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I broke my third day of raw by binging on pretzels

Today is a new day though...
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LOL! Hopefully they are gone now.
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well here has been my day so far

B-grapefruit and hot chocolate

S-smoothie with almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, banana and CLO

L-salad-spinach, tomatoes, asperagus, red pepper, hard boiled egg, raw sunflower seeds, flax seed oil and vinegar
lentil soup if still hungry after salad

S-will have pears and broccoli

D-not sure yet, running out of veggies, wish farmers market was open now
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Hi everyone! Newbie here! I have been fascinated with raw for awhile, but struggle as it is just eating healthy on a consistent basis. With Spring around the corner, my body is aching for more raw food. So I've been feeding it. I've been watching this thread for a couple days and decided to jump in.

Right now, I'm munching on diced cucumber, onion, and avocado with tahini smeared on lettuce leaves. Its delish (except dang, my tahinin isn't raw!). I was wanting to roll this up into a sprouted corn tortilla instead, but thought of this thread and wanted to stay more raw so I could share with all of you!
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Welcome, Julie! I'm glad you joined, it will help me stay more commited if I know others are working on this with me.

Today so far:
Juice upon rising- spinach, kale, celery, carrot, apple

For lunch I just had the zucchini 'noodles' raw tomato sauce. I really like it! I had a big plate and it completely filled me up. Now I have that full, but light feeling. It's been a while!

I made jicama fries, but don't like them much. I think it may be that my olive oil is off. But they are okay. I would have much rather just have lime on it.

I have banana cookies in the dehydrator right now. Sprouted barley, banana, apple, dates, walnuts, raisins, vanilla, water, cinnamon. Hope they taste okay!

I'm still planning on having the kale tonight.
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I started on the first day of spring, and am planning on going till the first day of summer. I'm never in this forum, so I just found this thread when looking for raw messages.
I'm allowing myself some cooked veggies- mainly potatoes even though I shouldn't. I figure it will help with the transformation, since I hate most veggies. I'll probably be doing more fruitarian simply b/c I don't like a lot of veggies. I'm sooo glad I found this thread!!
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I read Fit for Life Not Fat for Life which inspired me, and just got 12 steps to Raw Foods today!!! I'm a total junk food addict, so I'm very proud I've gone 5 days. I've also lost 6lbs!!!
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Wow! How inspiring! I look forward to hearing how you like 12 steps...I haven't read it and it's gotten such mixed reviews on amazon. Most people seem to like it!
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Well, I just have to post. We went out to eat tonight and nope, I didn't eat completely raw. But because of my decision to try to eat MORE raw, I chose an entree that I normally would ignore - strawberry, blueberry, onion spinach salad with a delicious vinegarette dressing. It was loaded with yummy stuff - including sugar glazed walnuts. Yum! LOL! Then I indulged in too much hummus and pita bread.

But this was a far better choice than fish and chips so I am happy! : )

But I have to say - I felt great until I ate the hummus and pita.I didn't need it, but old habits, you know...
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Hi all. Thought I'd jump in. I'm not trying to eat 100% raw, but I am trying hard to get more raw foods into my diet. The past couple of weeks have been bad because I've been pretty down - we all know what that means - chocolate! Oh well. I have three raw books and I'm anxious to try some of the recipes in them. I made one that was fabulous, but I need to serve it with something else for my family. They weren't that crazy about eating it by itself! I have a vegetable "linguine" with raw marinara sauce that I'm going to try this week. I'll be checking this thread to stay motivated! Happy eating!
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Well last night I decided I need to quit trying all raw/mostly raw. Not b/c I don't want to, or even b/c I don't have the will power- for the first time ever I do! It's b/c I'm not getting enough calories. I lost the 6lbs in 4 days which was inspiring, but it's affecting my milk supply. I was so so so upset last night. I had noticed dd going back and forth really quickly and saying more more and lots of grabbing. My breasts are a lot smaller.
I'd imagine most ppl could get enough calories on a raw diet, but I think it's b/c I don't like so many veggies, that when a bit hungry I just think ah yuck no thanks. I'm disapointed b/c I was feeling so good, but breastfeeding is way more important to me. I'm not going to compromise it. I'm too nervous now just to try to eat more fruits and veggies, so I think I'll just follow the Fit for life not fat for life plan and maybe in a couple years try full raw again
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My kids have "discovered" cacao. THey are begging for the raw fudge (have to make another batch) and their chocolate smoothies. So funny. They'd really never had chocolate before! The smoothies are a big hit though and full of nutrients. I put cacao in (maybe a tbs between the three of us!) for the magnesium factor as I'm pregnant and need the boost. ( oh, and a friend told me to do it!)
Banana, blueberry, strawberry, peach, cherry, coconut oil and milk, vitamineral green, almond butter and cacao. I thin it with water-doesn't need any juice though occasionally I have used some goji. It's a great, quick and easy breakfast.
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Rainbow brite-would you like some help? I'm having no trouble at all with supply (and I'm a low supply mama!) Lots of people don't love veggies and do fine. Nuts, seeds and fatty foods like avacados, coconut and olives would be very beneficial for you. You could also try some raw cheese or butter if you'd like. Also-how old is your ds? I can provide many recipes if you are really wanting this to work. Otherwise you are welcome to stick around and just try adding more raw to your diet.
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Hey thanks for the offer!
I'm torn, I want to do this, and am willing to increase my calories, but right now I'm just so freaked about it. Dd is 19 months so I'd worry about a nursing strike.
I found a raw receipe site online: http://www.fromsadtoraw.com/RawRecipes.htm

I'm just not sure I could relax and mentally believe it will increase right away. Maybe in a month or so, but b/c it was such a sudden drop in caloires and weight, I think I want to relax and focus on getting it back.

