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Is this your doc, by any chance?


I couldn't help but mention her...
(I don't know her, but she looks cool, and she's in the area)
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Wow, you are an inspiration on living mama. s to you and even more healing vibes coming your way!
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Changed my username, its AmyD

I'm quite exhausted and have been spending all of my free time internet searching. My cancer is great and all that and I'm still healing

C&P from another thread:

And the awful news.

It looks like my 21m old has a rare genetic disorder, MPS. We are very lucky though because it seems that he is on the very mild end of the spectrum. I'm thinking Schiele's or mild Hunter's. I'm going back and forth btw the two. His urine was sent out on Thursday to the U of Alabama to the top guy in the field to get more answers. We are seeing the geneticist on Wednesday, and the ENT on Thursday (to remove his adenoids and put ear tubes in). We are hoping to get this diagnosed ASAP so that he can start the enzyme therapy (once a week for life or until a cure).

On a side note, my lil' guy is much MUCH healthier than other MPS kids his age. I am attributing this 100% to his non-vax, non-crap (only SCD), and no antibiotic ever history. Because of all this, I know he is going to be okay.

Onwards to another journey.

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I have no idea what to say Amy.... I am so sorry you and your family have to deal with this right now. I am heartbroken for you. Sending strength and light your way mama....
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Stay strong. I'll send some good vibes your way.

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1) Great new user name
2) I am sorry about your son but, he is very lucky that you are the custodian of his care. He will thrive with you, despite obstacles, of this I am sure.
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Originally Posted by Kundalini-Mama
MT, are you still around?

What do you think about this VitC therapy, since you are the VitC expert
Sorry to hear about your boy. Just remember than challenge makes us stronger....

Now that I've connected dots with a changed username, I'm in a better place to answer.

I notice you are going to try zeolites. I feel that along with zeolites, mineral replacement (where necessary) Vitamin C is very useful. I'd use a combination of sodium ascorbate, but also liposomal as well.

See here:


Dr Levy is pretty impressed with this, but the reason I would use both, is that SA keeps the gut cleaner of Gram - bacteria and keeps things moving and that's very important.

apart from that, I'd be using organic juices and raw stuff till it came outta my ears.

I'd not be doing yoga though, but I would be dancing.
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Can you tell me about this fancy schmancy vit C. Firstly, would one have to consume it throughout the day like good 'ol sodium ascorbate? Or because it is so fancy, you can just take it once a day.

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Did you read the whole site? Because what is there is all I know, except that Dr Levy came to NZ and did a talk, but I never got to hear him. All I heard down the grapevine is that he's impressed, so if somehow you could ask the company, or find his e-mail and persuade him to answer you, maybe he could put it into terms you understand better?
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Mamas, I'm taking some time from mothering so that I can heal my son. Please keep my family in your thoughts.

Much love to each and every one of you and thank you for sharing my journey with me,
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And hopefully, to give you space to relax, and smell the daisies.

Amy its very important that you keep calm, okay? Promise me you will make that your top priority? To chill out...

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We will be thinking of you.
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Ok, this thread scares me! I have had a lump under my arm for like, oh, 10 years, maybe more? (we jokingly call it my third tit, lol) I had an ultrasound on it back when I was like 16 and they didnt see anything, told me it was *probably* just breast tissue and that since it was causing discomfort that I should go ahead and have it removed. Well, our insurance companies changed twice that year, then I got preggo-cant have the surgery while preggo-and then I was breastfeeding-ditto. Then I got preggo again, nursing, preggo, nursing, preggo, and now still nursing my almost 1 year old. Soooooo....I never had it removed. I dont want to quit nursing my dd just to have it removed though and I am TTC as we speak (ok, not literally, hehe). Maybe I will get it looked at again, just to make sure they dont see anything bad....
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Hey mamas,

I just wanted to post an update to my last post about my son. I know that a lot of you don't leave the vax boards and I really didn't want you to miss it

In terms of my cancer, I'm still doing fantastically. The tumor is really coming out of my armpit know and weeping profusely Very yummy, but very good at the same time.

Hope you all are well,
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Amy, this is all such awesome news! You are in my thoughts and prayers. What a miracle for both you and your ds! You seriously need to write a book!!! love and prayers to you~~
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I'm glad to hear that your son's case is mild and he won't need a transplant!

I'm a little confused about the tumor- why is the weeping a good thing?
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Many congratulations on your son's news.

How are you doing Amy? You've been on my mind.

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Mine too.... xox
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Any updates?
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