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I think I'm leaking fluid

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While on vacation last week I noticed one afternoon while touring the island on a golf cart (ok not the smartest idea) that my underware was wet. I mean really wet, nothing dripping down my leg and not on my skirt, but seemingly clear and liquid. It was over 100 out and I am a size 10 so my thighs rub so I though it was maybe sweat. A few days later I noticed it again this time I felt a leaky feeling, like back in the day when I had my period and needed a new tampon. So yesterday I was at the post office and felt the same sensation, sure enough a little damp, this time sweat was out of the question, it's snowing out.

So I am going to call my primary doctor when they open at 8:30 and see what they say. I am really scared. My water broke with my last pregnancy at 20 weeks and went in to labor soon after. Unfortunately our son is not here with us. Any good thoughts would be wonderful and I will keep you all posted. Thanks!
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It really could possibly be that it is just the watery discharge many experience at this stage of pregnancy.

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Awww sweetie

It could be increased vaginal discharge. How far along are you?
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Amniotic fluid smells very strongly.To me it smells almost like sperm but there is a very distinct smell.Have you noticed this?My midwife told me at this stage in pregnancy there is maybe a cup of amniotic fluid in there and leaking at this point would be very rare.Keep your eye open for any contractions and see if there is any smell.For me about 3 weeks ago i had a huge gush of liquid,like a cups worth,come out and no one can figure out what it was.The baby is fine though and it wasn't amniotic fluid.I hope everything is fine for you and the babe!
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I am 10 weeks.
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I found this on the dr. sears website:

Vaginal Discharge- A milky, slightly odorous vaginal discharge the consistency of egg white is normal during pregnancy, and often occurs in increasing amounts as your pregnancy progresses. This mucoid discharge resembles premenstrual vaginal discharge, except that it's heavier and constant. The same mechanisms (pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow to the tissues) that prepare the vagina for the passage of the baby are also responsible for this increase in secretions. Many women change their underwear several time a day, or wear panty liners to stay comfortably dry.

Does this sound like what you experienced?
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At 10 weeks, I think there's only a few teaspoons of amniotic fluid in there. So if you've been leaking/dripping over the past week or more, it's probably not amniotic fluid, in the sense that if that were it, it would have all come out already, KWIM?

FWIW, I have been feeling pretty wet, especially over the past week or so (I'm about 9 weeks), just like I would if AF were coming. It's not the most reassuring thing in the world, but I have to keep reminding myself that it's normal to have increased cervical fluid during pregnancy. I have heard of women getting to the point where they needed to wear a panty-liner, even.
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It's prob just increased discharge. I always have to wear a panty liner becuase otherwise my panties are always wet feeling and I hate it. I have more fluid than I did when ovulating and I always dreading that time of the month cause I have A LOT of cervical fluid. I even websearched one day to find a way to decrease it. lol
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Thanks for all your enouragement. I have had lots of cervical mucus, egg whites, tacky, clear and cloudy. But this was more watery and wet and different. I am praying it is just CM. I go to the doc at noon.
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I'm guessing it's just cervical fluid also, please let us know how you do at the docs.
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a few days before I had dd I was leaking fluids but mine smelled sweet and they said it was amniotic fluid...I am not trying to worry you but have you been seen for imcompitent cervix? My friend has that and basicly its starts dialating without control.
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I am hoping this is just increased cervical/vaginal mucous. Please let us know what the doctor says! I'll be thinking of you.
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