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I am ready to wean......

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I was planning on nursing my son until he was ready to wean, and then I became pregnant. Now I cringe when he asks for milk.

My Nipples hurt,my tummy is so sensitive right now.I had awful M.S. with my son.This pregnancy has been somewhat easier along those lines ..but I am still queasy and tired and sore all over.

I am almost three and a half months along..and I really am tired of trying to nurse and be pregnant at the same time.

I think my milk supply is about gone as well.I used to be able to squease my nipple and see milk come up..now no matter how i try it I see nothing. I also am not hearing him swallow very often when he is nursing.He eats almost all solid foods now/table foods,what have you. I am preparing three regular meals and snacks for him through out the day..so I know he is not going to be hungry if I do wean.

I guess I am sad about this happening already..but also looking for permission to say "this is the end of this part of our relationship".

I am realy amazed at how grouchy I have become inside when he want milk. I cringe when he latches on now because it HURTS alot!!!!I feel like he is chewing on me! He has almost all his teeth in, and although Iunlatch him and have him start again and try to get him to not do it..his teeth still leave marks on my skin.

So now I have basically limited nursing times to either nap time/bedtime..or a serious boo boo. Otherwise I am doing everything to redirect his attention( reading books,holding,rubbing his feet with lotionetc.)Anything to distract him!

I do not think I want to be a tandem nurser either...the idea of him at three crawling over a fresh insicion in my belly to try and nurse scares me!I have opted to have a second ceserean and will be having a tubel ligation as well..so this will be our last pregnancy and baby...and I remember how sore I was after Paul was born....

I guess I am just venting and saying I am sad that things are changing in a way I never expected..but I also have to accept my own limitations as a person and try to do the best I can with what I have to give.
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I had planned on child-led weaning until I became pregnant. Like you, it HURT! Luckily my ds was down to bedtime nursing only. When I made him stop nursing one night, he started touching my breast for comfort. I was sad that I stopped him from nursing before he was completely ready, but nursing is a two-person relationship and you have to do what is right for both of you. You should feel great about nursing as long as you have .
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I was the same way. Once I became pregnant, it just became unbearable. I was iffy on the tandem nursing thing too, but once the baby came, he would snuggle on my chest while she nursed and held her hand. Or he would "help" by putting a hand on the breast she was nursing from. It was sweet and made it all seem ok. And weaning wasn't a struggle in any way, I did it the way that you are.

You've done better than most women in America. It's ok to stop. And enjoy the few months of having your body somewhat to yourself before the next one comes.
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Thank you for your replies. I am very glad that he has ben nursing for as many years as he has..I guess I assumed that whne he turned three( this september) then we would start to work on weaning a little..but not quite so soon.

I guess I will jusy continue to take it day by and day and enjoy it as best i can.
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Re: I am ready to wean......

Originally posted by Avonlea
I have opted to have a second ceserean and will be having a tubel ligation as well.
Becca - why are you having a second ceserean? Is it because of your mom coming and because of Joe? And is a tubel ligation getting your tubes tied? If so, why have you decided this? If your more comfortable answering this my e-mail, then do so.

Love, Tiff
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I am feeling sad. He did not nurse this morning. That is our favorite time. He usually nurses 20 - 45 minutes every morning. I get up about an hour or more before him and he comes down and says, "hi Mama." and jumps up on my lap and we nurse and nurse. But today, he was poopy so we went and changed him first and then I got busy making hot cereal and then he helped me unload the dishwasher and now he is eating contently and chatting with me. And I feel sad. I know if I want to wean I am not to offer but WAH!!!!!! It is hard.

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