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How do you supplement Montessori at home?

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Do you? My dd will be starting a Montessori school next month. I would like to introduce concepts to her a little bit. For example, when I was doing the dishes the other day, I filled a large bucket with water and she washed her tea set.

Do you incorporate any Montessori like activites at home? If so, how did you decide on what to introduce or participate in?

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I love that you are starting to incorporate some of these ideas into your home. My daughter and I participated in a video by NAMTA called "At Home with Montessori", where the big emphasis is on working side by side with the child, just like you did with washing the dishes. Children love to be involved in the daily rhythms of the household, working right alongside Mom or Dad with cooking, washing, folding, fixing, gardening, sewing - whatever it is that you're doing. There is also an emphasis on spending time outdoors together exploring nature!
I also offer "M Home Consultations" for our school fundraisers. We set up an area in each room with the child-sized items.
In the Kitchen:
a child-sized table and chairs
a shelf or drawer (at the child's height) that contains dishes, glasses, tableware, napkins
a dish bin to put dirty dishes in (kept in same place, the child will be consistent with cleaning her table)
a pitcher of water
towels available to the child for wiping spills
a friendly attitude towards mistakes!
set the table
wash and slice veggies
wash dishes
cooking and baking
In the Bedroom:
low rod in closet, small hangers
time to practice dressing skills
In the Bathroom, I have a small table with a bowl and pitcher, soap, nail brush and toothbrush set up where the child can reach.
We have the child-sized broom, mop and dustpan. We also have a hook for her to hang up her coat when she goes in/out.
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Thanks Lillianna that helps quite a bit. We have a small home, and a very very tiny bathroom so I have to brainstorm a bit. In her closet the rod is pretty low.....low enough that she can remove clothes from the hangers but not the hangers themselves. I will also have to give the kitchen some thought too.
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Lilliana's suggestions are great! And, if you look in the Michael Olaf catalogs, there are some great high-quality child-size kitchen and cleaning tools.
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I set up a little snack station for my daughter. It has a container with raisins or other dried fruit, another with pretzels or crackers, and one with her cereal in it. I got the containers from Target, they open by squeezing the handle on top so she can manage to open and close them herself.
She also has a pitcher of water and a pitcher of milk in the refrig. It has been really helpful that she is able to serve herself a little snack while I'm fixing dinner and she can get her cereal on her own. Somedays, she is dressed, done with breakfast and in her coat and boots before me!
This is the aspect of encouraging independence that is so helpful, the child is not dependent on the adult simply to act in her environment, she has the items needed available and can act on her own impulse.
How is your home environment going? Any new ideas?
Target and other home supply stores have these small clothing racks that are adjustable. At the lowest setting, it is just right for a child to reach. It could be placed inside the closet or just out in the room. My daughter recently has been in the routine of putting her clothes out the night before. I only did it once with her but now she keeps reminding me and it has become part of her bedtime "ritual".
I also use the Michael Olaf catalog as well as Montessori Services, they have excellent quality child sized tools, tableware and musical instruments...I like to look at second-hand shops for things like wooden/silver trays, baskets, small glass cups and plates.
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I am a homeschooler and am very interested in montessori methods. I love your ideas L!
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Originally Posted by Lillianna

ooooh thank you this is exactly what i was lookin for
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Ikea.com also has alot of affordable child-sized tables, chairs, beds and storage containers.
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Again for the 0-3 age set.
Try to create a child's area in each room of the house!
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Thanks for bumping. Good ideas.
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DD is still young.. but : for the future! These are some great ideas. I love looking over the Michael Olaf catalog.
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