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Does this sound "normal" ?

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First, I'll admit, I've a very naughty girl and have not done charting yet. We FB and I just cannot seem to EVER remember! I tried setting my alarm, but I just HATE doing that!

However, I do use OPK's, have pretty regular cycles and here is my question. Does this sound "Normal"?

This month I had spotting on a Tuesday, then Wednesday my period starts. I then had it for 8 days. Day 8 while I'm still spotting some brown I get the EWCM already! Lots of it! This continued through Days 9 and 10. I got the positive OPK on Day 11. We did BD on Day 9, 10 and 11. Now, according to what I've read about OPK's you ovulate like 12-24 hours (or so) AFTER the positive, but by this time I have NO EWCM. Also, right around Day 10 I had cramping.

I don't think I normally ovulate THIS early, but I normally seem to start getting EWCM right after my period and then lose it by the time I actually ovulate. Is that normal?

And if my LP is 14 days or more, would that mean my progesterone is fine?

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Your cycle is a little crazy, unless your period was annovulatory bleeding. It that was true (and you only know by your temps not rising) then you could ovulate a few days after the bleeding. Your body might have gotten ready to ovulate (thus the eggwhite cervical mucus but didn't end up releasing the egg.

I've also heard the OPKs aren't that accurate, so I wouldn't trust them 100%.

Are you just coming off the Pill? If you are your cycles might not be normal for 12 months. Mine took about 6 months to regulate the LP, even though I was ovulating.

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I'm not coming off the pill. I haven't taken it for over 5 years. I know the OPK's aren't totally accurate, but I'm getting definite positives - not like a faint line all month type thing. I get a faint line that gets progressively darker until it's as dark as the other line, and then it goes away and I have no line. So there is definitely an LH surge that happens around Day 11-13, which is accompanied by cramping. The wierd thing is just the EWCM coming BEFORE ovulation and ending right about the time I ovulate or before. If the surge is when ovulation actually happens, then it would make sense, because that's when the cramping/ewcm is - but if ovulation is supposed to happen like a day or two AFTER the positive on the test, then it doesn't make sense, because by then there is no cramping and no more ewcm.
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Usually by the time I ovulate (ovary pain) my eggwhite is gone.

I would really try to start taking your temps, otherwise you never know for sure that you've ovuated. It is hard to do it every morning, but I would set the alarm clock and drink a lot of water before going to sleep for an early morning bathroom stop.

Without seeing a chart it is a little hard to interpret one's cycle.
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Are you sure that the ewcm disappears? Are you going just by what ends up on the TP, or are you actually fishing around inside to see what is near your cervix? TCOYF says that many women never have any visible ewcm, but actually have it near their cervix where it counts.

I also advise the temping. We FB, too, and I refuse to use the alarm clock. Does your DH/SO work? My DH leaves for work at the same time every day, and he gets my thermometer out and puts it in my mouth when he says goodbye at 6:30am. Works great. You could also get him to do that for you when he wakes up...
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SOunds like you bleed for a while - is that normal for you? I O around day 10, but my bleeding only lasts 5 days. My cycle normally runs around 24 or 25 days......
I NEVER have EWCM - never have had it - or not that I remember.

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