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Homebirthing and circumcision

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After my twins were born my midwife was going over some things with me before she left. She wanted to confirm that I had declined the Vitamin K and PKU and then she asked if I was going to circumcise. I guess she asked because she wanted me to wait a week or so until the baby's blood could clot better. She is very anti-circ and I when I told her I would NOT be circing she was like "YES!" and seemed very relieved. I guess I always assumed homebirthers didn't circ. I was just very surprised she asked me this. Did any of your midwives ask this?
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I'm sure a midwife could answer this better, but from what I gather, it seems about 50/50 (about the national average). You'd think that someone who spends the time to educate themselves about birth and trust in their body to have a natural birth at home would also view circumcision as unnecessary or a violation of human rights, but...not so, I guess.

My former midwives said about half their clients chose to circ.

There's still a lot of work to be done to get rid of the misconceptions that often drive people to circ.
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[My former midwives said about half their clients chose to circ
Wow, that is really shocking. I should ask my midwife, because I would have thought something like 1%.
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My midwife does ask.
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all the midwives I know ask. Many people will see thier Ped for it. There is one group of midwives here with a CNM who will do it in thier office after 1wk. They insist on the pundal block (sp) and refuse to use the bell... None of them agree with Circ, but they do agree with a parents right to choose so they do thier best to inform clients but some people are just bull headed...
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My MW has been a homebirth MW for 27ish years and in one of our birth classes a couple of years ago a Dad asked about circ. He asked how many parents choose to circ and she told him that she didn't want to share that information with him because she thought the decision should be theirs and not based on what others do. He pressed her and she said ZERO, to my knowledge ZERO of the babies I have delivered have been circumcised. Now, I live in Houston where the circ rate is probably 50ish percent.

She did tell him that if they chose to circ (they had a girl) that she had the name of a Moyel and she would rather they use him than an OB/GYN or ped.

I can tell you though that I have one homebirthing neighbor that did circ but of all my homebirthing friends - about 15 none of the circ'd.

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It does seem counterintuitive. i would have thought they asked because of the vitamin K thing. We weren't asked but we had a girl. If it's a boy this time, we definately won't circ. no way. It must be hard if you are a mw who doesn't believe in it, to see parents who make sure the birth is gentle but then go one to do that.
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I have several homebirthing friends who circ'ed for religious reasons. They typically have used a local mohel who will do a non-ritualistic circ in the home.
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Yeah, I know homebirthers who do it for religious reasons and use a moyhl (sp?).

My sister-in-law asked me if I was going to do the circ myself if we had a boy. She wasn't even being snarky, just curious. Um, no. We're not circing at all.

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I don't remember my midwives asking, but I asked their circ rate among their clients, and I forget the number, but it was a lot lower than the provincial rate.
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My midwife with my last birth asked at about 30 weeks what my circ plans were. She was very anti-circ, but had a fair amount of clients who did circ for religious reasons (she is widely used through the local Orthodox Jewish community). So I would say her rate was probably 50/50
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When I was apprenticing with a birth center the midwives never asked about circ. They let the parents bring it up, didnt really give their opinions, but had anti circ literature avaliable in the waiting room. I gave a mom an anti-circ book because she wanted the information, she didnt know why people get it done but knew that dad wanted it done. I kinda got repremanded for the situation but I didnt mind. The woman did end up letting her son be circed but I totally respect her decision, she and her husband had read the entire book and still made the decision, I have to respect that at least they were informed and had both sides to the story. I guess I have become a bit of a no circ nazi, and a bf nazi, and an AP nazi; I might calm down about it someday but for now its all so new and wonderful to me I want to share it with everyone...I can totally understand why christians stand on the corner and preach I feel like doing the same about AP.
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the hb practice i used to work in had a few clients do it, but so few that after my son was circ'd (at hubby's firm insistance), i freaked out, and still worry, b/c i don't really know how a circ'd penis is supposed to look. i have to ask hubby all the time
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My midwife asked if we were going to circ our son and I said no. She said, "Oh good! No point in cutting off half a perfectly good d***." A little crass, but to the point.

My midwife says that about half of her patients circ too...but midwifery here has taken off with most people having hospital births, I believe. It's become trendy to use a midwife...which is fine by me, anything to get the public educated.

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My midwife asked at both the first visit and the 36 week visit. When I said no at the 1st visit she said, "Thank goodness." It was the 1st time dh had met anyone besides me who was anti-circ.

I don't know what her circ rate is.
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My midwife asked if we were going to circ our son and I said no. She said, "Oh good! No point in cutting off half a perfectly good d***."
Oh my! :
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I am constantly surprised by how many of our clients want to circ. I usually ask them at around 30 weeks if they are thinking about circ'ing, and unless they are Jewish or Muslim, try my best to talk them out of it.
Many couples are surprised when they hear that circ'ing is un-necessary, they simply thought it had to be done! Younger couples seem to be more open to not circ'ing, while older couples seem to be more resistant. In one practice I worked at, the rate was probably about 50/50, but the one i'm in now is much lower, I'd guess less than 10%.
I do have the name of a mohel I refer to, who does a quick, moderate circ for those who insist. Fortunately, in my state, insurance will not pay for a not medically indicated circumcision, and the going rate is about $350, so that is often the deciding factor for a lot of couples. Not just the financial aspect, but the fact that it considered elective, cosmetic surgery drives the point across. (This is the only time I can say the ins. companies greed benefits the consumer!)
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I was just going to say that my mw didn't ask... then I realized DUH! I had a girl! Major pregnancy brain. I guess I'll find out after this one. I don't see why they ask though when it's the parents responsibility (should they decide to circ, goodness forbid) to make the appt and take the baby in to the hosp to have it done.
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I ask because I want to make sure they know the facts. I usually ask around 30 weeks or so and have a great, balanced video to loan out. I ask that parents who want to circ at least watch the video so they know how it's done.

In the Pacific NW, the rate of circ'd boys is about 30%, and I'd say about 5-10% of my clients circ - for cosmetic or religious reasons.
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Hmmm .... I think with each midwife (a different one for each of my three) the subject did come up, along with vitamin k, breastfeeding and so on. Seems to me it's just a natural part of being a healthcare provider, especially as each of my midwives provided several well-baby checks over the first couple of weeks.
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