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tell me about your cravings

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I thought it might be fun to see what crazy foods all the mamas-to-be are craving. So far I have had a hankering for horseradish, tuna and grape juice (not necessarily all together). What foods can you just not do without these days???
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one of the weirdest things i craved when i was pregnant with ds#1, was anchovies! i kept tubes of anchovie paste in the house and would squeeze it on italian bread. all the time!!

oh, and i had to have those mcdonalds barbeque pork sandwiches (this was almost 13yrs ago!).
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One week it was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. This week it's cheese quesadillas with extra sharp cheddar. And pretty much for the past month I've been craving pickles. They have to be vlasic (the crunchy ones) dill pickles. Though I'm wishing I could get my hands on some different pickled veggies (like the Japanese eat. They pickle everything!)

Oh, and sweet curry.
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I'm craving Pickles, waffles, english muffins, seafood (shrimp, lobster), and mexican food. But fatty stuff makes me feel pukey... so I'm avoiding the mexican food! And haven't gotten to have the seafood yet, but I still want it!!!!
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In the beginning of this pregnancy I craved everything sour - pickles, cole slaw, lemons. . .

Now (I'm 5 1/2 months along) my biggest craving is slices of cheddar cheese topped with roasted red peppers on top of triskut crackers.

Oh and of course anything Ben and Jerry's
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With dd all I wanted was black olives....by the can I would eat them.

This time I'm loving salad...ceaser salad and potato salad....yummy.
But not cravings like I had with first pg....it's more like if I smell it I want it type thing or if I see it (commercial or at the store). Like right now I really want bruchetta (sp??) bread.....
Around Christmas time though...all I wanted was pickles....chips, the actual pickles....

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potatoes...potato soup, baked potatoes with hummus and tahini (i don't eat dairy), baked tater tots...that's about it. during my first pg i wanted eggs and cheese, but not this time. i do find that i need lots of variety--ordering in Chinese just does absolutely nothing for me anymore.
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Fun thread!

A month or so ago, I was craving Sour Patch kids candy like crazy. It was just the sour candy thing I think. I went through about four or so bags in one week , although I can't even stand the thought of eating them now.

I went to the grocery store a week or so ago, and was almost in tears because I knew I needed to eat and couldn't think of anything htat sounded good. It wasn't until my cart was filled with oranges, kiwis, mangoes, grapes, strawberries and pea pods that I realized that my body definitely needed vitamin C! The only problem when I got home was what to eat first with my ever shrinking stomach. Definitely much healthier than the sour patch kids.

Oh, and mashed potatoes has been the staple food this pregnancy. Weird. :
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Today, tacos. Two days ago, fast food with fries with pepper on them. The most frequent craving I've had over the last 8 months is for fried chicken. (Gross!) Most of it is a result of needing protein; it's a challenge for me to eat enough of it!

OMIGOSH-- I almost forgot: ORANGES!! I want to eat them all day long!
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Well i'm 3 months in and the only real "I've got to have it now" craving I have had was for green grapes. I was at work when it hit me (I work evenings) so I called my husband at home and asked him to pick some up for when I got home from work. He didn't even question me...I guess he was expecting something worse like pickles and ice cream.

I used to have a total sweet tooth before I got pg but now I could care less about sweets.
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Ok now I want watermellon, olives and fried chicken! :LOL I'm doing a lot of craving when I see/hear things on tv or reading... Cept fatty foods make me also be queasy. So I WANT fried chicken but at the same time the thought makes me wanna throw up. Yuck!
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Funnily enough, I've not really had any cravings with this pregnancy...not any aversions either.

With my two previous pregnancies, though, I wanted to eat pineapple ALL the time, and I couldn't stand anything with tomatoes in it.

Weird, huh? Although I will admit to eating lots of potatoes...they seem to settle my stomach. But I wouldn't say that I'm craving them.
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With DS I HAD TO HAVE McDonald's cheeseburger happy meals. All the time. Only thing that tasted good. This time I am craving much healthier (thank goodness). I have to have raw vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, etc with ranch dressing. Also fresh fruit. Oranges specifically... I have a whole bag of oranges at my desk. I normally drink way too much pop thru the day while at work... now it makes me want to hurl most of the time (another good thing, I guess).

Oh, and I almost forgot... I hate milk (with a passion) but chocolate milk tastes sooo good right now.
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Used to be when I was pg with the 1st 2 it was all about steak, and crab legs.. This one is all about crap food.. McDonalds, KFC, Long John SIlvers, and now.. Rice Krispie Treats.. I am going to the store today to get the stuff to make some..

If this baby doesn't come out with cavities i'll be suprised!!!

Warm Squishy Feeligs...

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Well I did not have any in the first two Tri's, but when i hit the third I crave Fried Plantain's.

My mom has been dating a guy from Elsavidor, and he cooks the best foods ever! But at least once if not twice a week I call him up and ask him to cook me the fired banana's for lunch or dinner. My other kids think I am nuts. Oh but they are so good. And what is so funy is I rarely ever eat things fried.

p.s. sorry if my spelling is off.
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I just remembered a major craving I had a while back. One day I was watching TV and a commercial came on for Ranch Dressing. I was sure I was going to actually die if I did not get some right then. I scoured the kitchen and found an old pack of the powdered stuff you mix with milk. Who knows how long it had been there. I ate almost the entire pack with carrots. The funniest thing is I hate ranch - it has always made me sick.
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Yesterday, I just had to have taco salad. So even though it didnt much appeal to my husband, he got the stuff and made it. Today at lunch, though, the thought of taco salad (I had planned to eat the leftovers) totally turned my stomach, so I just had a repeat of breakfast: Generic rice crispies w/ chocolate soymilk (though they FINALLY got the plain in at my local grocery store. DP snagged the last carton. Y'd think w/ the demand and long shelf life they'd order more of it!)
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During my first trimester, it was lemons with salt, pickles, and triscuits with sharp cheddar.

Lately it's been cauliflower w/Ranch dressing (which I normally don't eat), cooked squash, spinach. I've had fried chicken a couple of times during this pregnancy... and again lately I'm craving cheese (sharp cheddar or pepper jack).

Oh, and during my second trimester, I started craving milk, ovaltine and banana blended up for breakfast. I also add wheat germ. I had to have it every morning, although that is easing off.

Sometimes I think meat like steak or lamb will taste good, but after I eat it I feel kind of sick. I think it's too rich.

Also, canned artichoke hearts without marinade, or fresh artichokes... And once in a while, canned whole button mushrooms...

And Ben and Jerry's... yum yum yum
Fruit: Strawberries, oranges, tangerines.

This is a fun topic.
Jenn L.
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Right now I can't get enough fruit...especially apples!! I haven't been able to keep water down so it seems like I'm constantly drinking juice...lemonade and grapefruit seem to help with the nausea. If I read about or see food and it doesn't make me nauseaus, I immediately crave it. Mostly I snack on a bag of salt and vinager lay's and a large bottle of lemonade while I'm at work...it's the only thing that keeps my head out of the toilet!!
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