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I think I want to apologize to you. I think I was the one who said something negative - referring to people not being "real" Christians. Please forgive. Who has everything right anyway? We all have so much to learn. I think I'm a real Christian, but to me that simply means wanting to totally receive Christ...and let Him make the needed heart changes. There are some who will call themselves Christian and then demand that you fit into THEIR definition of that term and that is what I meant. God will direct, and hopefully any Christians on this thread will allow Him to do that.

I hope I have made things right.
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Don't worry about it queenbee, sometimes trolls come and try to stir up trouble with the Christians, so we are all a little careful with new members that come on strong.

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queenbee -- you and I are okay!
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Hello everyone

Just stopping in to say hi, and that I'm a Christian as well.

I don't come to this forum too often, but I see I should drop in more.

I don't think having times of doubt or searching is a bad thing. It's been my experience that during some of the hardest most confusing times of my life, that's when God was really able to teach me.

It's great to connect with mothers who are AP. I don't have anyone near where I live who feels like I do right now, so I loved finding this board. Dh and I are in the process of trying to find a new church as well, but I am at a loss as where to start.

The right doctrine is so important to me, but in the past, at the churches I've attended, it's either good social environment, iffy beliefs or firm beliefs and bad social environment.

Hopefully, things will change, and we will be able to find a church that can meet the needs we have, both spiritually and socially.

Again, hello to all of you.

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Hello Alison, I agree that times of doubt or searching are often the times that we grow the most in our faith and spirituality. God really seems to love a searching heart. I wish you well in your search for a church. It is so hard to find a church where you can fit in and feel like family. Christians come in so many different varities and flavors!

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OH Mamaduck, thank you!

Barbara, trolls? oh please? If I could figure out where all those nifty smileys come from I'd post one with crooked eyes scratching his head.

I so like your signature line... I would have said it to you about our search for church...ooooh that rhymes.

***The hardest part of love is letting go...but there's a greater love that holds us.***

As we leave what we used to call "church" we are letting go, and He is the greater Love that holds us....and does all that is necessary before re-uniting us to be His Bride.

Nursing Mother,
I went to www.GentleMothering.com ....thank you. I finally understand AP...and it's what I've done all along.... I had no idea.

Bless you moms.
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Queenbee - smilies are on the right side of your screen when you post a reply. click on the "get more" lik at the bottom of thier box and you can see them all. thenjust click on the smily you want and close the window. it will appear typed out on your reply but then when your post posts it will be a smily (most of the time. miine just haven't been working all that well lately.) here are some of my favs:

Another thing about AP: i like to think about it as loving our children like Christ loves us. I mean think about how he treats you. Does he let you eat when your hungry or does he smite you at the fridge (perhaps a little smiting would be good for my hips ), if you get out of line does he rant rave and strike you, no he gently leads you back where you need to be. does he let you scream and cry or does he come along side you and offer comfort? Thats what gets me about ezzo (if you are not familiar with the whole babywise stuff do a search there is plenty of ranting and raving for a lifetime) crap. Why do people think ignoring and demeaning your child is going to leads them to someone - Christ - who is completely opposite. i digress.
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Barbara, thank you for your well wishes on the church search. It is so true, there are so many different kinds of people and personalities in churches. Our current church has no people my age. There are a lot of people in the 3-15 and 60+ age brackets. I'm 28, as is dh, so we are virtually at a stage in life that no one else can relate to there. We need to find someplace where people are our age and who have young children. It should be an interesting year.

Queen Bee, thank you as well. That quote is from a song by Michael W. Smith from his I2Eye album. The song is 'Pray for Me', and it's one of my favorite songs, because the main theme is that as Christians, even if we are seperated physically, God's love does always bind us together.

Have a good night, everyone.
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Another thing about AP: i like to think about it as loving our children like Christ loves us. I mean think about how he treats you. Does he let you eat when your hungry or does he smite you at the fridge (perhaps a little smiting would be good for my hips ), if you get out of line does he rant rave and strike you, no he gently leads you back where you need to be. does he let you scream and cry or does he come along side you and offer comfort? Thats
Yes, Krisday. I think about this too. But I also think about the reverse. "Whatever you do for the least of these, you do also for me." I treat my children the way I would treat Jesus. And goodness knows, I probably see Jesus in their sweet eyes more often than they see Him in mine.
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Yes, I was kicked out of a church for advocating AP style of parenting.

"some people would say I'm in sin" so I was told (direct quote) and when I challenged the pastor to open his *bible* to cite chapter and verse I was accused of being "combattive".

