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Chiming in with another "let him do it!" I wouldn't go the salon route, though. I think hair-coloring can be a fun bonding experience; one of my fondest memories is bleaching my husband's hair and dyeing it bright blue. I can't wait until my girls are old enough to start playing with their hair!

If you do go the home route, make sure and do a lot of research online. Look up brands, see whether you need to bleach his hair first, look for techniques and tips, etc. Also, if he's in school, check to make sure that odd hair colors are allowed. When I was in high school, we had one boy kicked out for having green hair. : If that's the case, tell him to wait until summer. Have fun, and remember that hair grows out, and you can always strip the dye and color it back to its original color if it turns out bad. Salon supply stores like Sally's Beauty Supply sell hair-color strippers.
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my 5yrold DS and I dyed (permenant) our hair together a couple weeks ago. it was fun! Bright auburn. I've noticed it is easier to keep an eye on him in a crowd. All I do is look for the hair! My 9 year old ds is easy to keep track of in a crowd also because he has long dreads. (we have never cut his hair).
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About bleaching, yikes, I did it once and it really burned, even without letting it touch my scalp much. My son's hair is medium brown and colors still show up pretty well. I guess if your child's hair is really dark, you'd have to.
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My older kids have both dyed their hair. DD isn't so daring, so she's mainly highlighted hers. DS has had blue hair, cheetah spots, you name it.
It's JUST hair.
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Thanks everyone for the answers about the 5 yo wanting a perm. I was comforted that most of you were - just like me - scared about the toxic chemicals. What I did was I bought a special lotion that you can use on straight hair to make it look shiny and smooth and I mention often to her how nice her straight hair looks. She does envy my new curls though.... it felt a bit strange that I could have them and she could not. I like it that our family rules apply to everyone....
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At 13 it might be hard to stop him on something like this. My thoughts are to let him him do it if it's wash out coloring and he helps pay for it. It would be a whole 'nother ball of yarn if it was a tatoo!
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sure, why not?
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I think you should let him do it. When I was 14, I dyed my hair about 4 different colors. It is a "safe and sane" way of expressing individuality and even rebelling a little bit.
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My oldest wanted to do the blond on top thing when he was 10. So I let him actually I did it. 2 hair cuts andit was grown out. It was a phase Hair grows
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The summer my oldest DS was 8, we used Sun In and a blow drier (I think it is the heat, not the sun that makes it work??) He had short, spikey hair, that turned white. He looked so awesome!!
This past fall, he dyed his hair deep red. He liked it, I thought it was not a good color for him.

He would like to have his white hair back this summer, he will be 13 then. However, his hair has darkened over the years and I think it will take more than Sun In this time

Another vote for 'let him do it!"
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Originally Posted by gaialice
Sorry to hijack the thread.... I am the mommy to a 5 yo and, when I got a perm she said she wanted one too. I said no, but this thread is making me doubt on whether I did the right thing ... what would you all have done??? A perm is sooo expensive and I think it spoils your hair too....
I'm a hairdresser...and from a professional point of view, I would never perm a 5 year old's hair. It's not fully developed yet, and the process is way too long and tedious for a 5 year old to undure. You did the right thing...wait until she's about 9 ot 10.
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Hey, I first colored my hair when I was 11. I did it on and off for a while. Sometimes it was a nice normal auburn dye. Sometimes I went to the hairdresser and asked for bleached with red and white stripes. Sometimes I sprayed in highlights of blue, purple & pink. No harm done. It's only hair. Thank goodness my parents didn't laugh at me.
And my husband gave himself a mohawk in high school. When he showed up for the school play that way (he was IN the play) it didn't go over too well with the director! LOL. But pretty soon he just shaved it all off.
It's wonderful to be young and able to do stuff like that. So much fun.

- Krista
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