewing on your cud! Even in green smoothies I still get these chunks that you have to chew like mad. I think I'll stick to juicing those while I'm doing raw, then after go back to steaming them. Unless someone has a brilliant way to eat them raw!
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Ohhhh, yes. Kale becomes quite soft if you use lemon! I do a mix of braggs (maybe 1/4 cup) lemon juice (1 lemon) and a tbs of olive oil. Massage it into a bowl of kale with you fingers and let it sit for half an hour. Totally edible. For the smoothies...are you removing the kale from the stalk? I never get chunks. My favorite is Kale, apple and grapefruit. Yum!
On www.gliving.tv (I hope that's it) Alissa has a video (which will be in your collection-and YES! I'd love to borrow it!) of collard roll ups. Haven't watched it, or tried it.
I had zucchini linguini with a raw sauce-macadamia's tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and sea salt for dinner. It's definitely the toughest meal for me. I have been raw part time for years-dinner was the only cooked meal so it's really psychological for me. I tend to have "fakes" for dinner. Like my raw pasta dish tonight.
Lunch today was a nori roll and a huge salad...romaine, clover sprouts, broccoli sprouts, sprouted peas, lentils and adzuki beans, avacado and tomato. I thinned some ailoi I made for dressing.
Breakfast: grapes strawberries and pineapple. An apple and a shot of wheat grass.
Snack was a leftover piece of raw chocolate cake.
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Wow, it sounds like you had an awesome eating day!
I will try your kale suggestions tomorrow. I don't have braggs though-I do have naturally fermented soy sauce. ?? I'll try the smoothie too. I've got 3 different varieties of kale now, so I can experiment.
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Oh- and I was totally wanting to make the zucchini spaghetti tonight- but don't have any sundried tomatoes! I'm always lacking one ingredient it seems.
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I've done it with just fresh tomato and basil with some olive oil and it's great that way too.
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I kale! Slice it up thin and throw on some oil n vineger.
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I might be in too, but I think only about 80%. I dont know if my tandem nursing body can live off just raw fruits and veggies. I think I can do it for breakfast, lunch and snacks, but I think I might need something more for dinner. I am starving all the time without being raw!!
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memory maker-welcome! I have found being pregnanct and nursing that I feel far more satisfied being raw. It will be interesting to hear your experience.
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Hi memory maker! I am actually not nursing OR pregnant at the moment! But I have been TTC, so I am really trying to clean up my diet. It was a rough winter. I just need something right now with simple guidelines to follow that will make me eat better. Since this has only one rule, it'll do.

Firefaery, I read the WAP pregnancy diet thread and your meals today! Awesome again! I'm sure that the baby you are carrying right now is benefiting so much, and will be able to avoid the health problems.
That shake made from young coconuts sounds yummy. I just love the way blended stuff with young coconuts turn out. I bought 2 of them and hope to find something incredible to make out of them.

I stuck with it today, despite a crazy day. I need the book to get here, because I really don't enjoy surfing the net for recipes. I need a physical book.

I made the nori rolls out of cauliflower tonight and loved it. Of course, I still made the dip out of sauce and wasabi. It's what sushi is made for in my opinion. Love it. I'm sure I'll be eating those a lot!

I'm going to try the marinated kale tomorrow. I got enough kale today from the smoothie. The combo tastes great, but I still can't stand all the tough fiber. So after I couldn't drink anymore I strained it out and just drank the juice. I guess I'll stick with leafy lettuce and spinach for green smoothies.

If any of you have any fabulous salad dressings, please share!
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well yesterday I was *mostly* raw. I had an omlet for dinner but didnt cook the veggies, just added them on top. I also had some granola yesterday morning because I was starving and it was quick to grab. Besides that I ate a lot more fruits and veggies than I ever had. I felt very healthy. I think the part that I am learning is that I have to eat a lot more often than not eating raw. I felt that is all I did yesterday. It should be real fun today with my ds home from school. I have most of my meal ideas thought out so far. Is the recipe for the cauliflower sushi rolls on her website? That sounds yummy! Also have you heard anything about a book called The raw food detox?
I saw our library had it and might check it out tomorrow.
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I've never heard of that book.
This is where I got the nori rolls instructions. http://greenchefs.tv/alissa-cohen/nori-rolls/
I did add a touch of brown rice vinegar and raw honey to the cauliflower, like when you do it with rice. Don't know if it made a difference or not.
Glad you were feeling good yesterday! The hunger could be withdrawal hunger-it's hard to say though when you're nursing. I know I felt like that at times yesterday.
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