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Congratulations and welcome to the world Meade (great name!)
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Whew -- finally got a minute -- thanks so much, everyone, for the congrats and encouragement on the breastfeeding...it's really starting to come together already (at 4 days!). I thought I needed to be an octopus there for a while, and dh was totally in there helping me all the time -- we had to stimulate Meade all the time or he would fall asleep as soon as he latched on, or he would just cry and cry. But he seems to have figured it out and boy, is he a strong nurser!! He's wearing me out...

We went to our first pediatrician visit today, and were shocked to find out that he has a quite high bilirubin level (jaundice) - the number was 18.5!!!! -and the doc wanted to have him readmitted to the hospital -- AACK!! But then we convinced him to send us a "home therapist" with a light blanket instead -- funky contraption that wraps around him and puts light on his midsection (makes him look like he glows in the dark!!) We're supposed to use it for 24 hours, and then go back and get tested again tomorrow. Thank goodness we didn't have to go back to the hospital and have him put under the big lights. We did go back this afternoon to get the level tested again, and after some serious feeding all morning as well as dh holding him in the sun for an hour or so this morning, it had dropped to 17.5. Yay! I'm sure tomorrow will show a big improvement. He is eating like a horse and that helps him to flush out the bilirubin (also pooping like a horse!!!!)

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