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I seem to be quite the hodge-podge.

Sensitive Tan - 9
Violet, Yellow, Environmental Tan - 8
Indigo, Crystal, Lavender - 7
Blue, Green, Abstract Tan - 6

I wasn't excited about being "tan" :LOL but this is kind of cool:

"The Sensitive Tan is the bridge between the mental colors and the emotional colors. [...] Sensitive Tans incorporate the characteristics of mental, analytical logic with loving and intuitive compassion."

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I got sensitive tan and indigo
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Violet/Indigo/Magenta were my top three (1 point away from each other) with a probable red overlay.

This means, ummm....I dunno what they mean in combination! That I have lots of variations of the red/purple shades in my life?
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blue 12, sensitive tan 10, yellow 8, crystal 7, indigo/violet 5..... very interesting... i have a good friend who used to read auras, or said he could-- maybe i should track him down!
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Thanks for the quiz, that was neat.

Indigo (12) and Lavender (11) were the highest. I also had Yellow, Crystal and Violet with 8. It was right on for me when I read the descriptions.

Can anyone see their own aura?
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I'm an Indigo (9) blue (7).
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Blue and Yellow (both 9)
Lavender and Crystal (both 7)
Indigo and Green (both 6)

Hmm...seems pretty varied to me.
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I am a bit of a mix, but I am mostly Yellow/violet/blue but I read the descriptions and don't feel the blue as much as the yellow and violet!
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This was neat!

I tied in four colors (each 11s!)....I am:
Crystal - Blue - Sensitive Tan - Environmental Tan & have a Red Overlay

several 7,8, & 9s in other colors too - guess that is the Crystal at work huh?!
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I'm black!

I always knew I was highly spiritual.
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The one I got most in was blue (10) and then in second with a triple tie came yellow (9), crystal (9), and green(9).
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wow! that was a really cool quiz!! and very accurate!

im lots of colors, but all fit my multi personalities :LOL

w/ a red overlay want to get rid of that red overlay!!
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that was very interesting.....I am sensitive tan, blue , violet
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Fun! I'm totally a yellow!
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very cool! I used to be able to see auras more vividly when I was younger- my high school science teacher was the most bold blue I've ever seen!

My colors:
Blue- 10
Indigo- 9

no red overlay (I think I shed that in recent years)
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violet = 10

indigo, blue and greens = 7
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I was 9 senitive tan and 11 blue. I also have a red overlay
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