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I am so proud of myself for not crying today

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I got up this morning and decided to finish serging the baby wipes I started last night. I got 1/2 way through the last one and all the sudden my machine just stops and the whole front of the house smells like burnt motor I went in to whine to Scott and he comes walking out with me and sees the kids in the back yard. I didnt even give it a second thought that we just had a mesh gate put up so the dog couldnt get into the grass and dig holes in my brand new lawn. It turns out there is a part of the bottom of the fence that the manufacturer didnt put screws into the poles so the kids and the dog could fit right under it. Yep, theres another whole dug in the back. We have had the gate for a whopping 2 days. Then I tried to turn on my computer to get some stuff done and as its loading up this stupid error message keeps popping up saying its turning off a generic windows host processing blah blah blah, but every time I say OK, it pops right back up. I get frustrated and finally get Scott to help me get it going and my computer is freaking out. We run a scan and I have a weird spyware program on it that we cant get rid of. Of course Scott blames me saying I probably got it from a message board or something. I told him I only go to MDC and he really believes that I should stay away from here: Give me a break. He'd be thrilled if he knew I was logged onto here right now on his computer . Great day so far. Its not even noon yet at this point. So, then I get on a different computer to list some auctions and I cant log into ebay. My password doesnt work for some reason. I clicked on the link to get the password recovery e-mail sent to me thinking maybe in a pregnant fog I changed it and cant remember. Well, the e-mail never comes. It turns out someone hacked into my account, changed the password and e-mail addy and made all kinds of illegal offers to sell people stuff and my account was on hold. Spent a good portion of the afternoon getting that taken care of. Right as the eBay guy was calling me to confirm he was talking to me, Sean was bouncing on the couch which I have told him a million times not to do and at least 10 times today and he fell off, hit one side of his head on the coffee table and the other side smacked the tile floor. Luckily he just got a bump and a bruise, but still. It brought me back to flashbacks to Kyle splitting his head open a week before Sean was born and getting stitches and all that fun stuff. Now Scott wants me to run over to best buys and get some software and a few things tonight and I decided it wasnt in my best interest or anyone else on the road for that matter for me to be driving a car or operating any other heavy machinery today. I am just impressed that with everything going on and me being a 37 weeks pregnant crazy woman, I never broke down in tears once.
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Now that was a CRAPPY day! I hope it ended better and you get a good night's sleep, and tomorrow brings you a wonderfully uncrappy day.
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Ditto what Renee said! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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I hope today is better Heather
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I am about to cry just hearing that story, hope your day got better (couldn't get much worse)
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Thanks everyone, today has been much better. I am so glad I have this group to come to you ladies are all terrific
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That's a bad day.

About the computer...

Sounds like you have spyware issues. And those windows messages, I fear, are really internet windows. Click to close them instead of clicking ok.

I hope you have spybot or something similar that you run once a week. I know I get problems if I don't run it regularly.

Good luck.
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thank goodness tomorrow is another day, right... what a terrible day I hope you got all your share of bad luck in one day and the rest of your pregnancy is worry-free!
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awww, bless your heart. I have days like that too.... sorry to hear it was so crappy but I'm with you...YAY! That you didn't cry! now that is a good thing. See how you were able to find something positive out of all of that? That's what counts the most! Go take a nice, warm bath, light some candles, eat some chocolate and VEG with a GOOD book!

Thinking of you and sending you tons of hugs!
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