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What did it take for your to get pg?

Poll Results: What did it take for you to get pg?

  • 29% (16)
    first month trying
  • 18% (10)
    2-3 mos.
  • 3% (2)
    4-6 mos.
  • 7% (4)
    6-9 mos.
  • 1% (1)
    9-12 mos.
  • 20% (11)
    12+ mos.
  • 7% (4)
    just had sex a lot
  • 5% (3)
    charted and/or cp/cm
  • 5% (3)
    some IF treatment
  • 1% (1)
    serious IF treatment
55 Total Votes  
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Check all that apply
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Almost 3 years...

I went off the pill in May or June of 1999 and it took nearly a year for my cycles to come around to something resembling a reasonable length. After that, I don't think I was ovulating every cycle but I didn't know about charting or anything. Finally, in early 2002 we started getting referrals and appointments for fertility testing. As part of that, I did start charting, but not very faithfully. Our appointment was scheduled for June 20, and I found out I was pg on June 16. Still waiting for the baby to get here, though.

I do wish I'd known about MDC when we were TTC - I think it would have been a lot less stressful and maybe a faster process. Who knows?

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With ds, we weren't really trying, but we weren't "not trying" either. It went like this: married in August, no bc used, pregnant the following May.

This time around we have been BDing without bc since December. However, we have not been BDing enough. This cycle I will be charting and BDing almost everyday as soon as AF leaves. It's *almost* everyday instead of everyday b/c DH has a few business trips. Ugh! At least it's a relatively mellow travel month for him -- sometimes he's gone for 1-2 weeks at a time. We'll do our best.
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Took us 18 months! I have issues with insulin resistance and irregular periods, so I wasn't ovulating. My doc put me on glucophage and less than a month later I was pregnant. Oops! That was last May/June (conceived in June) and the kiddo is due in a couple of weeks or so. I've also drastically changed my eating habits and have been fortunate to not have blood sugar issues/GD during pregnancy.
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well, for us...

let's see, our firstborn:
we tried for like a year and then we got pg, but I attribute not getting pg right away to being so young, and my body still learning how to ovulate etc... Anyway, the month I got pg with him, I had this pain on my side and "knew" I had a chance to get pg.
With baby #2, it took one month! I had nagged dh for 3 yrs to let go and to procreate- but finally, after a month of being together quite a lot, it happened
At present, we are still ttc, this would be month 2. Thought we had gotten pg on month 1, but it was a no-go. So, here we are!!
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We started TTC in August 2001 and I started charting temps the second cycle. My cycles varied greatly in length, but my BBT showed that I was ovulating.

I went to see an RE in April, but got pg the very next cycle, only to end in m/c with a blighted ovum last July.

My cycles were actually normal after the m/c until December when I didn't O until cd28!! So in January I gave in to Clomid... it worked! I feel very fortunate that it worked for us the first time out. So far so good with hCG results.

At the end I was charting BBT& cm, using OPK's from www.saveontests.com and noticing O pains that I didn't have/notice earlier in TTC.

Babydust to all
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We were successful our 2nd month of trying. And I consider myself to be SO lucky that things worked out that quickly, because I had just gotten off 5 years on norplant 5 months before I got pregnant, and had heard horror stories about ovulation not happening for a long time after getting off of it (and I will NEVER again be on hormonal birth control AGAIN ick ick ick)...
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1 st pregnancy it took changing partners, lol. I had tried with my previous SO but never got pg. We broke up and with my new SO got pg the first month we tried.

second pregnancy, we tried for a long time (years) and got pg first month using opk's. But I lost that one.

Haven't been pg since.
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Both my children were concieved first month trying.

My dh and I started to try last month then found I have a lump on my thyroid, we have since stopped trying SO HARD.... (LOL) but we kinda still hope it happens.

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My oldest daughter was a "through 2 forms of birth control" surprise

My second and third were conceived within 2 months of trying.

Now my new Dh and I have been trying since June 2002 and nothing yet

So I voted "first month" and "2-3 months" I hope I can say I will conceive the next babies without help too!
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I could only check one thing. We started TTC in 3/97 and welcomed our first child by adoption in August 99. After more tx and a surgery, we did get pg with an IUI on 7/7/00. My dd was born 3/01. I'm still amazed at the whole process.

So now, we've been having perfectly timed bms for over a year and nada. I'm so bummed out about it that I was severely depressed when my friend turned up pg recently after they decided not to have any more. Sigh. It's going to be very difficult going through tx with two small ones and the nearest clinic an hour away.

