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Are there any Christians here???
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Yeah we're here, our threads just got buried.


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Yes, we are here..believe it or not,ha ha...
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I fear I’m too new to this all!! All these Dh, and such… I’m too new at this computer lingo

Thanks for the welcome though!!
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me, too!
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there *are* Christian natural parents? For some reason there's so much New Age in "natural," which God created in *His* perfect design! I was a little wary of going to spirituality; but, I'm glad to know we represent! *waving hand*
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wanabmomie, I'm a little confused- your a christian, but a new age chrstian? : or am I totally off on that too?

Good to meet you regardless!
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*note from moderator--post temporarily deleted until OP can edit.
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Good to hear about your pregancy! you must be so excited!! how far along are you?
You plan to have a home birth? I'm assuming this is your first child (by your post name). new and exciting stuff coming your way.

I'm SO GLAD to hear your a christian!!!! and not a borderline christian! so many take Christ and pull and pick apart what He is, and what being a christian means. putting their idea of what is good.

Anyway a little off the subject, what is Crunch?? or being a crunch?? ((so confused!!)) ha.:
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YES there are Christian natural mommas! But be careful because there are many who call themselves Christians but they have more pagan beliefs than the Truth in their behavior. Of course that's their business, but if you are a real Christian, you will of course want Jesus Christ at the center of all you do, and God's Word as the foundation of your understanding of what is true. Please be careful and glean.

The Lord is in charge of the best natural stuff available...He DESIGNED it. He will lead you even if you don't find anyone else who could support you...He led me when no one was even breast feeding at all...I just knew that was the ONLY way for me to go. Now you can get all sorts of support, just remember to let Him lead you!

BTW, good for you food tastes better the more you eat it.

Youre not a really a wannaB, youre a for real, God bless you!
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we are *so* excited! especially since the enemy would have me believe I was infertile and taunted me about it, and then my *Daddy* came to my rescue and told me as I was making getting a fertility referral at the end of my yearly physical, and told me that *I* was pregnant!!! I was booted out of my family practice that I've been going to since I was a teen, and now I have to find a midwife. Breathe at the NC board is gonna give me some refs, so I can find out all this stuff! I'd like a home birth, but, I want water and don't have a large tub! This is our first, we found out on Valentines!

I'm a Chnstian, and I've been serving as a Worship Leader for three years now. We are a very strongly lead church. The Bible talks of being hot or cold and not being lukewarm. In these last days, you can't afford to! You have to *know* and stand on what you believe! So many folks don't read the *Blble*! I still can't believe I am talking about this in a Mothering forum and I'm not getting flamed! I just expected to come here for *physical* (I figured we didn't agree on enough for the other stuff), care advice for my baby!

Oh...and crunchy....well, since I came back to being natural, I've heard in response to being a granola. You heard that term? That's us! BF, CD, natural birth.....out of the mainstream!
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I am a Christian!! Jesus Rules, and saves, too!!
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thanks, Queenbee! My spirit is lifted to be in the midst of family! I feel *so* much better that I found yall! Now.....are any of yall in Raleigh, or Eastern NC?
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I lived in Fayettville for a few months when I was a child. I live in VT now.
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This is an unusual place for Christians to meet, I agree, PRAY A LOT. If there's a flame, let it be the ALL CONSUMING FIRE! He puts up a FIREWALL. HA!
I only stopped in to see what's here, and since you are, I'll stay and visit...and see what He's up to.

I do not know all these terms. What is crunchy??
And what is AP??

Congrats on your November babe! Did I count right?

Bless you bunches and keep on singing.
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NM....that's that the Bible says though, you're not old -fashioned, its just folks don't read the Bible! I am the Way the Truth and the Life, noone comes to the Father, but by Me! The Word also says not to add or subtract from it! We are *so* excited; but, would yall pray? I need to get to a midwife, I'm really concerned about the spotting, although my friend said don't worry and the cramping. I just want to hear my midwife say it! I just have to stand on the Word that my minister gave me, from Prov. that the blessings of the Lord are rich and He will add no sorrow to it.

Jesus Freak, from the Jesus Movement? Cool!

I really *love* Hillsong Music Australia! I do a lot of their stuff! Contemporary! I was listening to Christian History and they were saying that the style, the Praise and Worship Genre has its roots in the Jesus Movement!

Catch u later! I better call it a night! Great to meet yall!!!!!
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Welcome queenbee and wannabmommie.

I agree that the Praise and Worship Genre has its roots in the Jesus Movement of the 70's. We were all just a bunch of peace loving Jesus freaks back then, and the traditional religious types were pretty suspicious of us all! I can't say that much has changed in most Christian circles, unfortunately. We are a family of worshipers (worship leaders) and find a lot of resistance to change within the Church. Too often, tradition and percieved beliefs seem to hold more weight than what the Word actually says.

NM, I love your strong moral stand on these boards. Keep fighting the good fight!

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Hello Muuther

I like your two "uu"'s !
Thanks for starting this thread. When I first got here, I didn't think to thank. Sorry.
Yes, the Lord seems to be calling us into many new places.

Thanks for the welcome Barbara.
Nursing Mother, I love it....yes, sing and pray!

WannaB, I LOVE HILLSONGS TOO!!! I love to worship.
Best thing I know is to worship HIM.

Bladestar, I'll bet it's cold over there.

later ladies
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