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Pizza- but when I first got preg I knew I was because I couldn't even look at pizza, now I have it all the time. My first tri I was all about soup and potatos (sp). Now, I want all the water I can have and fruit. I also love slushies- I cant get enough of the cherry! Too yummy!!!! Nothing nasty or weird, but I cant do bacon much it makes me ill. Couldn't do eggs in the first tri but I am better now.

This baby is just like his daddy! Pizza Pizza Pizza
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With my first child, it was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

It had to be Smuckers strawberry preseves,the kind with chunks of strawberrys..and crucnhy peanut butter on soft white bread.

And orange gatoraide.

This time around it has been FRUIT! Especially oranges . But almost any other type of fruit( except apples and grapes) will do.

Also..I keep seeing this commercial for Long John Silvers and I want some...and I HATE fish with a passion..but I really could go for some fish from Long John Silvers.Good thing they do no have any in my area or I would be in trouble!!!

I used to go there with my Gramma Bertha as A little girl..I always liked the crunchy bits in the bottom of the basket.Do they still put those in there ?
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Man do I want pizza right now...everywhere I look there are ads for pizza....

I was craving Ceasar Salad this past month, and finally got my fill when dh and I went to East Side Mario's for dinner! Yummy...I think I ate like 4 bowls....lol....

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Wendy's has a good 99 cent Ceasar Salad. It is cheap and good! I get a baked potato and a ceasar side salad and it fills me up! Mostly because I am addicted to potatos right now so I go to wendy's insted of taking the time to bake it myself! It is only 99 cents too. Yummy-
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Ummmmm.....I love Wendy's ceasar salad too...we don't have a Wendy's around here though...have to drive an hour away...of course that's where the East Side Mario's is too....
Sometimes I wish I didn't live in the boonies....
That's why the pizza craving is bad too....45 min drive to get a pizza....
Thank goodness the inlaws are coming...they always take us out to eat!

Now I want Wendy's.....yummmmmmmy

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At the beggining of this pregnancy I was so proud of my cravings, fresh fruit and cheese. Now, however, I find myself wanting sweets, more specifically...Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby. I do have to say that I've been able to eat much better with this pregnancy ( quality as well as quantity wise ) than when I was pregnant with my dd.

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I see a little bit of a theme of 1st -vs- 2cnd pregnancy. My first pregnancy I was hooked on sugery breakfast cereal and weak grape kool-aid. This time it's fresh veges with ranch dip, Tons of fruit and runny eggs with a buttery english muffin. A whole lot healthier than fruity pebbles I think.

I think a big part of it is we don't want our first kids seeing us eat junk('cuz then they'll want it). Just another way that our children make us better people. Although I really wouldn't mind some golden grahms right about now
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I'm at 20 weeks now, and I'm curious when do everyone's cravings begin?

I have had mostly the opposite: aversions. Can't stand chunky soups, chicken or fish. In the first 3 months I was craving clear salty veggie or chicken broth, but that's probably only because of nasea!
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My cravings definately didn't begin until the m/s stopped...before that it was mostly aversions.
That's how I knew for sure that the m/s was done....when I started craving stuff like crazy!

Today...I'm craving steak.....we just got 1/2 of our income tax refund (my half) so I think we may splerge and buy a couple steaks....the bbq isn't buried in snow anymore and it's +10C outside....what a day to bbq!

Take care!
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