Any thoughts or advice are def appreciated!
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I was pretty upset last night and today, and decided to devise a plan
So I'm going to go raw, but over a period of 9 months. So by Jan 1 2007 I'll be raw.
Here's my plan

Month 1:
Raw for breakfast, lunch, snacks
Reg dinner

Month 2:
Raw for breakfast, lunch, snacks
Vegetarian dinner

Month 3:
Raw for breakfast, lunch, snacks
1 day fully raw, rest of dinners veg

Month 4:
Raw for breakfast, lunch, snacks
2 days fully raw, rest of dinners veg

Month 5:
Raw for breakfast, lunch, snacks
3 days fully raw, rest of dinners veg

Month 6:
Raw for breakfast, lunch, snacks
4 days fully raw, rest of dinners veg

Month 7:
Raw for breakfast, lunch, snacks
5 days fully raw, rest of dinners veg

Month 8:
Raw for breakfast, lunch, snacks
6 days fully raw, rest of dinners veg

Month 9:
Raw for breakfast, lunch, snacks
7 days raw: this month is extra in case I need extra time during the previous months.

I won't commint to 100% raw, but will allow myself a day or so whenever if needed, hopefully it will be rare, but I don't want to beat myself up over it or binge if I do have cooked food once in a while.

I will definitely read this thread to see how everyone is doing though!
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Originally Posted by tweetybirds2

The rules are: no rules. Just raw food. If we mess up a little, no biggie, we'll just jump back on the next meal. No need to say we'll "start over." And no pressure to be 100%. Do it how you want, just do it our best!
Well, I'm not 100% raw but plan on staying involved in this thread. I need it!

So what are some of the must-have's in your fridge? What do you always have on hand and what do you do with it?

I'm going to Whole Foods tomorrow and need some more ideas of stuff to buy.
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hi mamas

i'm definitely wanting to go more raw and my goal is this summer to be high raw (around 70%) I'm not wanting to go to any extremes or to worry about the percentage. I was completely raw for a year two years ago which at the time was very extreme for me...I consider myself healthier now and more balanced...eating lots of raw does give such a positive and beautiful feeling to life so here I am

today for lunch I made sauteed red onions, cabbage, tempeh and kale w/raw red pepper w/turmeric all over it along with some green leaf lettuce and fresh made raw saurkraut all sprinkled w/lemon juice, cayenne and a dash of honey, I felt very good after that meal.

blessings and thanks for this thread~~
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RB- that sounds really great. Nothing I've read so far has said not to transition. Obviously you go at your own pace, but going from SAD to completely raw would be far too much for most people to take. SStick around and let us know how you are doing.

Staples....hmmmm. I always have nuts and seeds in the fridge/freezer. Let's just make a list here:
Green Leafies (Kale/romaine/red/butter lettuce/arugula/collards)
Sprouts (broccoli/mung bean/clover) for burgers
Nuts (walnuts/cashews/pecans/almonds) for burgers and cookies
Seeds (sunflower/pumpkin/sesame) for pates
Dates/Figs for sweeter treats and smoothies
Carrots/beets/cucumber/avacado/cabbage/celery for salads and juice
Fruit of all kinds for snacking
Raw Nut Butters for snacking and smoothies
Coconut (fresh, milk, oil and dried) shakes and cakes and fruit cups
Cacao for milks and treats
Raisins and Goji Berries for trail mixes
Frozen fruit for "ice cream" and smoothies
Larabars/Prana bars for on the go stuff
Honey or Agave Nectar for sweetening

I guess those are the staples...things that I always have on hand. Does that help?
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I'm glad more have jumped in!

I'm so jealous of the cacao nibs. Ever since someone posted about them in the NT thread I've wanted some! I can't imagine where they'd sell them anywhere but online, and Nature's First law site where they sell them the shipping was almost as much as they were! So if any of you find the cheapest place to buy them, let me know. I want some for the magnesium, of course.

I ate the kale salad today. I found a recipe that was similar to yours, firefaery, but had things added. I ran the kale through the slicer in the food processor ( I just bought one this week at Target-the cheap one-figured I'd HAVE to have one to do raw) so that it would be chopped very well. That helped. It's much more tolerable--good even!

Kale sure has a lot of chlorophyll! I get a wheatgrass buzz whenever I eat a lot raw.

I'm surprised I've done so well so painlessly so far. The jicama was the only thing that was a bust so far. I've had fleeting thoughts of quitting, but then I realize that I'm just hungry, and don't want to do a junk food binge, so I go get something to eat and am satisfied again. I guess I'm just excited for all of the different things I want to try still. And I want to try to make it at least a month before adding in different cooked foods that I'm thinking about.

I got Alissa's book yesterday. It looks great!

I've got more to talk about, but I don't want to make this too long right now!
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Thanks! What exactly is cacao?

I have a few raw books - my favorite is actually written by two teenage siblings. I am inspired by them. Its called, "Eating without Heating," and has accounts of how they transitioned to raw and how it made them feel to do so.


Right now, I feel a little intimadated by the raw entrees. I can do smoothies, salads and such. But pates, crackers and all that... well, I don't have a dehydrator and I don't have a good processor (just a small one). I was on the verge of buying a processor but am seriously thinking about the vitamix.
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