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Originally Posted by bethwl
Well, I think that if you are uncomfortable with it, then you should go with your heart. But I read through the original thread and I don't feel that some of the things said in the thread represent an accurate or nuanced analysis of a complicated issue. Is this an issue fraught with complications? Yes. Are we right to worry about working conditions for workers in other countries? Yes. But that does not mean, in my opinion, that Made in China, out of hand, means unethical.
That's right. But isn't that labeled fair trade then so we know about it?
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I personally don't know what it means to be labeled fair-trade and if there is any type of certification process to that. I would be interested to know if anybody out there has specific knowledge on this issue. Is anyone policing the companies that label their products fair-trade? Edited to ask if there is a definition of fair-trade that is agreed on by everyone? You know? It could mean different things to different people.
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Originally Posted by busybusymomma
Even if the factory has been visited- $90 for a baby carrier is a lot of money. I'd rather support a WAHM but that's me.
Sure, some things you import just because it's a special item. I understand buying a pair of Birkenstocks ... but I don't understand having what originated as a WAHM product sent overseas...

Not necessarily agreeing with your entire post, but am agreeing with this part. As both a Birkenstocks fanatic and a WAHM-supporting addict.
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Fair trade certification (y'all might recognize the logo):

This is a complex issue, and one I've struggled with a lot from a manufacturer's perspective. I don't think that sending work overseas is inherently unethical, and hence have had to make some very tough decisions for our company. What it comes down to for me is that if I can find a "neighbor" who has the skills or products that I need, my personal ethic says that I should use them. That's a big IF these days, for many things, like fabric. (We use as many organic fabrics as possible in our products, and we're down to ONE domestic organic fabric mill making prints at all. And only 2-3 domestic mills making (yawn) solids. So it gets harder by the day to keep much of our sourcing in the US.) But I DO know that I will not send my products overseas to lower the price. I'm proud to pay my employees a living wage, and I'm proud to work with local contractors who pay their employees living wages, and I feel fine passing that cost on to my customers.

One more thing to add to the mix is transportation costs, financial and environmental. When I factor in the fossil fuels and such to get a product from China to Texas, then on to the consumer, the "cheap" price of goods doesn't seem so cheap.

One more perspective . . .

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Glad to see this discussion. I was the OP almost 2 years ago that may or may not have sparked this discussion. I was made aware of new discussion on Ergo's being made in China by an Ergo employee. I still feel the same way that I did two years ago. If I had known the Ergos were being made in China, I would have never had bough one. So I do commend Ergo for putting this info on their website now. The sales rep told me that they hadn't received any complaints of the Ergo made in China. I told her that I know they received at least one about two years ago.
Anyway, like others have said, this is a complicated issue. It is very hard to decide what to do. I am fully aware that just because I buy things made in the USA that it doesn't mean fair working conditions. Although we do have laws in place for them whether they are being followed or not. The way I look at it is this, if an American company is using labor oversees, they are taking advantage of cheap labor. Especially when there is a similar carrier, the Sutemi, that is made in the USA. So if I was in the market for a carrier today, I would go with a Sutemi or probably a Kozy. Whatever you decide, at least you thought about it. Most people could care less.

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