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been away

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I just wanted to say that I'm back online after a wee hiaitus. I had my mom visiting for 2 weeks so really stayed off the computer so as not to be anti-social, and i also had 2 scares, one which put me in the hospital for a day being monitored, and the other where I was bleeding bright red which hasn't been explained. I did a couple of weeks of bedrest and things seem to be back to normal, so I'm back to modified-modified-bedrest (basically house arrest).

Hope to be back on the board more now!

ps. I ordered my Maya Wrap ring sling the other day! I can't wait to get it. And after the baby comes, I'm going to make my own wrap. Woo hoo!

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Hi Donna- hope things are looking good! Sorry about the house arrest, been there!
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