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need help with breastpump selection

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i am absolutely obssessing over this! please helpm and forgive typing as we're nak :

i'm going to go back to wrok some time in the next couple of months after baby #4. i always breastfeed for a long time. (like i'm still nursing two right now)

i have the pump in style i used with #3--a great pump and mine still works perfectly. just got it checkd out and got the new kit with bottles, valves tc.

BUT, i got hooked on the idea of a whittlestone--basically that it was easier on the breasts, which really appeals to me since this baby is allergi to dairy like my third was, and i can see myself pumping for a couple of years again *sigh*. so i ordered one. haven't opened it yet, but it's here. but they get very mixed reviews--either people love them or they hate them. good thing is that they are made to be safe for resale, so you can do it with a clean conscience and get your $ back.

but then, someone told me about this whisper soft pump that you can just hoo on and go about your business with. oh my! it sounds too good to be true. now i want to have thisone instead.

clearly, i'm just totally out of it on this subject, lol, but if you haveexperience with any of these, and especially if you can compare their performance, will you please let me know? thanks so much
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I was coming to ask the exact same question. Which one? I'm leaning towards whittlestone - the super whisper seems a little too good to be true. Someone help us!
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I would love to hear about them too...not that I need one...I just like market research!
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I love what I hear about the Whittlestone. I will definitely get one for the next baby. I have trouble letting down for my Pump in Style-- the suction feels nothing like a nursing babe!
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