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Originally Posted by Yulia_R
My OB told me yesterday that only 50% of Downs show marks on 18-20 weeks u/s, another half appear totally normal . So 18-20 weeks u/s is only 50% accurate
This is true. That's why most do 2 level 2 ultrasounds, one early and one later. The doctor we were referred to does them 7 weeks apart. I just had my second one today because I am "advanced maternal age" and refused all other testing. They do the measurements, look for the markers and do a fetal echocardiogram on the heart. The doctor told me if these all come out good, the baby is fine. For us, it came out great. The baby has no markers at all, not even the so called "soft markers". Also, it depends on who does the ultrasound. Ours was done by a maternal/fetal medicine specialist so the results are probably more accurate than a regular ultrasound technician or an OB, since he specializes in this type of thing.
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Its appalling how many women have been scared by these tests.

I chose to deny all testing for this reason. They don't improve outcomes and they put everyone through stress and worry.

To the OP, please relax. I've met more people with false positives than negatives I think. Its insane.

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THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! To all the mamas who took the time to share their stories and help ease my burden!
Well, I finally spoke to the doctor today, and get this...
she said at my age (ok, I was 33 the day I took the test, turned 34 the next day, so what age might that be? ) the risk of a Downs baby is 1 in 300. My score came out (she couldn't remember exactly) i in 297 or 296! Sheesh, all that fuss for what???

I told her I wasn't interseted in an amnio (for all the obvious reasons, not the least of which is the very horrifying thought of it!) and I just couldn't justify the risks involved, but I was already scheduled for a second ultrasound in 2 weeks. If they find any red flags at my u/s, then and only then would I even consider thinking about maybe entertaining the idea of amnio.

I think the bottom line is these ob/gyns are just trying to cover their you-know-whats and they don't want to take any risks, however slight. Truth is, pregnancy/parenthood-- let's face it, life in general-- is a crap shoot any way you slice it. (What Mrs. Gump would refer to as a box of chocolates!)

If I get pregnant again, even though I'd be older, and fall into that dark scary heading of "35 and over', I still would not take that test again. (Imagine if you peed on a pregnancy test stick and it told you "Your chances of being pregnant are 1 in X, and there's an X% chance of a false positive"! How many of us would take it?????)

Thanks again!
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You're exactly right blissmonkey..they are trying to cover their behinds. I'm so glad that you had better news from the doctor.
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oh yay! so glad it was good news!

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