Funny thing, Ezzo strongly advocates parents become "parent-centered" to teach the child "other-centeredness".

Like Jesus came to earth, suffered and *died* for us the perfect model of.......parent-centered or *servant-leader*.

Parenting a baby is the closest most of us will get to modeling the Fatherness of G-d.

And we have schmucks making loads of $$$ teaching their swill in the Name of G-d......

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I'm so sorry you were kicked out of a church for your parenting beilefs, but I'm not at all surprised. Sometimes Christians can be the most un-Christ-like people around!

It is sad to see that the Ezzo stuff is still being taught in churches after we fought so hard to expose him nearly 10 years ago! You'd think the Church would be wiser than that!

Alison, do keep us posted on your search for a church. Have you checked out a Vineyard church? We had a thread awhile back on different churches and what people liked or didn't like about them. Maybe you can did it up in the archives. Blessings on your journey....
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muutherof 2..I have finally gottne to the point of admitting complete and utter frustration with tyring to study the Bible alone. I will read a passage and then ponder it for DAYS!!!

I am one of those people who wants to know EVERYTHING about the entire situation.I want to know that translations, how the people lived,the history of the time and the place..and WHY they did what they DID!!!!Every question leads to a new question.

I have often wanted to study religion on a college level, and someday when my kiddoes are grown I shall do so...I did take a course in highschool, but I was lazy then and it was a HARD class. I ended up dropping out of it..and I kick myself in the fanny now.

I could fill pages with the questions I have after reading the Bible!!!I love ANY documantary I can find on Biblical times and lives....

I need ANSWERS!!!!

Queen bee, I am sorry that I never came back to re read this post/thread..adn to answer your qeustion about what is AP. I am glad that others were able to answer your question for you!!They sure did a better job than I could have!!!

I think I will be brae and take the advice given and crack a certain book open instead of just carrying it with me everywhere i my car.

I really think alot about what type of church to join. I have often thought about becoming Mennonite, as I have friends who are mennotniee and I really respect their lifestlye and philosophys( newer order,not old order/bonnets and etc>)

I go back and forth. I want to try something out..but I back away from it in fear.

I have constant inner battles over many things regarding my faith and what it truley means to be who I am and what I am. I also have a hardt ime taking to myself as the gospel truth what some earthly person tells me is so..as opposed to what God may have really meant....this can get a person in trouble!!!

And..I have friends with pagan leanings whom I love dearly and would never want to sit injudgement of.Gota go..little boy coming to find me after waking up!!!
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My SIL and BIL lived in Raleigh (sp) for awhile.

What church do you attend?

My daughter is a Marine stationed in Lejeune as well.

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u spelled it right! I am WL at Philadelphia Community Church in Rocky Mount, down east. I went to school down east and went to that church, became their new WL, when the other one left. Lejeune is a ways. She getting called up?
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She might be called but her Gunny loves her (because she's smart, learns fast, and can do anything that needs to be done in her office.)

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OH! So many posts and so little brain power.

Avonlea, youre a researcher! Get a Bible program and some study aids for your computer and have a blast. I get carried deep into it also. Just love it. But I fear that going to a college course would inhibit my freedom...they all have boxes, you know...and so I just ask the Lord to keep me on my toes and on HIS track. He is faithful to complete what He has begun in us.

We haven't been called to judge people...although we tend to....I think we are to judge when some THING is wrong, (as His word reveals it) and not hide that truth, but we are most assuredly to LOVE the people around us. There is no doubt about that.

My son smokes, I'm judging it's wrong because it is not healthy for him...but I love him...and he continues to smoke. If he was seriously lying though (bearing false witness), I'd probably ask him to leave...or murder, well then I'd call the police...duh...but I STILL LOVE HIM.
Judge things, love people? Yes? If they come after you to harm you, stop them as best you can...pray for the Lord to reveal truth and heal.
I think that's closest to right.

Ramble over.
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On one hand I'm really sorry you were excluded from your "Christian" fellowship. Sorry for them. On the other hand I'm glad you will be seeking HIS face on the whole issue. Now take those two hands and clap and rejoice because He has a plan that will thrill you.

I'm just having a hard time understanding what is sin about your parenting style? What did they say you were doing wrong anyway?

I am really interested in hearing this.

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Just normal AP stuff, breastfeeding, gentle parenting, family bed, etc.

Nothing radical (by Mothering standards )

More details if you're *really* interested.

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::just wanted to send you all a smile!!::
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