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Spotting...when to worry

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I've been spotting on and off for the past week. Not red blood, just pinkish and brown (sorry tmi). Its been very scant until today when it increased a little. I called my midwife today and I'm seeing her in the morning. I know it could be nothing, but I'm worried.
Anyone else experience this?
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Yup, I experienced it with my pregnancy with ds. It scared me a lot but I always just called my doc/midwife and they checked things out and reassured me. It was just "implantation bleeding."

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I had a similar experience abt 2 weeks ago. One thing my midwife told me that was reassuring was that if it was a miscarriage the bleeding would only get worse over time and would be accomanied by extremely sharp cramps (like the kind that would make you double over in pain). she said sometimes vigorous physical activity or sex can bring on some light spotting.
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What did the midwife say?
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She drew some blood to check hcg and I will have it drawn again on Sat or Monday. She says its probably implantation bleeding. Luckily it has slowed down quite a bit today, and I'm feeling a lot better. I've been doing a lot of praying. I hope it really is meant to be. This baby was unexpected, but totally welcome.
Thanks for caring Mamas
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