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Amy, I pm'd you with some names. I hope this helps.
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Healing prayers to you.
I completely agree with your aversion to radiation and chemo, and I highly recommend the book When Healing Becomes a Crime: The Amazing Story of the Hoxsey Cancer Clinics and the Return of Alternative Therapies by Kenny Ausubel. Also, (although this book has a bad rap, mainly due to false press releases) Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau. If you go to his website, naturalcures.com, you may be able to find alternative practitioners in your area, or someone to email for referrals.
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Hi Amy~ I want to join this circle of strong women in sending you, one of the strongest women I know , energy and prayers to help you through this.

You are like a sister to me and I love you so much! Know that you have many communities of people thinking of you, ready to help and you are never alone.

You have helped so many women, with your knowledge, insight, willingness to help (spread chicken pox ) and always your humor

Anything you need at any time-- I'm here for you
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My dad couldn't recall the name of my mom's physician at D/H. I just checked out their website and searched the directory of providers, and couldn't find a familiar name. (I'm so sorry I am not much help). I did find the list of "comprehensive breast care providers", or something similar to that, with links to each of the physicians, you might want to check that out?
Hoping you're feeling well and strong!
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I'm so sorry you are going through this.
I heard this dr interviewed on the radio. She is a real MD. She is against chemo and all that....just another opinion http://www.drday.com/ Her name is Lorraine Day. I think she was a surgeon.
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Lorraine Day was an orthorpedic surgeon - a bone surgeon. She no longer practices having retired in the 1990s because she developed an irrational fear of contracting AIDS from her patients.

She's made her fortune touting natural 'cures' for cancer based on her own experience with breast cancer. Basically, she had a small tumor which was removed, but which was found to have some residual disease on micropathology. She had a re-excision for which she has always refused to release the medical records, but which there is every reason to believe would have removed all residual cancer.

She was offered radiation and chemotherapy, which is standard. Radiation decreased local recurrence in the breast, but has no effect on survival. Chemotherapy has been shown to offer slight survival advantage for premenopausal women. (Now, many therapies are hormonal and chemo is used less often.)

She refused both treatments. The fact is, the majority of women who refuse chemo and radiation would NOT go on to die of cancer. However the treatments improve your odds that the cancer won't come back and that you won't die, so most women decide to do them.

Luckily, she did NOT suffer a cancer recurrence and was cured by the original surgery, which is not unlikely or unusual. However, she described a longterm disability with reams of complaints - none of which are typical for breast cancer recurrence. She then got better.

She then went on to amass millions of dollars advertising self help regimens that she claims cured her of her cancer recurrence (which she never had).

She's been completely discredited by the scientific and medical communities. She was investigated and found guilty of fraudulent advertising by the Better Business Bureau with regards to the following claims:

1. The claim that Dr. Day had cancerous cells following her second surgery and that doctors "sent her home to die",
2. The claim that if people go on a vegetarian diet and exercise on a regular basis and decrease their alcoholic intake, they will decrease their incidence of cancer by 33 percent. . . and
3. The claim that "chemotherapy doesn't work for anybody."

She withdrew her televised informercial under threat of being reported to the Federal Trade Commission, and switched to internet advertising, which is not regulated.

Importantly, all she has ever had to do to prove her claims that she cured herself of cancer is to release the medical records from her second surgery. That's it. She could prove to the whole world that what she says is true; she could revolutionize treatment of cancer; she could advertise on prime time television to her pocketbook's content. But she has always refused to do this, despite the fact that she readily released the records from her first surgery, in which she was diagnosed with cancer.

She's a fraud and a crook, and she's making millions of dollars pitching false hopes to people with life threatening illnesses.
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thank you so much mamas, I have so much to say to thank all of you, but let me update you a tad.

I spoke to my homeopath on Friday am, he had spoken to my local hospital, and the 'growth' is termed "suspicious". It is also measuring at 2-3 cm. To me that doesn't sound big, especially b/c what I'm feeling is a golf ball. (Blessed, can you step in if you are still around and tell me how big 2-3 cm is?). What I saw on u/s was the big lymph node, and a smaller black circle, that I haven't felt before. I'm hoping that maybe that teeny thing--looked grape sized, is the cancer and my lymph node is just inflammed from the cancer being there. If so, I'm wicked proud of my lymph node for fighting it, and pointing it out to me

Anywho, I have a referral out w/a surgeon that was recommended to me by many people over at Dartmouth, who works w/breast cancer (oh, my breasts are fine, I'm a size B, feel my self up regularly due to nursing, and they are not lumpy or nuttin.), and has specialty in "axillary mass", which is what I have going on. Dartmouth will be getting back to me on Mon or Tues to set up a consult.

Okay, let's see if I can answer questions, oh and Gitti, I am a huge research nerd, so any book recommendations, links to websites, are hugely appreciated. I'm in attack mode right now.

MT, thank you for bringing up thermography I knew this was an option but totally forgot under my pressure for the mammogram at the hosptial. Will be discussing this at Dartmouth to get a baseline. But I'm feeling that my breasts are healthy, so we'll see.

Raw food diet, I was on this for some time before, but it is worth looking into. I have leaky gut and I totally feel that b/c of that my immune system could not fight this off. I'm about to do the SCD/MD diet to heal to give my body a chance to fight this off. I'm young, and pretty healthy despite the leaky gut. I think this will be the key to my recovery.

I have no info about this Hoxsey stuff and it was recommended twice on this thread. Desiree, you said you could get me contact info?? I'd be interested.

I'll look into that Danial Chapter 1, if you have a link I'd be

I do not use anti-perspirant, haven't in yrs. I use Burt's Bees stuff that allows me to sweat, but prevents the stinky smell.

