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No babies??!!!?!!!

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Is it seriously March 23 and we have no babies yet? Dude, we have the laziest children!
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Yeah, last time I was due the second of the month, and had DD on the 27th of the previous month. Where are all the babies who are due April 1st??? It would be kind of cool if we made it to April...

But I shouldn't say that to a group of mamas due in the next few weeks!
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We still haven't heard from steelcitysistah???
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NO kidding! I've never been pregnant this long!!
Ds was 13 days early and now here I am 11 days before my edd! I really thought I'd be even earlier this time............
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Originally Posted by clynnr
It would be kind of cool if we made it to April...

But I shouldn't say that to a group of mamas due in the next few weeks!

Just kidding! Due in 12 days and really surprised that suddenly NOTHING is happening here with me! I hope steelcitysistah is busy enjoying her new little one, I remember not going on the computer for over a month after dd was born even though I promised to update all my online buddies as to how it went
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Dd was quite late, and I am only 37w3d, but I am.freaking.out. Every day that goes by I can feel my VBAC chances decreasing. My dr says the baby is probably close to 7lbs already.

I have been on EPO for more than a week, but it hasn't seemed to make a difference, yet...been slipping red pepper flakes into my food. It all seems pointless.

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Tomorrow I will be able to have a homebirth and feel like this baby is going to come soon. Plus being atleast 2 cm. My dh says I have to wait until after April 2nd though b/c he's working for someone else next week. I hope someone has a baby soon.
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Well, Lord Willing, it will be ME! hahaha. I am 39 weeks tomorrow, I think or Saturday. And I have never been PG this long either. I have been having twinges here and there and some ctx but nothing even CLOSE to being regular or timeable. These come like once and they're gone for an hour or so. I have alot of pressure down in my pelvic floor along with a weird burning-type feeling that I am HOPING is just my cervix opening some and it feels kinda like my water is just going to break at any second, but alas, it hasn't. Hoping to DTD with DH in a little while and get things moving. We've been pretty faithful about doing it every day, except for yesterday.

Trust me, I'm really ready for a baby. REALLY ready for her to come and to have the homebirth and waterbirth I've always wanted. I just keep lying around thinking...okay, so this baby has just made it's home in there and decided she likes it well enough to stay put....FOREVER. She's never coming out! And I just want to cry. ALOT.

So.....labor dust to me, girls. PLEASE>......please please. Come tonight, baby. TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I didn't make it this far with the last pregnancy either! What is goin on here? I have a play to go to on Saturday, but after that I am hoping it's baby time!
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I've decided I'm gonna have the bean on Monday. *laughs*

So there!
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well, renee, I had decided on the 21st. That didn't happen, as you might have noticed. And DH said he decided on today and as you can also see, THAT didn't happen. If my water would break right now, I could still have her tonight. THERES HOPE YET!
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I've been so *amazed* that everybody has made it to term/nearly term. It seems like a lot of the DDCs have had some super-premies and we just haven't. WTG mamas for cooking all these healthy babes

And for those of you who feel like the babe will never come...remember that no woman has ever been pregnant forever and you *will not* be the first!! My mw was commenting the other day that the end of pg is so miserable b/c no woman in her right mind would choose to labor and push an eight pound baby out of her body...so we have to get so sick of being pg that we are willing to do just that Just a teeny, tiny bit longer and we'll all be done (what a wild thought!)
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me too, me too! i'll be 39 weeks tom and i'm ready any day now. lots of bh's, and 2 "could this be it?' episodes, but nothing yet.
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I'm due at the end....the 29th.....but I think I'm the only one that isn't overly anxious to have this baby. Don't get me wrong, I am so very excited. It's just that I love having this little life growing inside of me and knowing that noone can hurt it right now. As soon as it comes out, I am so going to miss it being inside, and not being able to protect it from the world Is there a such thing as prepartum depression?!?
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I'm not due until the end of the month 22nd or 27th - lol - pick one.

Both boys were a few days past, so I'm thinking the 25th she'll show up. Austin was born on a Saturday and Hunter on a Sunday, so maybe she'll fool me and show up on the 24th (monday?)

I'm pretty sure I won't go early, so lazy baby here. (fine by me though - I'm not prepared!)
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I'm due the 5th with twins. I never in my right mind thought I would still be pregnant. But here I am 38 weeks and 3 days and going insane.

So much for intuition.
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Well, for me, I am not due until the end of April/beginning of May, so it'll be a little bit for me! LOL

However, I have been in SEVERE pain with my pelvis, hips and back (So much so that on Tuesday I couldn't even walk! I had to shuffle my steps and even then I was in SOOOO much pain!) so that when I had my appointment on Wednesday, she told me that if I continue to be in this much pain, then she will induce in a few wekks. (I am 34 weeks now... She wants me to go to 37 before she will induce...) So, I am hoping that I just go early on my own so I don't have to be induced! (DD was 2 wweks early...) But, if I am still in this much pain, then hey, as long as my babe gets here safely and nice and healthy, and it relieves this pain... Induction, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS Newbelly - YAY! That is awesome that you have made it this far with twins!!!!!!!
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Only 36 weeks and a couple o days here It will probably still be awhile. I did lose my mucus plug yesterday (which I've come to the conclusion means absolutely nothing basically). I had some rockin' bh contrax yesterday evening and I was starting to wonder...It's still a bit too early though. They obviously died off eventually. Very strange though, I've had braxton hicks, but these hurt!!! They were lasting about 45 seconds long and coming every 3 to 5 minutes for about half hour I'd say. That was the end of that though...
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I've never been pg this long, either! DS was already 3 days old by now.
DH is out of town this weekend, so Monday or Tuesday of next week would be perfect for me. I'll go ahead and pencil it in.
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