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I think it was the tea tree oil

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Dd hardly ever gets rashes and when she does, they are mild ones caused by infrequent changes, and they go away if I leave her coverless for a couple of hours.

Day before yesterday she got the worst diaper rash of her life. I think I tracked it down to the wipes solution I was using--I hardly ever used it because she doesn't poop that much and when she does, I often just plop her into the sink. But I checked the ingredients list on the wipes solution and it includes tea tree oil.

I guess if tea tree oil is powerful enough to disinfect the bathroom, it's powerful enough to hurt dd's bum.

She's better today, but it's taken lots of coverless time and Balmex to get there. I thought other people might want to read this if they're trying to decide what to put in wipes solution. We've gone back to plain water.
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i've used tto in our wipes solution with no problem, but every baby is different...
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yeah, every babe is different. Mine has never had a problem with it. Glad her bum is all better.
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Yeah, TTO is something that really should never be used on babies or children since many people are sensitive to it. Lavender is supposed to be fine as long as it is well diluted. I just use plain water to prevent any rashes.
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My 2nd dd got a blistered rash from TTO in my wipes solution. Like an idiot, I didn't figure it out right away, and she continued to have a lower grade rash the whole time I was using TTO in my dipe washing routine. We cut it out completely and she never had another rash while she was in dipes. I won't let ds touch it with a ten foot pole, even though he might not be sensitive at all. Her rash was sooooo horrid- I feel so bad for your little one, Juliacat, but glad you figured it out and that she's better!
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be wary of all essential oils with babes under a year, they can be very sensitive and it's best to wait until they're older to start introducing the EOs.

I'm glad the rash is getting better
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My dd also gets rashes from TTO!! We can't use it at all with her...even just a mild bar soap with some TTO in it turns her completely red!!
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DS just had the same reaction and I made the same guess -- it must be the new wipes solution I decided to try. But I wasn't sure which ingredient it was that caused the horrible red rash. Now I assume it must have been the TTO. Thanks for posting this.
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I use TTO in my wipes solution without a problem although I use it in very small quantities. I use 2 drops TTO and 2 drops lavender oil per bottle of solution. I was scared to at first though. Glad you found out your problem!
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I've had this problem with TTO too. I also didn't figure it out right away! We have been rash free, unless I eat strawberries!, ever since!
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How much did you use in the solution? And what else was it mixed with. I use a spray bottle container and a modified /loose version of the fuzbaby recipe for diaper wash solution. I use maybe 3-5 drops of TTO per spray bottle I make up. And I use the spray in conjunction with a spray bottle of water to clean it off. I have personally noticed that if my kids get rashes, the TTO seems to help keep their skin healthy. BUT, it is such a small amount that goes a looong way.I know not everyone can handle it. My kids seem ok. Also, d got staph once from a washtowel that got thrown in the diapers accidentall and the TTO (and aloe vera and olive oil I think) in the solution was the only thing that helped it clear up.
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