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Hi Amy,

I just came across this link with a books list that might be of interest to you.
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Hi mamas, just wanted to update.

I believe the homeopathy has shrunk the tumor, but it has now plateaued. After a lot of soul searching, I have decided to have surgery, thinking that if this is cancer, my body will have an easier time fighting off 100 cancer cells, instead of 6 trillion.

I'm having surgery this Tuesday. Local anesthesia, no antibiotics after (as per their policy). I am very upbeat and have no fears about this whatsoever.

Regardless, please keep me and my family in your thoughts on Tuesday

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You have been and will continue to be in our family's prayers. Please keep us updated You are an amazingly strong woman
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I wish you the very best.
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hope all goes well! s
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Sending peaceful healing vibes your way!
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All the best Amy.
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hi amy i've been thinking of you sending you lots of love and healing light for your surgery ...
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Amy. You show an amazing grace and courage ... for a speedy healing and recovery.
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Just caught this thread!
and you will most certainly be in my thoughts on Tuesday and beyond.
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Well if one is going to have surgery, that's the way to do it! Very proud of you ... your attitude is such an inspiration. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
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Will be thinking of you
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I'll be thinking of you today and tomorrow, mama.
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Back from surgery.

Well the necrotic lymph node is still in my armpit. We tried the surgery under local and I have an interesting web of microscopic nerves growing around it, which made it impossible to get out w/o excrutiating pain. While I was open though, I consented to a FNA biopsy. I should have the results in about a week.

And on a fun note, I'm one of those people who metabolizes lidocaine VERY QUICKLY. Areas she numbed got feeling back w/i 20 min. We had to stop the procedure as she couldn't give me any more lidocaine w/o causing a seizure. I decided to keep it in for now.

So the lymph node is dead. And black and gross looking. Lots of scar tissue around it.

This leaves my surgeon w/2 possible diagnoses:

1)This is a really strong invasive cancer that has killed this lymph node and is onto bigger and better organs.
2)Cat scratch fever OR

3)It was cancer and the homeopathy killed it.

I also can't forget that this became inflammed when my children were exposed to chicken pox. Maybe my body was fighting it off or something? I can hope.

So I'm feeling fantastic, in some pain, not looking forward to night nursing tonight :

But in otherwise great health and really thankful for this journey, irregardless of my diagnosis. I have learned a lot about myself and that is absolutely priceless.

Hope you are all well, and thank you so much, as always for the warm wishes
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I totally forgot something!!

My 4 yr old didn't want to come to the hospital today. He was talking about breaking down the door to surgery so no one would give me any needles So my good friend parented her 2 children all day and my 4 yr old as well. It made things so much easier for me and my hubby.

When I got home, my downstairs neighbor had filled the house w/potted flowers--they are gorgeous.

And I feasted on the most delicious dinner prepared by moonlightinvt, a delicious salad w/fresh (today) greens and some really yummy coconut chicken.

I am surrounded by the most giving people in my life and I am so grateful.
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