EFMom, and congrats to you. Thank you so much for the PM, the dr. your BIL recommended is the one I'm going w/. And thanks for the 'referral'. And I totally hear you on being around for my kids. Radiation/Chemo is not a path I want to go on, but, I will always choose life, over death. I'm open

JANE!!! OMG, you are the bomb. So glad I've started the primezyme and the peptizide. I haven't dug into your links, but will do as soon as my head is a lil' less fuzzy.

Let's see, I just got to blessed's post on Dr. Day. Very interesting. I stumbled up her sight a couple of months ago when I was starting to realize that what I had was cancer, and I had similar concerns.

And thank you for all the hugs and such, and please, if you have any links or anything, I'm a research nut, not up to MT's standards ( ), but one nonetheless. I'm not really dealing w/the emotional aspect of this until I really know what is going on. I'm just gone into research hyper-drive

Thanks moonlight

Thanks everyone, I'll keep you updated after my consult next week.
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Two to three centimeters is just over one inch in length (1 inch = 2.2 cm).

Sounds like you got the ball rolling. That's great. Keep us informed!
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Originally Posted by blessed
Two to three centimeters is just over one inch in length (1 inch = 2.2 cm).

Sounds like you got the ball rolling. That's great. Keep us informed!
So what is that, in "ball" sizes? About how big is a golf ball? I got my lil' tape measure thing going on, but I can't physically see it, yk?
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Many (((hugs)))

My MIL is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer right now.

There are no easy decisions with this and I wish you the best.
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There are 2.54 cm in an inch.
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I've got a book recommendation: Options, Alternative Cancer Treatments by Richard Walters

It is the only book on cancer that my friend Lata carries at her store: www.flowerpower.net She doesn't usually like the single-issue health books; but, she thinks this one is great.

Here's the Amazon page on it: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/089...lance&n=283155
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Originally Posted by EFmom
There are 2.54 cm in an inch.
This is actually correct.

This is about the size of a largish marble.
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I want to second the book

Options The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book by Richard Walters.

Amazing book. Tons of information.

isbn number is
It includes chapters on
chinese medicine
herbal therapies
shark cartilage
Gerson therapy
Hoxsey treatment
Issels' therapy
bioelectric medicine
Burzynski therapy
and many more......

It's about $14
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Originally Posted by Jen123
shark cartilage
Burzynski therapy
my father took shark cartilage and went to the Burzynski clinic in TX...

Amy, more s and hope you get good news

wish I could offer you more; I remember how helpful you were to me back when I was first discovering ds' allergies (when I was adriannewe here on MDC)
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Just wanted to give you a whole bunch of

It sounds like you know where you want to start, I wish you much strength and care as you deal with this.
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Have you seen this site? http://www.altcancer.com/bpaste.htm

I have used their bloodroot paste before. They have a paste and pills for cancer. These herbs can leave disfiguring scarring, but they remove tumors and growths.

It is more for skin cancer, but it makes you wonder if the herbal pills would help internally for other cancers. Their formula is similar to the Hoxey I believe.

I hope the research you are doing gives you the answers you need to find to get better
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I have no advice, but I wanted to offer a
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Okay. I'm ready to update.

About a week after the u/s, I saw my homeopath and he put me on a very strong remedy, carcinoma or something similar. I've been taking it diligently.

A week or so ago, I thought I might be losing my mind as it seems smaller than it was during the u/s. I feel it all the time, so unfortunately, couldn't be quite sure. I saw my allopathic GP last wednesday, and he explained the two black circles on the u/s. He said that it was not 2 masses, but just the one, but it had nodes. Like if I loosely inflated a balloon and put a rubber band around it.

So w/this in mind, I've also felt really calm and peaceful about the whole thing. I've been reevaluating my life and all that good stuff But really peaceful w/my body. Also, I keep thinking about how I do NOT want surgery, which was very different than what I was feeling even before the u/s, I kept saying, "I just want it out" to anyone who would listen. As of late, I keep saying, "I really just don't want to do this, it doesn't seem right".

So, I'm feeling myself up again, wondering if I'm totally losing my mind or not, and I realize, that the other node is gone. Instead of being bumpy inside, it is smooth, and much, much smaller. Like a cute lil apricot (but more almond shaped, if we are sticking w/the food).

So, off I go to see the surgeon today who was really incredible. I really really love Dartmouth, and I want to put that out there if this ever gets searched in the future. A first-class hospital. Anywho, I regress. She was hoping it was a 'lactating adanoma', but upon closer inspection, it is in the wrong place. She feels that it is definately cancer. Can't say for sure w/o a pathology report, but, in her experience, it is walking and quaking like a duck. She says it is not lymphoma, but breast cancer.

Again, nothing I didn't expect.

So, we go over all the policies and such (its a 40 min procedure under local), no problem w/b/fing (she was a nursing mom), and they don't prescribe antibiotics after surgery--which, was a huge issue for me. Everything just felt right and all my questions were answered, and she far exceeded my expectations.

So, my current plan is to keep up w/the remedy (as discussed w/my homeopath today, who is also thrilled) until I intuitively feel done, and then take it once a month as a prophalactic measure. If for any reason I want surgery, the surgeon will love to have me and welcomes any questions I may have for her.

So, I'm feeling great. Strong, proud of my body, and feel that this is the right choice for me. I will also remain open to whatever shall be, and should I need to under the knife, I feel very comfortable under this surgeon's care.

Thanks for all the reading, I love LOVE that options book that was recommended

And thank you for all the hugs and good thoughts. It was a lil' scary back then.

Amy & the apricot
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just wanted you to know i'm still praying for you
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