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How much do you pay for 1/2 gallon of raw milk?

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The only health food store around here that carries it only has pints and 1/2 gallons... A 1/2 gallon is $7.74!!!!!!! Yowzers. I can buy 2 gallons of pasturized milk for $4.99 at the grocery store. That is so unfair!

Anyway, we have to start saving money for moving and everything, so unfortunatly, some things have to be cut out.
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I get mine through a goat share where I pay $65 a year per share plus $4.50 a gallon. That makes it under $6.00 a gallon for me.
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Wow, I wish they wouldn't have it be so expensive!

I pay 3.50 for a half gallon of certified goat's milk.
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I hate to tell you, but I pay $6.50 for a gallon of raw cows milk. They don't offer it in 1/2 gallon sizes.:
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Hmm, I'm in northern/central California.. I wonder if that could be why it's so expensive....
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What???? I pay $2.50 for a 1/2 gallon of organic, grass-fed, raw milk....(if you don't have your own bottle there is a $2.00 bottle deposit)
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I pay $5.00 a gallon for mine in Texas.
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This is the only source I can find around here: http://www.organicpastures.com/

If anyone from Chico, CA. knows of good places to get raw cows milk, please tell me. I get this at the HFS.

Thankfully the raw milk cheese they sell there is about the same price as the other stuff at my grocery store, so I can buy that. Though $7.99 for a tub of raw milk butter is a bit outrageous.
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I live in California too, and I pay $8 for a half gallon at Whole Foods.
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Eek! Milk sure can be expensive. Part of the year I get free raw goat's milk from my mom but the rest of the year I have the choice of buying a cow share and paying $5/gallon, paying $2.99/quart (ie $11.96/gallon) for local, low heat pasteurized, non-homogenized cow's milk or paying $4.99/gallon for Organic Valley.

Depending on how much money we have for groceries determines which we buy, but lately we've had to stick to the Organic Valley as we're getting back on our feet from dh's job switchover and the state of Indiana holding our tax refund hostage.
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OUCH. I had been looking in go changing to raw milk, but when I satred to inquire I was told it was not legal in MI., to sell it. If anyone knows for something different please let me know.
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Hawthorn Valley Farm in NY just quoted me $3.50 1/2 gallon. It is only legal to buy it directly from the farm. For info on your state and raw milk go to realmilk.com or is it .org? well one of those
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Check out http://www.realmilk.com/

It's not legal for sale in Indiana either, unless you purchase a goat or cow share, which is often refundable... that is you can sell your share back to the farmer when you don't want milk anymore. My prob is finding a farm that is basically "Organic" without having to drive far to get it.... and many of them reuse plastic jugs which just kinda grosses me out.
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I pay $2.5 for a gallon of raw milk.

Its illegal to sell raw milk in my state
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raw milk is always walking that legal line...if there is anyway you can hook into local organic growers groups...you might find someone who you trust and can trust you and will work with you.
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I pay $6/gallon at a local organic farm certified and regulated by the state.
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i pay 3.89.
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I pay 5.00 a gallon but it's well worth it.
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It costs us $2.50 a GALLON (but I pay $6 because I don't take my turn driving to the farm to get it!). I am in missouri.
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$3 per 1/2 gallon
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