Not sure if IUI will work again and not really sure I want to go through IVF. Now I know what I'd be missing by not even trying but just not sure I'm up for all that. I'll miss some of the things surrounding pg and giving birth but I'd be just as happy with adopting another sweetie. I actually was a greeter at the airport on 2/14 to welcome a baby home from Korea and it was awesome!
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I voted first month trying. I had AF starting Oct. 4. Dh and I got married Oct. 17, found out I was pregnant 2 1/2 weeks later (thank G-d). I was kinda funny, 'cause after I got married I started researchiing FAM, herbal fertility boosters, etc., little did I know I was already preg. Yea!

Now I've been "trying" for 7 months (lol), but dd is only 7 mo, and no PPAF. We'll see how long it takes this time... don't know if the months before PPAF/O "count".

GL everyone!
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i voted had sex. i was checking secretions, and occasionally temp, but just cuz i was curious, and we weren't always having sex during the 'hot spots', and i was pretty regular, a little longer than usual, and we weren't using precautions b/c we were planning for it to happen. so, i don't really count from the time we stopped not trying, but i don't know how long it really took because we weren't effectively trying every month. however, the time that it stuck, i knew i was o'ing and dh said, is this a no pg day or a probably get pg day? i said - potential for pgness, yes. and, well, voila.

i don't know if my sig's clear - our edd is mothers day. perhaps i should say edd instead of "~" - hmmm
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I had one 2-3 months and one "not trying" (no option there...)

I just love the title of the thread. "What did it take?" Uh... sex? Once we were behind each other, once I was on top :LOL :LOL (or so we think, anyway... )

Well, at least I didn't "get myself pregnant."
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We were pleasantly surprised to succeed our 2nd month of trying, 4 months after stopping BCP. Now we are ttc #2 and in our second month 2ww. It would be a little eerie to "stick" this month, as my cycle and our BD have been on exactly the same calendar days as with ds 4 years ago.

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Originally posted by simonee
"What did it take?" Uh... sex?

I know that I probably took this the wrong way because it's been an awful week, my friend just got pg when they didn't want to and I think I'm pms'ing, but not everyone can get pg this way. It's really heartbreaking to see af month after month with perfectly time sex.
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well....i have never conceived to my knowledge - but I thought I would throw out my $.02.
I have been trying since March of last year - which is 11 months and only 9 cycles - which was the first problem.
MAJORLY irregular cycles....31 days to 54 days. O can happen cd 18 or cd 40....
So after almost a year of charting and temping and 6 months of OPKs...I went to the doc to get some blood tests done....and everything came back normal.
So this cycle I am on Clomid - hoping that will at leat get the O where I can find it and dh and I are not so exhausted by the time it shows up we can actually bd when we are supposed to.
Good luck to all ttc!!!
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mama2m&m ~ Sorry about that. Please accept my apologies... I've done that once before, be insensitive on a thread about conceiving and only realizing after seeing other responses that it was on TTC and that not everybody is that lucky.

I was trying to joke, but these types of jokes aren't funny for everybody. Again, sorry. And I know that not everybody gets pg with just sex ~ my stupid joke reflected my initial response. Stupid.

Anyway, wishing you all lots of babydust


(believe me, it's worked on a few people here before)

And please know that if I could share my fertility, I would. In a heartbeat.
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There's no category for my answer: 7 years and have never been pg.

Mama2m&m, this is kind of OT but I would love to hear your thoughts on why you chose to return to ttc after adopting. I have a 7-month old ds through adoption and am strongly toying with ttc again. Part of me wants to adopt again so ds will have a sibling who will understand what it's like to be adopted, and also because we had a very joyous experience adopting. But part of me still wants to know what pg and birth are like. I feel strongly that I could conceive with the right kind of help (holistic) and we hardly did any medical treatments anyway, so I have no reason to think i I couldn't conceive (except that it's been 7 years!). Sometimes I feel like by wanting to ttc I must deep down think that adoption is second best--but I know that's not true. It's just that I've now experienced one thing and want to know what the other way is like!

Hope I'm not straying too far from the OP.
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hi all-
I answered some IF treatment. We did get pregnant 1x 5 yrs ago without "trying" (just unprotected, untimed sex) but that ended in a M/C (blighted ovum) & after 5 more years (9 years together total), we realized it was the exception, not the rule.
So after several years charting & TTC on our own, we finally went medical & after 10 months of appts & investigating- saw 1 Gyn specialist, 2 REs & an NP, we decided on our treatment & got pg the 1st cycle of treatment. Pretty amazing to look back @ now that I am 6 months along!
Much baby dust to everyone here @ TTC- without the support of this board I don't think I would be pregnant to answer this question!
blessings, Maria
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